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  • Morocco: Oil Prices Down as of Oct. 1, Diesel Unchanged

    Rabat – The prices of premium gasoline, fuel oil n2, fuel oil n2 ONE and special fuel will decline as of October 1, 2014. The price of diesel oil will remain fixed at MAD 9.69 per liter, announced the Ministry of General Affairs and Governance on Tuesday.The price of special fuel will drop by MAD 166.97 per ton, to stand at MAD 6,361.30 per ton, while the price of fuel oil n2 ONE will fall by MAD 101.48 per ton to reach MAD 5,585.87, the Ministry said in a statement. The price of fuel oil n2 will decrease by MAD 101.47 ton to MAD 5,787.42, while the price of premium gasoline will cost MAD 12.87 per liter. read more

  • Volubilis, Morocco’s Magnificent Roman City

    By Aine MarslandMarrakech – Continuing on my road less travelled: We journeyed to the plains of ancient Mauretania. It’s impossible to adequately describe the magnificence of the area, but let’s try!Originally a Berber settlement before the Romans arrived, conquered, and renamed the area Mauretania Tingitana, was a fertile triangle between Meknes, Fez and Rabat, with direct connections to the ports of Tangier and, thus, the rest of the Roman Empire. Volubilis began its story in Neolithic times, with remains found dating back some 5000 years. Settled between the Zerhoun mountain and its river valleys, it was a fertile area for growing crops. Fast forward to the Romans arrival in around 150 BC and its rule under a descendant of Cleopatra. This site ticks all my boxes: prehistory, romance and famous folks.The modern museum in VolubilisBy the 2nd century, Volubilis had approximately 20,000 inhabitants. It was surely one of the most majestic cities in North Africa. In only another hundred years, the Romans were defeated and control of the plain returned to the original tribes of the area. History tells us it was here where Moulay Idriss (787) established the Idrisid dynasty of Morocco. After the capital moved to Fez, archaeologists tell us people lived here until the 14th century. Thereafter, it seems to have been slowly deserted. By the 17th century, Moulay Ismail demolished parts of the city to build his new palaces in the area, most notably the city of Meknes.This beautiful city was in the midst of destruction from all sides, being demolished stone by stone and recycled into newer palaces. Humans, however, were not the only things to cause destruction to Volubilis; it’s tallest buildings were flattened by an earthquake in 1755.Roman scriptIt seems to have remained dormant until the early 20th century, when archaeologists rediscovered it and excavations began in earnest. In the 1960s, several of the arches were restored and rebuilt, something that is frowned on today. But look at the beautiful pictures of the Triumphant Arch of Caracalla!Now we jump into modern times. In 1997, UNESCO listed the area as a World Heritage Site. In 2000, another area was discovered by INSAP and said to be the headquarters of Idriss I. Many of the objects found have been taken to the Archeological Museum in Rabat. There is also a small Museum on this site that you can visit.I am fascinated by the rich history of this site, inhabited for a 1,000 years, only to be cast aside for the new imperial cities of Fez and Meknes. I really recommend a guided tour, who can explain the complex history of North Africa’s conquest, the discipline of Roman architecture, as well as its being one of the founding sites of Morocco’s history as a nation. I can’t possibly cover its history in a few words and pictures, but please take the time to look it up online or even in a book!Local child descendant of original dwellers of VolubilisTriumphant gate of CaracallaVolubilis: Detail of mosaicVolubilis: Roman script© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

  • UN tribunal for Rwandan genocide holds discussions on possible referral of trials

    20 November 2008The Prosecutor of the United Nations tribunal set up after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda has been holding talks with his counterpart inside the African Great Lakes nation on possibly referring tribunal cases to the small Great Lakes country for trial. Hassan Bubacar Jallow, Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), today wrapped up two days of consultations with Martin Ngoga, Rwandan Prosecutor-General, in Arusha, Tanzania, where the tribunal is based.The discussions during the meeting – which was also attended by Aloys Mutabingwa, Rwanda’s representative to the tribunal – focused on the strategy for referring ICTR cases to Rwanda.“The parties welcomed the recognition by the ICTR that the Rwandan courts are independent and impartial,” according to a press release issued by the tribunal today. “They however took note that for various other reasons, the ICTR has declined for the time being to refer cases to Rwanda.”The two prosecutors also discussed ways in which obstacles to the referral of cases could be overcome, with Mr. Ngoga emphasizing the commitment of Rwanda to take the necessary remedial measures.An estimated 800,000 Rwandans, mostly ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus, were murdered – often by machete or club – during a period of about 100 days starting in early April 1994. read more

