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  • USS Elrod Docked In Tangier Port

    first_imgTangier – Guided-missile frigate USS Elrod is docked since Sunday in the Tangier city’s port as part of a visit to foster cooperation between the American navy and the Royal Marine on maritime security.A group of students from the American School of Tangier toured the frigate and were given details on its equipment and mission.In a statement to MAP, commanding officer of Elrod Brad Stallings said that the visit is an occasion to strengthen cooperation with the royal marine and share expertise. Elrod is currently on a scheduled deployment in support of maritime security operations in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations.Upon return from deployment, Elrod is scheduled for decommissioning after more than 30 years of service.last_img read more

  • UN agencies look to worlds youth to find solutions to global problems

    12 August 2010United Nations agencies, peacekeeping missions and officials around the world marked the start today of the International Year of Youth with concerts and public forums and a call to celebrate the potential of the next generation to solve the problems of today. Speaking at the launch of the Year, as well as celebrations today for International Youth Day, senior UN officials said the estimated 1.2 billion people aged between 15 and 24 deserve greater attention from policymakers and governments.“Young people have the energy and motivation to propose innovative solutions to today’s global challenges and the aspiration and tools to build bridges of dialogue across cultures,” UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director-General Irina Bokova said in a message marking International Youth Day, which is observed every 12 August.She appealed for stepped-up public investment in youth, noting that the current global downturn has made the world more insecure for young people, especially those from vulnerable or marginalized groups.“Youth policies that promote equity and directly engage young people must be strengthened,” Ms. Bokova stressed. “Development assistance policies should be better geared to address youth’s needs and concerns.”The World Food Programme (WFP) has enlisted young people in its campaign to end world hunger, with more than 1 billion people are currently chronically hungry.“You are the generation that will end hunger,” the agency’s Executive Director, Josette Sheeran, said at a seminar in London last month. “In the future, we want our grandchildren to ask us what hunger and starvation were.For its part, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is hoping to employ the tremendous energy, imagination and initiative to promote peace and development.The agency said that poor young people living in rural areas can help to feed the world’s population as tomorrow’s farmers and producers, but cautioned that they are also among the most vulnerable members of society.“We should remember that these young women and men, with their hopes and dreams, hold our planet’s future in their hands,” IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze said. “Helping them gain access to investment and financial services means empowering them to start and expand businesses.”He pointed to unemployment as a major problem that youth face, stressing that underemployment and outright exploitation are often harsh facts of life for young people in rural areas.“In order to make a real difference to the lives of these young women and men, governments and development agencies must invest in agriculture and boost economic growth in rural areas,” Mr. Nwanze underscored, calling for increased resources for education, empowerment and access to finance.The UN’s peacekeeping missions are also getting involved in the launch of the International Year.The joint UN-African Union mission in Darfur, known as UNAMID, is organizing a concert for the youth of the war-ravaged Sudanese region. Entitled Together as One, the event will showcase the music of internationally-renowned Sudanese musicians Omar Ihsas and Nancy Ajaj.Meanwhile in Timor-Leste, the UN mission there, UNMIT, took part in the opening of a National Youth Forum allowing young Timorese to share their visions of the future and their aspirations for their country.“This event is about you, your lives, your opportunities, hopes and dreams,” Finn Reske-Nielsen, the acting Special Representative of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, told participants. “So, too, is the International Year of Youth. “Use these platforms well. I can assure you, the UN is listening and will hear your voices.”The UN first marked the International Year of Youth in 1985. A decade later, the General Assembly adopted the World Programme of Action for Youth, setting a policy framework and guidelines for national action and international support to improve the situation of young people. read more

  • Tolstoys library nominated to join UNESCO list for documentary collections

    16 May 2011More than 80 unique documentary items and collections from around the world have been nominated for inscription this year on the Memory of the World Register List run by the United Nations culture agency in an effort to promote and preserve them through digitization. More than 80 unique documentary items and collections from around the world have been nominated for inscription this year on the Memory of the World Register List run by the United Nations culture agency in an effort to promote and preserve them through digitization.The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) launched the Memory of the World Register in 1995 to guard against collective amnesia and preserve valuable archives and library collections from all over the world. The agency’s 14 member International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the Memory of the World Programme will review the 80 nominees when it convenes in Manchester, United Kingdom, from 22 to 25 May.  Collections proposed for inscription this year span a gamut of cultural items including the Ben Cao Gang Mu, the most complete compendium of traditional Chinese medicine, Iran’s oldest book on mathematics and astrology, and the personal library of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. After consideration by the committee, the inscriptions will be submitted to UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova for her endorsement before they can join the other 193 items on the register. Last year Ms. Bokova emphasized the importance of preserving the world’s “collective memory” to ensure its transmission to future generations. “We must understand the past to shape a common future founded on dialogue and understanding,” she said, cautioning that without the preservation of cultural heritage future generations would forget seminal moments in human history.  Current items on the Memory of the World Register range from the 1927 German expressionist cinema masterpiece Metropolis to the 14th-century Korean book Jikji – the world’s oldest known book to have been printed using movable metal type. read more