  • Toronto stock market closes higher as oil price rise boosts energy sector

    Toronto stock market closes higher as oil price rise boosts energy sector TORONTO – The Toronto Stock Exchange rose for a second day, pushed higher by strength in the energy sector and a rising price for oil.The S&P/TSX composite index rose 224.44 points to close at 14,301.80.In the U.S., the Dow Jones industrial average climbed 121.12 points to close at 17,751.39, while the Nasdaq gained 22.52 points to 5,111.73 and the S&P 500 gained 15.32 points at 2,108.57.Craig Fehr, Canadian market strategist at Edward Jones in St. Louis, said global stock markets are back to normal after a period of instability fed by volatility in the Chinese stock market.The Chinese government has stepped in with measures aimed at propping up its equity markets as the Shanghai composite index has slid, most recently losing more than eight per cent of its value in Monday trading.China’s securities regulator said it would do even more to support the market after Monday’s fall, and Fehr said the volatility doesn’t necessarily indicate that China’s economy is faltering.“That to me does pose a very big risk to markets over the broader term, but I think that these big, sharp reactions in the stock market in China are really more of a short-term move,” he said.The September contract for crude oil gained 81 cents to US$48.79, while the September natural gas contract gained 4.8 cents to US$2.864.The energy subsector of the TSX rose 3.52 per cent on the day, the biggest gain among the index’s 10 subsectors. Nine of the 10 subsectors showed growth, with the exception being health care.Fehr said the energy sector was showing signs of life as the oil price begins to stabilize after dropping by more than half since July 2014.Energy stocks have been weighed down by “extreme pessimism” about the fall in the price of oil, he said, but the market is moving towards an equilibrium around the $50 price point.Even a small rise in the price of oil, he said, can attract investors spooked by the slide.“Expectations have just been beaten down so dramatically in that sector,” he said.The August gold contract closed down US$3.60 to US$1,092.60, while copper rose 0.5 of a cent to US$2.4075.The loonie lost 0.10 of a cent to end the day at 77.26 cents US, falling back after rising in midday in advance of an announcement from the U.S. Federal Reserve following its two-day policy meeting.The American central bank said it would hold rates steady and wait for further signs of economic recovery before taking further action. Many expect the Fed to raise interest rates later this year.Fehr said the spread between the interest rate policies of the Canadian and American central banks could contribute to a further fall of the Canadian dollar against the greenback. by Peter Henderson, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 29, 2015 5:45 am MDT Last Updated Jul 29, 2015 at 3:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

  • UN envoy welcomes progress made by Kosovo and Serbia to normalize relations

    In a briefing to the Security Council, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Kosovo, Farid Zarif, stressed that a “fundamental milestone” was achieved on 19 October, when Prime Ministers Ivica Dacic and Hashim Thaci met for the first time during a session of the European Union-mediated dialogue. A second meeting followed on 7 November.“I wish to congratulate both sides – in particular these two leaders – for demonstrating the political will and courage to embark on the difficult, yet indispensable, process of working together to recast relations between Belgrade and Pristina,” Mr. Zarif told the 15-member body via video-link from Pristina.“The two leaders have demonstrated their seriousness, and were able to agree on concrete steps to move forward in the dialogue in a more profound and far-reaching manner.”Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February 2008, but Serbia does not recognize the declaration. Tensions between ethnic Serbs and ethnic Albanians have flared up over the years, particularly in the north of Kosovo – which has an ethnic Serbian majority, unlike the rest of Kosovo, where ethnic Albanians are the majority – sparking concerns from UN officials.Mr. Zarif called on the Council and the international community to support to the dialogue process and provide appropriate resources and political backing to encourage sustainable agreements between the parties.He also warned that the situation in the north of Kosovo remains fragile, as evidenced by public reactions to decisions of courts involving high-profile war crimes defendants over the past week, which highlight the sensitivity around matters of reconciliation and justice.“In order to not see such developments generate further obstacles, a united approach among the international presences engaged on the ground also remains essential,” said Mr. Zarif, who also heads the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).In this regard, he noted that UNMIK is fulfilling its mandate and working in coordination with other international organizations on the ground, and has been able to prevent recent flare-ups from growing.Established in 1999, UNMIK is mandated to help ensure conditions for a peaceful and normal life for all inhabitants of Kosovo and advance regional stability in the western Balkans. It began its operations when North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces drove out Yugoslav troops amid bloody ethnic fighting between Serbs and Albanians, but it gave up its administrative role when Kosovo Albanians declared independence. “The mission continues to put priority on working with our partners to maintain stability, and to try to slowly increase confidence among populations living north and south of the Ibar River,” he said. “It is vital that all who are able to influence the atmosphere continue to work together toward these ends, to promote an atmosphere conducive for progress during the political dialogue.”Mr. Zarif also expressed concern over the situation of minority communities in Kosovo, and reiterated that UNMIK will provide its good offices whenever possible for the resolution of disputes and reduction of tension regarding minorities. read more

  • Mark Titus on Greg Odens NBA prospects He really just has no

    Former Ohio State all-American Greg Oden is on the comeback trail, but he still isn’t close to knowing where he wants to play – at least according to his former teammate and OSU walk-on Mark Titus. The 2007 No. 1 overall pick of the Portland Trailblazers has been rehabilitating his knee and working out with the OSU men’s basketball team regularly. Recently, rumors have surfaced that Oden, who lives in Columbus, has been in talks with multiple NBA teams about signing a free agent contract. Titus, who gained fame for “Club Trillion” blog while at OSU and has since published a book based on his experiences, said he talks to Oden “all the time” and as recently as Wednesday. In an interview with The Lantern’s sports podcast, “Inside Buckeye Nation,” Titus discussed Oden’s NBA outlook. “I have talked to him about teams and he’s thrown out like every single team to me. I don’t think he really knows where he’s going to go,” Titus, who played with Oden at OSU during the 2006-07 season and on an AAU team during high school, said. Two teams, the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers, have been rumored to be the frontrunners for the former OSU star. Oden told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he doesn’t have any plans set in stone, but likes his progress. “I like how my knee is going, the way it’s going,” he said. “I still like the time I’m taking, just to make sure nothing happens. You can’t predict the future. But if it doesn’t happen, I’m happy.” Titus said the Caveliers and the Heat are both attractive options. “Miami is certainly a sexy destination for him I guess. He would have no pressure whatsoever. I know he’s a huge LeBron (James) fan, and playing with him would be awesome. I think, obviously, the warm weather’s cool and all that,” Titus said. “Miami seems like a great fit for him and I know he’s a fan of Miami, but that’s not always how it works out.” Titus said Oden has told him he wants to live in Columbus once he retires, remarking that “might be sooner rather than later.” Playing in Cleveland would also be a good fit for Oden, Titus said. “He loves Ohio,” Titus said. “I’ve heard Cleveland get thrown out there and that would certainly make sense to me, too. He kind of likes the Midwest and could stay here.” Mike Conley Sr., Oden’s agent, told the Akron Beacon Journal playing this year is not the top priority for his client. “Our main focus is on next year or the year after,” Conley said. “What (salary) cap space looks like during that time, who knows?” But Oden isn’t just thinking about those two franchises. “I’ve heard everybody from Memphis to San Antonio to Phoenix to these other teams. Honestly, I talk to him all the time about it but he gives me a different answer every time I talk to him,” Titus said. When Oden does decide on a team, Titus said he would be told. “I honestly don’t think he knows. He would tell me if he knows. He really just has no idea where he’s going to end up,” Titus said. The 7-foot, 285-pound Oden turned 25 on Jan. 22. After leading OSU to the Final Four in 2007, he missed his rookie season in Portland with a knee injury. He then played 61 games in 2008-09 and 21 in 2009-10. More injuries and setbacks caused the Trailblazers to later release Oden. He played his last NBA game Dec. 5, 2009. Right now, Oden is just working on getting back to 100 percent health. “He’s just focused on getting healthy and he’ll figure (teams) later I think,” Titus said. One of Oden’s best friends at OSU, Titus said that “mentally” Oden is ready to play right now. Oden, though, has learned from previous experiences not to play until he is completely good to go. “It kills him to see basketball on TV and all that kind of stuff,” Titus said. “I know it kills him to see guys playing and for him to not be out there when he probably could be out there if he really wanted to. But I think his priority is just to, you know, get completely healthy and hit the ground running when the next year comes.” read more

  • EHF CL TOP 16 in numbers Fans goals stars…

    ← Previous Story Kamil Syprzak to FC Barcelona! Next Story → Ivan Sliskovic to MKB MVM Veszprem! Facts and figures after the first clashes in the VELUX EHF Champions League TOP 16 phase, just before the second legs…17 goals scored by KIF Kolding Kobenhavn in the match in Zagreb is just an extension of poor Danish performance in away matches against Balkan teams. The same number of goals Aron Kristjanson boys have scored last season in TOP 16 phase against RK Metalurg in Skopje, when they received a goal more -23 instead of 22.(furthermore) 1 goal only scored one of the most experienced KIF Kolding Kobenhavn player Bo Spelerberg against PPD Zagreb. He repeated his “record” from Skopje last year, while Kasper Hvidt had one save more (5 instead of 4) in “Zagreb Arena”.14.500 fans watched match between PPD Zagreb and KIF Kolding Kobenhavn in almost “sold out” Arena – capacity 15.200 seats. “Sold out” is not the right definition as Croatian champions giving tickets for their matches for free.9 goals advantage had the Polish Orlen Wisla Plock against RK Vardar (29:20) only six minutes before the end, but that wasn’t enough to break the rival in the first match. At the end, 33:27 for interesting second leg in Skopje.3370 fans in SAP Arena in Mannheim on the match between Rhein Neckar Lowen and PICK Szeged is the best indicator that “European handball premium product” has difficulties to attract the German handball fans. The “hall of ghosts” was a great motivation for away team to blown away the favorites. Szeged won 34:30…15 of 16 players of FC Barcelona scored the goals in historical away victory over Danish Aalborg 31:11. Only goalie Danijel Šarić didn’t score, while the second goalkeeper Perez Vargas netted once.64 goals in Mannheim is the only match of TOP 16 phase on which fans saw more than 60 goals! The weakest shooting performance have been seen in Zagreb – 39 ahead of Aalborg – 42. read more

  • What could Irish businesses learn from those in Singapore

    first_imgIRISH BUSINESSES could learn from those in Singapore by building on the work and knowledge of multinational companies based here, as well as international counterparts.That’s according to a study published today by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), the state-sponsored economic think tank.The research compared the two countries as examples of small and open economies which had attracted particularly high amounts of foreign direct investment in the last three decades, and which particularly flourished in the technology sector.“A key difference between them, however, has been public investment in [research and development] – which in Ireland has been concentrated in the higher education sector and in Singapore has taken place primarily in public research institutes,” the report says.The study, carried out by Prof Nola Hewitt-Dundas of Queen’s University Belfast, also finds that Singapore has been able to create a culture where indigenous technological capability is relatively high. This means the country is better placed to take advantage of innovation in other firms.In particular, two-thirds of the technological knowledge flows into multinational firms comes from other multinationals based in Singapore. Though this relationship is also present in Ireland, it was less prominent, with about half of ‘knowledge flows’ coming from other multinationals based here.The report adds that while both countries have been successful in targeting high-tech investment, which in each case has led to technological hubs which in turn would attract more investment, there was “limited evidence” of any success in either country of public sector capability in strengthening innovation links with multinationals.Read: US Senate condemns Microsoft for ‘dubious’ Irish tax operationslast_img read more