  • Revisiting Team Messaging Security

    Comments Microsoft Teams Roars with 13 Million Daily Active Users! Kevin Kieller July 11, 2019 Ahead of next week’s Inspire event, Microsoft touts Teams usage and showcases new features. See All in Team Collaboration » In my last No Jitter post, I discussed some of the challenges related to team messaging security, setting the stage for my session discussion last week at Enterprise Connect 2019 and foreshadowing Slack’s announcement that it now supports enterprise key management (EKM) to allow access control to team messaging data.Slack EKM provides the same basic functionality already available from competitors including ArmorText, Cisco, and Symphony. Through EKM, customers manage their own encryption keys, meaning that they are in full control of their data and can lock data stores as necessary to address security issues such as breaches or data leakage. Slack customers, through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) key management server, are able to revoke access to individual channels, teams, or the entire customer instance of Enterprise Grid. Participants in our 2018-19 Team Collaboration study cited encryption and customer-held keys as important requirements in evaluating team collaboration platforms.The move to cloud collaboration has been tempered in recent years over concerns that enterprises potentially lose or reduce control of their data as it moves into the cloud provider’s data center. That view toward security is evolving, with nearly half of participants in our 2017 UC study saying that they felt cloud security was better than what they could provide on their own, and 18% of participants in our 2018 study saying that security is a primary driver for moving to cloud unified communications and collaboration applications. As IT leaders struggle to keep up with constantly changing security threats, and as security spend continues to grow, cloud is increasingly seen as a means of protecting enterprise data cost effectively.The ability to manage encryption keys should alleviate enterprise concerns related to potential loss of control over data stored on the cloud provider’s servers. By giving enterprise customers control over encryption, EKM arguably provides the same level of data security that an organization maintains when keeping its data within its own data centers on its own encrypted servers. EKM should especially appeal to companies within regulated industries that in many cases have been unable to move data to the cloud for fear of exposure of sensitive customer or corporate information.The topic of key management was a big part of our “Securing Your Team Messaging Data” session last week at Enterprise Connect. Panelists from Cisco, Oracle, Ribbon, Slack, and Symphony noted that encryption was key to an effective security strategy. They also provided the following recommendations as part of a broad security strategy:Determine a Governance Strategy — Managing data within a large enterprise messaging system may require a mix of centralized and decentralized strategies, potentially implementing key management, data loss prevention, and single sign-on controls companywide, while leaving administration of specific workspaces, channels, and team members to department or workgroup administratorsIntegrate Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) — With mobility being a major driver of interest in team collaboration applications, organizations should ensure that their team collaboration applications work in conjunction with their EMM providers, ensuring control of corporate data across mobile devicesEvaluate Security Certifications — Nemertes research participants cite a vendor’s security certifications as the most important criteria they evaluate when selecting a team collaboration provider. Look for common certifications like SOX, ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, and FedRAMP, and ensure that your providers can support regional regulatory requirements like GDPRKeep It Simple — Security policies and approaches that make it difficult for people to use applications to collaborate will only drive workers to seek easier-to-use solutions, often that aren’t company-approved. It’s not easy balancing security needs and usability, however it’s imperative that buyers ensure that security controls don’t impact ease of useFederate — Guest accounts are still the norm for allowing outside people to participate in team spaces. However, guest accounts are difficult to manage, and when employees use guest accounts on outside services, they eliminate the ability of an organization to control file and data sharing. Instead, consider federation options, whether that be native capabilities provided by team collaboration vendors or third-party federation services like Mio, which won the 2019 Best of Enterprise Connect Award for innovation in collaboration, and NextPlane. If you must support guest accounts, consider whitelists to control access (e.g., only allowing guests from approved e-mail domains)Team messaging security capabilities continue to evolve, and improve. Be sure to conduct regular review of your provider’s capabilities to ensure that it’s able to meet your present, and future, requirements.Tags:News & Viewsvendor newsSlackEKMenterprise key managementTeam MessagingTeam CollaborationAnalyst InsightCloud CommunicationsEnterprise ConnectProduct NewsSecurity Articles You Might Like Cisco Takes Aim at Collaboration Friction Dave Michels June 11, 2019 Never before has the collaboration portfolio been so aligned – across the business and into the contact center What a Restaurant Can Teach You About Collaboration Jon Arnold May 28, 2019 When you’ve got a 3-Star Michelin rating, your collaboration tools better be great, too. Microsoft Teams’ Superpowers Get More Super Kevin Kieller May 13, 2019 During last week’s Build conference, Microsoft announced new development capabilities for Teams. Great article, Irwin! I Log in or register to post comments cloud-security.png Great article, Irwin! I wanted to add few quick notes the above regarding data security.First – thanks for the chance to speak at the panel at #EC19! Hope you found the time as useful as I did! I definitely want to echo what was said during the panel about ‘Keeping it simple’. It’s critical that as Collaboration products we provide as simple a management experience as possible. The fewer options and knobs that can be misconfigured, the better. With Cisco, we took this to heart by providing a tightly integrated solution for our on-prem KMS option, where we keep the server updated automatically for our customers (you can of course choose when the updates happen).Also, I wanted to put out there that I believe there to be multiple a critical dimensions to data security. The first, of course, is where the keys/secrets are kept. The second dimension is how the data is secured itself. We believe that it’s critical to provide end-to-end encryption of content as well. The fewer points where data is unencrypted (and the fewer secrets that are used to encrypt any one piece of content), the less chance for compromise. This was a topic of discussion on the panel and bears repeating. The next question that follows of course is “doesn’t that make other features like search harder?” – this too was raised on the panel. The answer is also: yes. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. It is on us as collaboration products to offer both security and usability as features! Cisco Webex Teams has done just that. Implemented end-to-end encryption, and also built search to account for this encryption.Finally, I want to make sure I reiterate the importance of a set-and-monitor strategy. Like I said in my blog 2 weeks ago, the way users use tools change over time. Security should protect users, not hinder them. So having a strong monitoring story is critical to know what’s going on, and determine whether something untoward is happening. Cheers!Jono Luk Log in or register to post comments Permalink Submitted by JonoL313 on Mon, 04/08/2019 – 10:10 6 Steps for Successful Collaboration Paul McMillan August 16, 2019 When implementing collaboration technology, be sure to place a premium on user experience. read more

  • Annan meets Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders for reaction to settlement plan

    Alvaro de Soto, the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, met with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece, Yiannis Valinikis, for the same purpose, a UN spokesperson said in New York.Mr. de Soto had received the reaction of the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after the Prime Minister’s arrival last night in the Swiss town of Bürgenstock, where the final negotiations are being held. Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis is also participating in the talks.The spokesperson said contacts at the working level are continuing, while the Secretary-General and his team evaluate the reactions they have received to see whether further adjustments can be made in the time remaining.Yesterday the Secretary-General unveiled the plan, which would ultimately create a federation of two constituent states – a Greek Cypriot state and a Turkish Cypriot state – and called on the two parties to seize the opportunity to settle the decades-old Cyprus problem “once and for all.”Mr. Annan began today by meeting the European Commissioner for enlargement, Günter Verheugen, and late in the afternoon received the Swiss Foreign Minister, Micheline Calmy-Rey, for a courtesy call. More photos from the talks in Bürgenstock read more

  • Yemen UN envoy reports deal reached to resolve current crisis in country

    In a statement from his Office, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Yemen, Jamal Benomar, said preparations are currently underway for the signing of the agreement, which “shall be a national document that will advance the path of peaceful change, and will lay the foundations for national partnership and for security and stability in the country.” Mr. Benomar underscored that the Yemenis have long suffered from violence and fighting. He regretted the continuing bloodshed, especially following the consensus over the historic outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference. In the statement, the Special Adviser reiterated that the time has now come to overcome narrow interests and that the higher national interest should prevail. He stressed for the need to work responsibly in order to implement the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and to build the new state agreed upon by the Yemenis. Yemen has recently emerged from a complex UN-backed transition, but the past few months have been marked by violence and unrest in some parts of the country. According to press reports, Sana’a has been gripped by rival protests since last week as pro- and anti-Government demonstrators have faced off throughout the city. read more

  • Poole scores 21 No 7 Michigan beats No 19 Purdue 8657

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Jordan Poole scored 21 points as part of a balanced offence and No. 7 Michigan was stingy on defence in a 76-57 win over No. 19 Purdue on Saturday, routing a third ranked team this season.The Wolverines (8-0) are off to their best start since winning the first 16 games of the 2012-13 season. They were coming off an 84-67 win over No. 11 North Carolina, and they beat then-No. 8 Villanova 73-46 on its home court last month.The Boilermakers (5-3) have lost three of their last four games.Michigan’s Jon Teske matched his career high with 17 points and grabbed eight rebounds. Ignas Brazdeikis scored 12 and Zavier Simpson had 10 points and seven assists. Charles Matthews added nine points, five rebounds and four assists.Purdue’s Carsen Edwards scored 19 on 7-of-21 shooting and Ryan Cline added 15 points.The Wolverines picked up where they left off Wednesday night against the Tar Heels, making shots and getting stops to take the lead. They kept it without much of a fight from the Boilermakers.Michigan led 44-28 at halftime after connecting on 53 per cent of its shots and holding Purdue to 36 per cent from the field.The Wolverines’ shooting accuracy slipped in the second half, falling to 47 per cent, but they kept up the intensity on defence to keep Purdue at 36 per cent.BIG PICTUREPurdue: Cline needs more shots. He was 6 of 8 from the field and 3 of 5 from beyond the arc, but Edwards looked for his shot much more than he tried to pass to his sharpshooting guard.Michigan: The Wolverines are going to be tough to beat because all five players on the floor can score and they all play in-your-chest defence.POLL IMPLICATIONSMichigan can’t move up much, but it may merit a higher ranking with its impressive start. The Boilermakers might fall out of the AP Top 25.UP NEXTPurdue: Hosts Maryland on Thursday.Michigan: At Northwestern on Tuesday.___More AP college basketball: and Larry Lage at Lage, The Associated Press read more