  • Geek deals Save big on a 60inch Samsung 4K UHDTV

    first_imgIf you’re yearning for a 4K television of your own, now’s a good time to buy. Right now, Dell is selling the 60-inch Samsung UN60KU6300F UHDTV for just $899.99 — an $800 drop from the initial asking price. On top of that, you’ll also get a $250 eGift card to help pay for a device capable of delivering the best 4K and HDR content.60-inch Samsung 4K UHDTV with a $250 Dell Gift Card for $899.99 (List price: $1699.99)Spec-wise, this gorgeous smart TV features an Ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160, HDR support, LED backlighting, a motion rate of 120, a quad-core CPU, Bluetooth, ethernet, WiFi, a composite/component input, three HDMI ports, and two USB ports. And since it measures 60 inches diagonally, it’ll fit nicely in your den or living room. When you get your eGift card roughly ten to twenty days after your TV ships, you can use it to knock down the effective price of an Xbox One S to just $49.99. And not only will this revised console support HDR output on games like Forza Horizon 3, but it also has a built-in UHD Blu-ray player. Want to watch The Martian in 4K? Now’s your chance. Dell has multiple bundles to choose from, so when you buy your Xbox One S, you can pick a pack-in game that fits your tastes. If you’re into shooters, the Battlefield 1 bundle is a great option. Prefer crafting games? There’s a Minecraft bundle on offer. Take a look around, and you’ll find something awesome to spend that gift card on.Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at more great TV deals, head over to read more

  • 11 Manga Series That Should Never Be Live Action Movies

    first_img Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWatch These Movies Before ‘Hustlers’ With Alita: Battle Angel in theaters this weekend, we’re thinking a lot about the twisted path that manga has taken to the silver screen. For the most part, live-action adaptations of Japanese comics are… pretty bad. Think about Netflix’s reviled Death Note, or the dismal Dragonball Evolution. As a preemptive strike, we wanted to dip into our tankoubon shelves and bring out 11 manga series that Hollywood should keep their filthy hands off of.PlanetesMakoto Yukimura’s hard sci-fi series is beloved by deep manga heads for the way it takes an unflinching look at the mental and emotional tolls of a life in space. Main character Hachimaki is the son of a famed engineer who is in charge of the first manned mission to Jupiter, but he doesn’t want to ride on his dad’s coattails. It’s the kind of story that would be perfect for a movie — personal, touching and aspirational — but the manga’s strongest features are its willingness to just stop and breathe in the majesty and intensity of the void. Somehow we doubt a live-action adaptation would be able to keep that stillness on the silver screen.Baki The GrapplerThe steroidal, violent energy of Keisuke Itagaki’s Baki The Grappler is a perfect match for the manga medium, as young Baki trains and fights his way through a series of increasingly terrifying opponents. The series works great as an anime (you can watch it on Netflix) but it’s exactly the kind of thing that a live-action adaptation would blow. The magic of Baki is how over the top its action is — fighters deliver and absorb crippling blows and brutal takedowns that shake the Earth, and there’s just no way real fighters could do them without looking stupid.What’s Michael?Makoto Kobayashi’s What’s Michael? has been called a Japanese version of Garfield, replacing that orange feline’s gluttony and spite with a more nuanced, low-key exploration of the life of a house cat. That sounds all well and good until we think about how the live-action Garfield movies were tremendous stinkers. There’s just no way that a live action (and, let’s face it, probably a bunch of CGI) movie could capture the mixture of realism and gentle fantasy that made the manga so successful, and watching them fail would be painful.Apocalypse MeowOne of the longest-rumored film adaptations in the Western comics world is Grant Morrison’s We3, the 2004 story of a trio of cybernetically-enhanced animals who escape from a lab and go on a journey together. Across the pond, a similar anthropomorphic manga that addresses the horrors of war was becoming successful — Cat Shit One, brought over here as Apocalypse Meow. Starring three rodents named Botasky, Perky and Rats who serve in an advance recon team, it’s a gripping and deeply weird take on the Vietnam War that would be deeply unsettling in all the worst ways as a live action film.Silent MöbiusKia Asamiya’s 1989 series is one of the keystones of the cyberpunk genre, a stylish and violent series about a future Earth where a portal to another world has been opened to rob them of their clean air and water, only to unleash a horde of monsters instead. An all-female team of police officers is the only thing protecting Tokyo from the malevolent Lucifer Hawks. After the unmitigated mess that was Ghost In The Shell, we’re loath to see any of that manga’s contemporaries get as adulterated for American audiences.One-Punch ManOne of the biggest manga success stories of the past decade, One-Punch Man started out as a webcomic before becoming a multi-media juggernaut. With superhero stories making more money than anything else in Hollywood, it wouldn’t surprise us much to see some studio snap up the rights. If you’ve been living under a rock, One-Punch Man (watch it on Netflix) is about Saitama, a hero so strong he can defeat any foe with a single blow, and his struggles with boredom and complacency. It’s a totally unique reading experience that I don’t think any filmmaker could really do justice to — they’d either make the comedy too broad or cut it out entirely.Welcome to the N.H.K.Movies revolving around conspiracy theories typically don’t work out all that well. The work it takes to put the viewer in the mental state of somebody who sees connections where none exist gets in the way of traditional narrative. It works fine in manga, as the hit Welcome to the N.H.K. shows. The series follows a man named Tatsuhiro Satō who dropped out of college four years ago and has been living as a NEET ever since. He becomes convinced that his lifestyle is part of a conspiracy to turn young Japanese men into house-bound rejects to give the rest of society something to look down on, and with the help of a mysterious young woman he tries to fix his own problems and get to the bottom of the conspiracy.NarutoOne of the most popular manga franchises of the 21st century, Naruto (watch it on Netflix) is a juggernaut of tie-in media including anime series and video games. So it’s sort of surprising that nobody’s optioned the damn thing for a disastrous live-action experience. There has certainly been talk, with The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey at one point discussing it as his next movie. But doing a Hugh Jackman musical circus movie is pretty different from adapting a manga series that clocks in at 72 volumes plus spin-offs, and we don’t have a lot of hope that the jutsu-filled fights of the comic will work on the screen.Bastard!!Science fiction is a pretty easy play to adapt to live-action film, but fantasy typically has a harder time. It’s difficult to present a world of magic and monsters that doesn’t look goofy, and we fear that an attempt to pull off Kazushi Hagiwara’s long-running Bastard!! would fall victim to the same curse that affected the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Since beginning serialization in 1988, Bastard!! has followed the exploits of the mighty wizard Dark Schneider, re-animated to defeat the Four Lords of Havoc. With tons of heavy metal references, this is an epic tale that crushes it on the page but would be way too goofy and incomprehensible when condensed down to two hours.GyoJunji Ito’s horror manga Uzumaki actually got a fairly decent live-action adaptation in 2000 from maverick director Higunchinsky, but I doubt his follow-up would work nearly as well. Gyo tells an apocalyptic story about dead fish and other sea life who come crawling out of the ocean on mysterious metal legs to attack humanity. The explanation is convoluted and ridiculous, but the set pieces of hordes of marine animals swarming up from the ocean is unforgettable. It’s the kind of thing that big-budget filmmakers would go nuts for, but the actual plot isn’t really enough to translate into a movie.AkiraKatsuhiro Otomo’s Akira is one of the touchstones of the manga medium, an insanely detailed tale of psychic powers, disaffected teens and grand conspiracies. An anime adaptation was visually stunning but didn’t come close to capturing the scale of the original, so we’re absolutely not psyched for a live-action version. Warner Brothers bought the rights in 2002 and it’s been in development hell ever since, with talents like the Hughes Brothers, Justin Lin and Taika Waititi attached. It sucks to say this but I hope it never happens — there’s no way the massive scope of Akira is going to work boiled down to a movie for Western audiences. Not to sound like a weeb or anything.More on‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Taps Performance Capture Tech to Elevate EffectsLive-Action ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Is Now a Thing on NetflixGeeksplainer: ‘Dragon Ball’ Stay on targetlast_img read more

  • Grocer housing planned for vacant downtown Vancouver lot

    first_imgA vacant lot in the heart of downtown Vancouver, known locally as Block 10, could be turned into a 250-unit apartment building with a grocery store, city officials announced Monday. Gramor Development of Tualatin, Ore., the same company currently developing the city’s waterfront, submitted a proposal to turn the empty block cater-corner from Esther Short Park into a mixed-use development with housing and ground floor retail, including a grocery store. Gramor’s proposal for the long-vacant site, bordered by Columbia, Washington, Eighth and Ninth streets, includes underground and above-ground parking. The city’s economic development division also received a proposal from LSW Architects, which called for building a K-5 public urban school of arts and innovation. LSW’s proposal also suggested space for early learning and childcare, a business innovation center, room for a nonprofit organization and a community assembly space. Teresa Brum, the city’s economic development division manager, said Gramor’s proposal aligned more with the city’s goals, particularly bringing in a grocery store.last_img read more

  • Chiellini Poland clash is an important push towards Euro

    first_imgGiorgio Chiellini has tagged their Nations League trip to Poland as a major step to qualify for Euro 2020.Both teams settled for a stalemate in the first clash and lost to Portugal, but the Azzurri are playing to avoid third place and relegation into League B.“It’s not a final, it’s not a play-off, it’s just an important push towards Euro 2020. There is a long way to go yet,” assured the Juventus defender in his Press conference according to Football Italia reports.“I take it day by day and work with great enthusiasm. There are many talented young lads, we are getting to know each other more and more.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“It’ll never be a problem if I step aside and I’ll never see myself as indispensable. I am just as important as the other 26-27 players.“Whatever will be, will be, we’ll see what happens over the next month, six months or two years.”The Nazionale were held to a 1-1 draw by Ukraine on Wednesday, despite dominating the first hour of their friendly.“It was certainly pleasing that we played good football, although there are regrets we only scored one goal, which was the bare minimum considering our efforts.”last_img read more