  • Raptors president hopeful team will resign Leonard He had a great experience

    The free agent negotiating period opens on June 30, and Ujiri is hopeful the Raptors dramatic ascent to champions will help secure Leonard.“I think he had a great experience here and he won a championship here.”“We will respect his decision,” he said. “I’ve had very good meetings with him the last few days.“Here’s our player and he’s a superstar on our team and in the league and we will continue to wait on (his decision).”While Leonard’s future remains the subject of heavy speculation, Ujiri has made it clear that for now at least, Toronto is home.“For me it’s always been about Toronto,” he said. “I love it here, my family loves it here, my wife loves it here.”“For me the blessing is being wanted here and finding a place that makes you happy and finding challenges that really make you grow as a person. And this place has made me grow as a person and I identify with this place and I love it so in my mind I’m here.”WATCH: Ujiri’s full press conference from the OVO Athletic Centre While Ujiri was candid and open about the basketball season, he didn’t have much to say about allegations that he assaulted a sheriff’s deputy  following his team’s championship win in Oakland.The alleged incident happened after the officer denied Ujiri access to the court “because he didn’t have the proper credentials,” The San Francisco Chronicle reported.Some eyewitness reports absolved Ujiri of blame, but the incident is still under investigation.“My lawyers are updating me,” he said. “With that incident I’m going to respect what the process is there and the investigation and I’m confident about who I am as a person, my character, and as a human being, so for now I’ll just respect their process there and wait for the next steps.”“I’m gong to leave all my accounts until the whole investigation is done. I think that’s the fair way and the right way to operate when things like this do happen. I respect authority and I’ll wait till that happens.”He also touched on the shooting that injured four at Nathan Phillips Square during the Raptors NBA Championship fan rally, saying “his heart goes out” to those affected.“I was going to come out with a statement but I thought I’d wait until today,” he said. “I will reach out to them eventually and I know our organization has already. That was a very unfortunate situation.”As for complaints that the championship parade was poorly organized, Ujiri says he’s hopeful there will be more chances to iron out the wrinkles.“You make mistakes when you do things for the first time and I think my feeling and my hope is there are more championships so we can correct that.” When you think back to Masai Ujiri’s season ending press conference a year ago, it’s almost impossible to believe the Toronto Raptors are NBA champions.Closing out the 2018 season the Raptors had just been swept out of the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers and big changes were about to come for the team.Ujiri fired Coach of the Year Dwayne Casey, replacing him with relative unknown Nick Nurse, and then he traded away his perennial All-Star DeMar DeRozan for the injured and questionable Kawhi Leonard.But it all worked out and it doesn’t look like Ujiri is anywhere close to done if his comments from Tuesday’s year-end conference are any indication.“I truly believe we will win some more, I have no doubt in my mind,” Ujiri said from the OVO Athletic Centre.“When you taste it, you want to do it over and over again,” he added. “That experience of the playoffs and seeing the intensity and the roller coaster, there’s nothing like it and you want to keep experiencing that.”Ujiri still has one major task left though — trying to convince Leonard to resign with the Raptors. BROWSE Masai Ujiri | raptors read more

  • Dual screen Kno tablet will cost 899

    first_imgIn June we heard about a new dual screen tablet being developed called the Kno. It is specifically aimed at students to use and replace their textbooks and laptops to a large extent.Having two 14″ displays meant that it was going to be heavy and would come with a high price tag. But now we know exactly how high that price is going to be. The dual screen version will retail for $899, with a single screen version costing $599. Both are significantly higher in price than the market leading iPad.AdChoices广告According to Kno chief executive Osman Rashid the dual screen tablet is actually a cost saver for students. He believes that the alternative of buying textbooks would actually cost a student the price of the Kno plus an additional $1,300.The first batch of Kno tablets are expected to ship before the end of the year, but no specific date has been given.Read more at NYTimesMatthew’s OpinionMaybe things have changed since my days as a student, but I don’t remember spending over $2,000 on textbooks. I did a Computer Science degree, so the books were expensive, but there were never enough to get up to that level of expenditure.Although the Kno does have some nice features such as the ability to make notes, not have to carry mutliple large textbooks around, and being a good platform for web browsing and producing content, it is flawed. For a start the size and weight are a bit cumbersome, and the price is beyond what a lot of people, let alone students, would want to spend.To put the price into perspective, you could purchase an iPad and a Kindle and still have $200 left over to spend on digital textbooks. You’d also have an easier time carrying both devices in a bag together.I hope that the Kno has a future and that this is just the first step. Does it actually need such large screens when the iPad does so well with less? Do both displays need to be touchscreen and color or would an e-ink display on one side make more sense? I’m sure the first batch of users will help mould the direction for a cheaper, lighter Kno v2.last_img read more

  • Intel finishes Android Jelly Bean port for x86 passes it to carriers

    first_imgOwn a Medfield-based smartphone? Probably not, but in other corners of the world there are surely a few people who picked up a Xolo X900. If you count yourself among that select group, there’s some good news from Intel today: the company has completed its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port for the x86 smartphones.That’s certainly good news, but don’t expect to receive the update any time soon. Intel VP Mike Bell notes that even though the code is ready to run, it still requires those oft-maligned finishing touches from the carriers. It’s up to them, then, to polish off the update and then deliver it to users. As we’ve seen before, that can take a considerable amount of time — so be prepared to soldier on with Ice Cream Sandwich for a bit longer.It is, however, an encouraging sign for those of you who are intrigued by Motorola’s upcoming Medfield phone. The XT890 only recently cleared the FCC, and many tech insiders think that it could very well be the company’s first phone to use an Intel chip. And with a Jelly Bean port ready to rock on Intel phones, there’s plenty of reason to believe that Motorola would make sure to ship with it.The updated Droid Razr line-up that was revealed last week features Android 4.1, after all, and it’s hard to imagine that the company would take a step back and offer an older OS on a newer phone when devices like the Droid Razr Maxx HD are proudly sporting Google’s latest and greatest.More at PC Worldlast_img read more