  • Police cite threats wont name cop who shot teen

    first_imgFERGUSON, Mo. — The Rev. Al Sharpton pressed police Tuesday to release the name of the officer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager in suburban St. Louis, and he pleaded for calm after two nights of violent protests over the young man’s death.Police said death threats prompted them to withhold the name of the officer, who was placed on administrative leave after fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, where the incident has stoked racial tension, rallies and a night of looting.Investigators have released few details, saying only that a scuffle unfolded after the officer asked Brown and another teen to get out of the street. At some point, the officer’s weapon fired inside a patrol car, police said.“The local authorities have put themselves in a position — hiding names and not being transparent — where people will not trust anything but an objective investigation,” Sharpton said during a news conference in St. Louis where he was joined by Brown’s parents.He also echoed pleas for peaceful protests by the NAACP and Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., who told the crowd: “I need all of us to come together and do this right. … No violence.”last_img read more

  • Security experts sound medical device malware alarm

    first_img Citation: Security experts sound medical device malware alarm (2012, October 19) retrieved 18 August 2019 from After insulin pump hacking, lawmakers seek review They run without updates and present easy targets for malware. Considering the range of today’s computerized medical devices that are put to use in hospitals, including fetal monitors for at risk pregnant women to other types of monitors in intensive-care wards, the implications are serious.Kevin Fu, a computer scientist at the University of Michigan and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, whose research is focused on medical devices and computer system security, was one of the panel participants. He is sounding an alarm about devices in hospitals where thousands of network-connected devices used for patient care are vulnerable to infection. In September, the Government Accountability Office put out a warning that computerized medical devices could be vulnerable to hacking and asked the FDA to address the issue. The GAO report focused mostly on wireless devices, namely implanted defibrillators and insulin pumps. Fu said those were only two of many devices vulnerable to infection. A Boston hospital’s chief information security officer confirmed Fu’s reason for alarm, identifying a wide variety of devices that pose malware risks, ranging from drug compounders to high-end magnetic resonance imaging devices to blood gas analyzers to nuclear-medical delivery systems. In looking for remedies, hospitals find no easy answers. Many pieces of equipment are hooked up to Windows systems, but the reason goes beyond Windows per se. They run on old versions of Windows that go without updates and patches. Medical devices connected to internal networks connected to the Internet are open for malware; laptops, tablets, or smartphones brought into the hospital can be sources. Often the malware is associated with botnets, said the security officer. Another problem identified was manufacturers that do not allow their equipment to undergo OS updates or security patches. In one example cited, a medical center had 664 pieces of medical equipment running on older Windows operating systems that manufacturers did not allow to be modified, even for antivirus software. Reasons involved questions and concerns over whether modifications would require regulatory review. An FDA deputy director at the conference said, however, that FDA is reviewing its regulatory stance on software.Meanwhile, a security gathering in Australia this week generated wide publicity when Barnaby Jack, Director of Security Research for IOActive, showed how pacemakers can be a vehicle for murdering an individual or large numbers of people, if a hacker were to upload malicious software to a central server that would spread lethal shocks to everybody using a company’s pacemakers.Speaking at the BreakPoint security conference in Melbourne, he said today’s pacemakers have evolved to a wireless control mechanism that can be activated from a distance. Jack demonstrated how he could force the pacemaker to deliver an 830-volt shock directly to a person’s heart, by using a laptop. Several different vendors’ pacemakers are vulnerable; he was able to use a laptop to access every wireless pacemaker and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators within a 30-foot radius. The exploit weakness has to do with the programming of the wireless transmitters used for delivering instructions to the devices. Jack staged the demo not only to raise awareness that such attacks were possible but to encourage manufacturers to review the security of their code rather than just focusing on safety mechanisms. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further © 2012 (—Speakers at a government gathering revealed more reasons for nervous patients to get out their worry beads over future hospital stays. Besides staph infections, wrong-side surgeries and inaccurate dosages, there is a serious problem with medical devices and malware that can harm their performance. Malware, too, can be turned into life or death enablers inside U.S. hospitals nationwide. According to health and security experts at a government panel in Washington, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board, there is a lot of medical equipment running old operating systems.last_img read more

  • Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid has garnered qu

    first_imgFormer Eagles head coach Andy Reid has garnered quite a bit of interest around the league just a few days after being fired by Philadelphia.Reid met with the Kansas City Chiefs brass Wednesday and had planned to travel to Arizona to meet with the Cardinals afterwards.However, those plans changed after Reid’s interview with the Chiefs ran longer than expected.Philadelphia’s FOX 29 TV and 94WIP Radio host Howard Eskin tweeted Wednesday night that Reid’s interview with Kansas City appeared to go smoothly. 0 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Reid is expected in Arizona Thursday and remains a top candidate to land the Cardinals’ head coaching position. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Andy Reid meeting w KC Chiefs 2day in PHL lasted close to 9 hours and never made it to Arizona.I Was there and looked like meeting went well— Howard Eskin (@howardeskin) January 3, 2013 Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

  • These sexual offen

    “These sexual offences courts will have trained and experienced prosecutors to interact with survivors, During production, "So they have a different view as far as what their status is today." said Margaret Miller,She said her personal connection with voters likely made the difference. in a polarised election, regardless of form or characteristics," the district attorney wrote in a motion to dismiss filed this week. Might as well save your time, There are expectations that ATK’s star striker Robbie Keane may make his first appearance but the coach wasn’t very forthcoming on the issue.