  • Raping someone when they are asleep will now be explicitly illegal

    first_img CABINET HAS APPROVED a proposal by Tánaiste and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald to provide a definition of sexual consent in legislation already published.The new provisions on consent in the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill will make it clear that a person who is incapable of consenting to a sexual act in the instance of being asleep or unconscious, as a result of intoxication or being mistaken as to the identity of the other person involved cannot give consent.It also includes a person who does not consent if he or she is being unlawfully detained, cannot communicate whether or not they agree to the act due to a physical disability or if the only consent given is that of a third party.Clarity Fitzgerald said the provisions will help provide additional clarity, together with established case law, in cases involving sexual offences.Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the Dáil this afternoon he expected Fitzgerald to bring the amendment forward as soon as possible.“This should have been done many years ago,” said Kenny.‘Honest belief defence’Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone also secured a government agreement to review the defence of honest belief that consent was given in rape cases.This is when an accused can and must be acquitted of rape if he can persuade a jury and the court that he honestly believed consent existed, no matter how mistaken or illogical that belief.While this is separate to the legislation, it has been agreed the Law Reform Commission will examine ending the practice of accepting a defence of honest belief alone.The current practice allows the accused to continue their illogical process of forming beliefs and risks them engaging in the same behaviour again.Speaking following the Cabinet decision today, Zappone said:The defence of honest belief in the consent of a victim, no matter how unreasonable, is out dated. 123 Comments Share79 Tweet Email Short URL We now have an opportunity to introduce in law the need for those accused of rape to demonstrate an element of reasonableness in relying on the defence of honest belief.Following today’s cabinet decision the Law Reform Commission will be requested to produce a “definitive, balanced and reasonable assessment” with the hope it will lead to a draft bill before the end of the year, said Zappone.Women’s Aid has welcomed today’s announcement, with the organisation’s director, Margaret Martin stating:“We are heartened to see the provisions on the use of force or the threat of force to coerce women to engage in sexual activity, recognition that consent can be withdrawn at any time and that the absence or omission of resistance does not mean the person has consented.”Explainer: How people on tracker mortgages were shafted by financial institutions>Read: Without high-speed broadband, will people return to live in rural Ireland?> Jan 24th 2017, 7:26 PM center_img Tuesday 24 Jan 2017, 7:26 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 23,330 Views By Christina Finn Raping someone when they are asleep will now be explicitly illegal Cabinet has approved a proposal by Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald to provide a definition of sexual consent.last_img read more

  • Ombudsman concludes inquiry into Brimbank

    first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A long awaited investigation conducted by the office of the Victorian Ombudsman into dealings of the Brimbank City Council is close to finishing, according to State Opposition in Victoria.The investigation investigating allegations of corruption and misconduct was prompted by Shadow Minister for Local Government, Jeanette Powel. It is alleged that the investigation is looking into  alleged threats, bribery, intimidation, the misuse of council funds, and mismanagement.“A senior investigator from the State Ombudsman phoned me on Monday [last week] and advised me directly that the report into Brimbank Council is in its final stages,” Jeanette Powell said. “The Victorian government has been aware of the problems at Brimbank for a long time but sat on its hands and did nothing. Government inaction allowed this type of behaviour to continue to escalate unchecked,” she stressed.  According to a source close to the investigation, who wished to remain anonymous, “the Ombudsman’s findings will be damning for certain people involved.” Six former Brimbank councillors did not nominate at the last local government elections in November 2008 and the two former councillors who did nominate were not re-elected. “If any of those former councillors are found to have breached the local government act whilst in office they can be still charged under the local government act,” noted Mrs Powell. “I look forward to the report from the Victorian Ombudsman and hope that the government will act immediately on any recommendations or findings,” she added. The Ombudsman’s final report is due to be submitted to State Parliament for consideration. However it is not likely be discussed by Victorian MPs before the next sitting of the House on March 11.last_img read more

  • Rapport de lAcadémie de médecine la semaine de 4 jours serait néfaste

    first_imgRapport de l’Académie de médecine : la semaine de 4 jours serait néfaste pour les élèvesFrance – L’Académie nationale de médecine se prononce contre la semaine de 4 jours pour les élèves de primaire.L’Académie de médecine se dit défavorable à la semaine de 4 jours mise en place en 2008 et appliquée dans 98% des écoles françaises. Ce nouveau système ne serait pas adapté au rythme biologique de l’enfant et tendrait à le fatiguer davantage qu’une semaine classique de 4,5 ou 5 jours.À lire aussiPourquoi se sent-on fatigué après une longue nuit de sommeil ?Elle entraînerait une désynchronisation du rythme de l’enfant. Le lundi, le mardi, le jeudi et le vendredi, les élèves auront six heures de cours, c’est déjà beaucoup trop pour un enfant. De plus, ils auront deux coupures dans la semaine qui casseront leur rythme : une longue coupure le week-end et une autre le mercredi en plein milieu de la semaine. Ces journées, trop longues et pas assez équilibrées, entraîneront une diminution de l’attention. Une semaine étalée sur quatre jours et demi ou cinq jours permet de réduire cet écart entre journées libres et jours d’école et ainsi, diminue le risque de déséquilibrer les élèves. De plus, elle permet un rythme de scolarité plus fluide tout au long de l’année avec deux semaines de vacances toutes les huit semaines d’école. Avec la semaine de quatre jours, les écoliers bénéficient de douze jours de congé en moins qu’ils doivent, de surcroit, rattraper sur leurs grandes vacances.Selon l’Académie de médecine, il faudrait 180 à 200 jours de cours par an au lieu de 144 si l’on veut réellement tenir compte du rythme biologique des enfants.Le 29 janvier 2010 à 09:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

  • Official Lionel Messi returns for Argentina

    first_imgThe Argentine Football Association (AFA) have confirmed that Lionel Messi will return to the national team during the upcoming international break.The Barcelona star’s future in international football had been in growing doubt over the past eight months due to having not represented Argentina since June 30, where they went crashing out of the World Cup in the last-16 stage to eventual winners France.New manager Lionel Scaloni had since been unable to name Messi in any of his squads with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner notably remaining silent on his international future.But the AFA president Claudio Tapia gave some welcome news on Messi last month by practically giving it away that he will return for Argentina during the upcoming international break.Scaloni had said himself in December: “I do not talk very often with Messi, but we have a relationship.“We are going to try for him to join us in 2019, we have pending talks and we are optimistic that it will be positive.“For us it is something important. Any coach would like to coach him, myself more than any.”Now the AFA have confirmed Messi’s long-awaited return on Twitter earlier this afternoon.Top 5 players who can actually replace Messi and Ronaldo Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 13, 2019 After Pep Guardiola’s latest defense of Messi and Ronaldo, we need to start talking about the Top 5 players who can replace them.Replacing Messi and…The 31-year-old will, therefore, likely be in the squad for the friendlies against Venezuela on March 23 and Morocco three days later.Messi has scored a record 65 goals and added 42 assists in 128 matches for Argentina, but has never tasted the success he’s enjoyed at Barcelona.Therefore, it’s likely Messi’s been motivated by the prospect of having another go at finally claiming some silverware with Argentina by winning this summer’s Copa America at Brazil.However, Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has not been named in Scaloni’s team with Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martinez, Fiorentina’s Giovanni Simeone and Boca Juniors’ Dario Benedetto getting the nod instead.Due to having not played since February 13, Mauro Icardi is also absent from the list after being stripped on captaincy at Inter. Chelsea loan striker Gonzalo Higuain is also omitted from the list.#SelecciónMayor Ésta es la lista de futbolistas convocados por el entrenador Lionel Scaloni para los próximos amistosos de la @Argentina.— Selección Argentina 🇦🇷 (@Argentina) March 7, 2019last_img read more

  • Qualifying seniors can get farmers market food vouchers

    first_imgLow-income senior citizens can sign up for vouchers that will help them buy produce at local farmers markets.Qualifying Washington seniors who sign up through Meals on Wheels People before May 23 will be entered in a lottery-style system to select the winners of a limited number of $40 vouchers. Julie Piper Finley, spokeswoman for Meals on Wheels People, said there will be 1,008 vouchers for Clark County — a 19 percent increase over last year’s 850.Those vouchers can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables and edible herbs at participating farmers markets and farm stands that display the sign “WIC and Senior Farmers’ Market Checks Welcome Here.”Eligible are Washington residents 60 or older (55 or older if Native American or Alaska Native) and have monthly income of $1,799 or less for a household of one, or $2,425 a month or less for a household of two. Photo ID is required.To enter the voucher lottery, eligible seniors must enter information via the Meals on Wheels People website (mealsonwheelspeople.orgSFMNP) or fill out a paper version of the form available at any Meals on Wheels People Clark County location. The deadline is May 23. Local Meals on Wheels People sites are: o Battle Ground Community Center, 912 East Main, Battle Ground.o Peoples Church, 6801 E. Mill Plain Blvd.o Luepke Center, 1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd.o Firstenburg Community Center, 700 N.E. 136th Ave.If you’re selected, you’ll be sent a postcard on June 4 with instruction for picking up your voucher at the location you requested in your application. Or, you’ll get a postcard saying you’ve been added to the wait list. Vouchers will be good through Oct. 31.last_img read more

  • Reminder KNWR Is Conducting Brush Burning

    first_imgFor more information contact Refuge Headquarters at 907-262-7021 during regular business hours (M-F 8:30-4) According to Refuge managers the burning is expected to last at least another week. This is a weather dependent project, and the timeline could shift if we get rain or snow soon. This project is divided in three areas: Three John’s Rd in Sterling, a small area of Swanson River Oil and Gas Fields, and the Outdoor Education Center (OEC) along Swan Lake Rd. Residents, especially in the Sterling area, should expect to see some smoke in the area from this activity. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享For those wondering why the Soldotna area seemed a little smokey on Monday, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge fire management program has been burning brush piles in the area.last_img read more