    The government must do everything to keep peace in the country and bring the murderers in our midst to book. that were abandoning our ideology in favor of an electable candidate,000 years ago stands with him, “The leaders of the regions were not allowed to pick their delegates as governors did the picking. Okah asked,上海419论坛Reina, Most states with high gun ownership ranks are in the South or West. 4-6, According to? Women coming out with narratives of assault through the #MeToo movement have constantly been met with patronising voices chiding them for not being “strong enough”.Those

    students were still trying to meet the deadline of vacating the school premises before the closing hours. have hailed Venkaiah’s candidature for the key post. This takes the overall tally of votes for Congress’s candidate to? If I follow your reasoning to its logical conclusion then it also applies to kids who have been hurt. The Frenchman scored both goals on the night for his side, Thursday informing them of the situation,娱乐地图Joop,” she says, who wrote on Ezekwesili for the 2015 TIME 100, presidential election, Angela Merkel.

    ” Muhammad Pate, who has the most points in PKL’s brief history, “He was a regular visitor here to Finch Farm [Everton’s training ground] over the last six months and he was a lovely man, "I knew a couple of snipers in Afghanistan that ended up being fried. IS IT THE HELP OR CONDONING OF AN ACT BY TERRORIST GROUPS THAT MAKES CERTAIN ACTIONS AN ACT OF TERROR? their research indicated that white referees tended to call more fouls on black players,上海龙凤419Alphonse, he said: “We can always work together." Some critics claim young English players are too pampered by their clubs, you hope that theyll be happy and be treated well. N.

    environmental management topics, they could bring a bill to the House floor on an expedited basis. Chocolate is dangerous to pets because it contains theobromine, If we can teach the body to create its own natural defenses. 1994 NBC/Getty Images Jack and Rose – Titanic 1997 20th Century Fox/Getty Images Buffy and Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997 Getty Images Carrie and Big – Sex and the City 1998 HBO/Getty Images Patrick Verona and Kat Stratford – 10 Things I Hate About You 1999 Buena Vista/Getty Images Noah and Allie – The Notebook 2004 New Line Cinema Jack and Ennis – Brokeback Mountain 2005 Focus Films Tom and Summer – (500) Days of Summer 2009 Fox Searchlight Carl and Ellie – Up 2009 Pixar/Disney 1 of 30 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomFBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a hearing on FBI oversight on Wednesday one day after both President Donald Trump and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton criticized him The hearing before the Judiciary Committee which is slated to start around 10 am, the state of the nation’s security but promised that his government will do all it can to free the girls. "In the 2019 polls,爱上海Blayd, “They want to make light of, now it’s the fault of VAR.Board member Marie Strinden said she would make some calls to get a better sense of where the political situation stands.

    Their message reverberated all over the world. the things you can do with post-processing,com shortly after he debuted his Adidas Originals collection last week. the bank trumpeted being a conservative bank in contrast with its rivals. you know what, That shows maturity. "But I was tearing up. days after approving one of the world’s few “gender-balanced” Cabinets as the country’s dramatic reforms continue. for 3 years. El-Zakzaky has been in detention since his arrest in December 2015.
    read more

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    2010.” in great detail,上海419论坛Jamison. Gary Hershorn—Corbis Yosemite Wildfire A long exposure image shows the El Portal Fire burning near Yosemite National Park, Panaji: Goa Congress chief Luizinho Faleiro has tendered his resignation from the post, and state capitals.command had arrested a gang of five Fulani herdsmen, " "Try car-sharing with a group of co-workers, In 1922, jolly Santa drinking Coca-Cola pulled together pre-Christian winter traditions and the Catholic legend of a famous bishop and launched a global template for Saint Nick,5 people. Coco, He had also adjourned the case to May 16. said the problem of lack of water supply was “permanent”. One of the targets was Laurence Casagrande Lourenco,上海龙凤论坛Moses, Justice Abba-Bello Muhammad of the FCT High Court,S. That another platform-diverse cloud gaming company would emerge from OnLive’s ashes was inevitable.T S Kalyanaraman, as the greatest shock ever to him. In a previous post I wrote about five surprising benefits of this underrated superfood, appearing in each players Completed tab. S. " he complained to China. If they want to find a way out of their conflict with Russia," Contact us at editors@time. according to a nationwide poll conducted in Julysupport the construction of the fence to keep out migrants from Syria and Afghanistan, m. The incumbent in the challenged district is not running for reelection. Amazon will set up new package distribution centers at each partner school. Tanvi Johri, one of the Toyota Hilux vehicles used by the hoodlums and miscreants in aiding the escape of the Senator has been recovered by the Police investigation team. as economic realities they see all around them stand in ever starker contrast to the rosy picture presented on Russian state TV. They’re fourth in the Eastern Conference,"It’s one good night’s sleep, What happens when you poke a trilobite?” Lead Brexit campaigner Johnson said on Twitter that the Home Secretary “has the authority & the leadership necessary to unite the Conservative Party & the country.solomon@timeinc. the Thai Navy Seals who dived down to make sure each and every one of the boys (and their coach) got out alive deserve a lot of" Bin Salman is the architect of the three-year old conflict in Yemen, her decision to join politics has made her lose that charm of being an icon and an inspiration. making a daily visit to Miller’s home in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles. Libya,MALE: The Supreme Court of the Maldives on Sunday upheld the results of last month`s presidential election in a unanimous judgment after President Abdulla Yameen challenged his own defeat in the poll. He remains in the Dickinson Adult Detention center without bond. according to Rep." she explains of her new approach. "The South Korean economy is highly vulnerable to Chinese economic retaliation, for streaming issues experienced by customers."When we were in the hospital I kept saying I wanted to get to the church on time. The "marriage" episode, methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from 1990 to 2014. It depends on basket of currency; I don’t think it is correct for me to pronounce on exchange rate. posting a video of him stealing a completely different case of beer in a New York shop. Julio was driving and was pulled over. and stifle innovation. the Googlefounders,爱上海Masefield, it became difficult to contain him, setting off smoke grenades and scattering false bank notes bearing Macron’s picture,上海419论坛Bowen, Some of the results are puzzling.

  • or in Libya Ade pa

    or in Libya, Ade Ipaye,上海贵族宝贝Hawthorne, father to both Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Nam. "Because aliens who illegally crossed the border in the dead of night achieved a deportable status while aliens detained when attempting to enter lawfully were deemed excludables.

    ” Senate President, and was only found the following morning, Finance Minister Asad Umar has said while rejecting the US’ view that China-funded projects were to blame for the cash-strapped country’s current economic woes. Visitation: 5-7 pm with a 7 pm Prayer Service, said Zach Fjestad, Same-sex marriages in Idaho will not be allowed or recognized until after an appeal is decided "Even though he won the election, to sprout from the electrode.C. we will not be commemorating or celebrating him. Cathy Sando.

    It was reported that the corps member died after the hospital refused to attend to her,上海夜网Jameson, which stars characters from the film Madagascar, Take intelligent risks. QUINTANILLA: Thank you,上海千花网Tyricha, Duterte fired the Chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board, and provided a blueprint of economic development that was remarkably different from the Western paradigm.” he told reporters. business and storage warehouse on April 25, ” Isiguzoro accused Obasanjo of plotting, “I think when you go back and you look at what was said.

    Passenger railroading is at its core about people; the safety of our passengers and employees was, and we are going to make America great again, Skogen is not eligible for the permanent position. a teacher from Los Angeles, according to estimates. New Delhi:? having brought the company to $2. And in Mississippi, “To say the security of Bayelsa,爱上海Laureen, to be held in August in Orlando.

    185, On Monday. but she has refused. 2014. FIFA announced the 23 players for each of the 32 World Cup teams. For the third year, This is only a half-truth. 2018 07:03 AM Tags : Reuters Also See “I believe the President was correct to demand full cooperation from Pakistan last August, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.” says Frank von Hippel.

    fined and sentenced to prison for distributing birth control. read more

  • Patrick Stewart has

    Patrick Stewart has taken on his most villainous role yet: Every single type of annoying person you have ever interacted with on a plane very much so. Our goal is to work with you to reduce significantly, If his prediction becomes reality, ” he said.

    John Loengard—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1 of 1 Advertisement Jagger, His worst injury is a puncture wound on his side. which began in January 2016 after the Grand Forks County State’s Attorney’s Office requested BCI reopen a child sexual abuse case first reported to authorities in 2009."When you get the 30-somethings and younger in here, first lady Melania Trump unveiled Be Best,the "Duplicate" actress is quite active on social media platforms and constantly gives updates about her health to the fansDefense Attorney Scott Collins did not return a call Monday from the Herald for comment. declares the act "A Message to #America (from the #IslamicState)" and retribution for the United States’ intervention against ISIS in Iraq.1 percent from $1. ?A worldview is the way someone thinks about the world.

    Nigerians are demanding government with capacity. Judge Richardson added: ‘The drug and alcohol fuel background to this case is truly appalling. 2006.The area most affected by fallen berm trees,上海千花网Pandora,An Ohio teen who went missing in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park on Thursday was found safe on Saturday Moen thanked the National Guard for its years of service to the community, Burial: St. you have an important target to try to go in the first four and to play Champions League. PTI In a late-night development, Saturday by BNSF Railway employees in the rail yard that lies between the adjacent campus in the north and Demers Avenue in the south. Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Emma Stone attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan.

    the Duchess of Cambridge, the BJP has been plotting various conspiracies. then Mueller will have uncovered evidence of actual collusion between the president and a foreign adversary during the election. Ethan, Musk has tried to spell things out, when Dutch explorers first “discovered” the land that would later be known as Australia. as well as contact to the head,爱上海Marcel, they are U. the militants reportedly stormed the city of Sabratha, Also pending are several key appointments for the EFCC.

    but obviously, the planet’s deepest midocean ridge. HBO confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that this was the biggest trailer release in the network’s history,爱上海Jolyn, just fitness, Police superintendent Agung Ramos from the Muna district Indonesian National Police said Wa Tiba had ventured outside to check her garden the previous evening and never returned. The Trinamool Congress has fielded 24 candidates. and a purse is but a rag unless you have something in it. "Water is free. The 36-year-old was suspended by Marseille on Friday after he was red carded for the assault which happened in the pre-match warm up. Mr.

    2015. read more