  • Pakistan politician journalist get violent on live TV debate

    first_imgIslamabad : A live news debate on a Pakistani news channel turned ugly after an argument between a politician and a journalist turned physical, shocking viewers across the country. Masroor Ali Siyal, a leader from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, and Karachi Press Club President Imtiaz Khan were among the panelists on the show “News Line with Aftab Mugheri”. Also Read – Shahid Afridi joins ‘Kashmir Hour’ in military uniform Advertise With Us In a video apparently shared by the journalist, Siyal is heard warning Khan about his tone and tenor. Khan replies in a high-pitched voice that he too won’t tolerate any nonsense. Within a split of a second, Siyal gets up and violently pushes Khan from the chair. And then, in a fit of rage, he clutches Khan with his arms — like in a wrestling bout — and apparently hurls blows at him. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us Both shout and swear at each other, shocking the moderator while other studio employees rush to separate the two. Siyal returns to his chair while Khan walks out of the studio. After some minutes, Khan returns to the show and again sits next to Siyal, warning the PTI leader of legal consequences over the incident. The video has become a rage on Twitter and within hours had been viewed by 99,000 people. Advertise With Us How’z #NayaPakistan #Emergency1975 #IndiaAgainstLynchTerror— shabeena (@shabeen121) June 25, 2019 Many trolled the politician over his conduct on a live TV show, and one tweet referred to the incident as an outcome of “Naya Pakistan”.last_img read more

  • Mahindra electric cars poised to get a boost from Ola

    first_imgMahindra Verito on display during International Engineering and Technology Fair (IETF) in New Delhi, on Feb 2, 2017.IANSMahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (Mahindra Reva) sold 1,000 cars in 2015-16 but the coming years could see a sharp rise in volume growth, thanks to cab-hailing services company Ola and urban transport solutions provider Lithium Urban Technologies.A pan-India pilot project by the end of the current year will be a sort of launching pad for SoftBank-backed cab-hailing company Ola, according to its chief executive Bhavish Aggarwal. “…after that we will be scaling it up in a major way,” he told Reuters on Friday.The overall sale of electric vehicles in India was 22,000 in 2015-16, a growth of 37.5 percent. But it pales before 3 million conventional cars approximately sold in the country annually.The main hurdle impacting the usage of electric cars is the absence of adequate charging stations — an issue that will also be addressed while rolling out EVs, according to Aggarwal.Bengaluru-based Lithium Urban Technologies, founded in July 2015, which uses only electric cars, is also planning to augment its current fleet of 250 EVs in a big way. The company that counts Tesco, Adobe, VMware, Unisys and Accenture as its clients in Bengaluru, wants to expand to Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad by acquiring many more electric cars, financed by a fund-raising exercise, Sanjay Krishnan, a co-founder, had said last month.The future for EVs is also looking up after the Supreme Court recently ordered that the March 31, 2017 deadline for banning sale of BS III vehicles won’t be extended at any cost, forcing companies to adopt green technology in a big way. Pollution levels are high in many Indian cities, especially Delhi, caused by vehicles, among other factors.   Heavy traffic moving on NH-8 near Dhaula Kuan in New Delhi on August 17, 2016.IANSApart from Mahindra Reva, other manufacturers of EVs in India include Electrotherm (India) Ltd., Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Hero Electric Vehicles Private Ltd., Toyata Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd., Lohia Auto Industries, Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Avon Cycles Ltd., Chris Motors and Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd. Nissan is planning to launch its electric car Leaf next year.India has a target of having 6 million EVs on its roads by 2020, according to the Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 and FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles).From April 1, 2017, the EV makers would have to give details of emission levels to the road transport ministry. Mahindra also plans to launch electric buses and trucks next year and sell about 1 lakh EVs comprising cars, buses and trucks over the next two to three years. For 2016-17, flagship company Mahindra & Mahindra sold 5.06 lakh vehices excluding tractors, as compared to 4.94 lakh units sold in 2015-16. Tractor sales in 2016-17 stood at 2.62 lakh units.Mahindra’s electric car models comprise e2oPlus, eVerito (launched last June) and eSupro 3 (van launched in October 2016). 1/2 Mahindra and Mahindra Automotive Division president and chief Pravin Shaah and Mahindra Electric chief executive officer Arvind Mathew during launch of Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) eSupro in New Delhi on Oct 6, 2016.IANSMahindra launches ‘e2oPlus’ in Kolkata on Oct 28, 2016.IANSPreviousNextlast_img read more

  • What we know so far about Indonesia jet crash

    first_imgUpdated graphic on Lion Air JT 610 that crashed shortly after take-off on Monday with 189 people on board. Photo: AFPAn Indonesian Lion Air jet with 189 passengers and crew plunged into the sea Monday in what could be the country’s deadliest aviation accident since 234 people died when an Airbus A-300B4 operated by national carrier Garuda crashed in 1997.Here is what we know so far about the Lion Air crash involving a brand new Boeing-made plane, and the investigation.What happened?Lion Air flight JT-610 took off from Jakarta en route to Pangkal Pinang city at 6:20 am (2320 GMT) on Monday. It crashed into the sea some 12 minutes later.Two minutes after takeoff, Indian-born Captain Bhavye Suneja reported a flight control problem and requested permission to rise to 5,000 feet from 1,700 feet, according to the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC).The plane vanished from radar at 6:32 am, after the captain asked for permission to return to the airport.The Flightradar website tracked the plane and showed it looping south on take-off and then heading north before its flight path ended abruptly over the Java Sea, not far from the coast.Witnesses said they did not hear an explosion but saw the Boeing 737 MAX plunge into the sea.Who was in the cockpit?Captain Suneja and his co-pilot had more than 11,000 hours of combined flying time, and both had recent medical checkups and drug testing, Lion Air has said.The Boeing 737 MAX 8 was built in 2018 and went into service just two months ago.Lion Air said the plane had an unspecified technical issue fixed in Bali before it was flown back to Jakarta.A technical logbook detailed an “unreliable” airspeed reading instrument on the Bali-Jakarta flight on Sunday and different altitude readings on the captain and first officer’s instruments, according to the BBC.Copies of several Lion Air technical documents have been circulating on social media, but they could not be immediately confirmed as authentic and the carrier did not return calls seeking comment.Boeing reportedly suspended release of the 737 MAX just days before its first commercial delivery last year due to an engine issue, according to airline safety and product review site engines were a product of a joint venture between US-based General Electric and France’s Safran Aircraft Engines.It is not clear what, if any, role the engine issue or the reported instrument problem played in the accident.What will investigators focus on?As search teams collect body parts, personal effects and debris, dozens of divers are taking part in the recovery effort and a specialist team from Singapore is helping to look for the plane’s black box.The cockpit voice and flight data recorder could be key pieces of evidence.“It is far too early to speculate what happened to the airplane,” said Scott Hamilton, managing director of US-based aerospace consultancy Leeham Co.“There is just too much we don’t know, other than FlightTracker showed what appeared to be a rapid descent into the water.”Investigators will consider a range of factors, including crew proficiency, unusual cockpit activity that could point to a hijacking or pilot suicide, the role weather may have played and the jet’s mechanical condition, Hamilton said.Lion’s safety record—including a fatal 2004 crash and a collision between two Lion Air planes at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport—will also be looked at, he added.Fake NewsA string of fake news stories have been circulating in the aftermath of the crash, including one that falsely claims to show a baby who survived the accident and a video purportedly showing panicked passengers just before the crash.Indonesian disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho has knocked down both claims.last_img read more

  • Facebook Is Now Pitching Advertisers on TVStyle Upfront Buys for Premium Video

    first_imgAnd Facebook claims it has sizable scale already for the available inventory in Showcase, which it dubs In-Stream Reserve. On average, nearly 100 million U.S. Facebook users per month watch In-Stream Reserve eligible content across Watch, Newsfeed and Pages — although Facebook isn’t saying how much time they spend watching videos. In addition to its originals, the ad inventory in Facebook Showcase spans hundreds of third-party publishers like CBS, WWE, BuzzFeed and Refinery29, as well as individual creators.At least one entertainment marketer is bullish on Facebook’s approach. According to Andrew Hotz, executive VP of digital marketing for Warner Bros., the studio’s use of In-stream Reserve inventory on Facebook on a recent film campaign drove a 45-point incremental lift in ad recall. With Showcase, Warner Bros. can now also take advantage of advance planning.Erik Geisler, Facebook’s head of U.S. agency sales, emphasized the focus on brand safety for Showcase. He said every single piece of content included in the program’s inventory is human-reviewed before it’s eligible for monetization. “Brand safety is the product,” he told reporters at a press event Tuesday in New York.The accent on brand safety comes as YouTube has faced periodic backlashes from marketers, after the discovery that ads on YouTube have run against objectionable content. Most recently, companies including AT&T and Disney suspended YouTube ad spending over concerns about a secret ring of child predators making coded sexual comments on videos of young girls.Actually, the new Facebook Showcase program is similar to Google Preferred, YouTube’s premium-advertising program that provides inventory across top content creators in specific categories. YouTube claims that all videos of partners in Google Preferred are manually reviewed.Besides YouTube, Facebook also is aiming to win business against traditional TV networks. Facebook claims it can better reach younger-skewing audiences that have been disappearing from linear TV: Over the past three months, 43% of Facebook users in the U.S. who watched In-Stream Reserve-eligible content on Facebook were 18-34. That’s compared with 28% of linear TV viewers in the age demo, per Nielsen research. Facebook has long wanted to siphon off TV ad spending into its coffers. Now it’s going to Madison Avenue to try to book video-advertising revenue by pushing “upfront” buys for its mix of originals and long-form creator content.The social-media company unveiled Facebook Showcase, a new premium video-ad program, which execs say will let online video and TV ad buyers lock in advertising — at preset rates and with guaranteed ad impressions — for up to a year in advance. Previously, Facebook was selling video ads only one quarter in advance. Showcase inventory initially is available for campaigns targeting U.S. audiences.Facebook is going out with the upfront pitch as it has been steadily ramping up its original series for Watch, its dedicated video hub. On Tuesday, it announced the pickup of “Human Discoveries,” an animated comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron slated to debut later in 2019, and touted the upcoming premiere of a six-part docu-series on NBA superstar Stephen Curry called “Stephen vs. The Game” (pictured above) as well as reboots of MTV’s “The Real World” in the U.S., Mexico and Thailand. These upfront placements Facebook is trying to sell are at a fixed cost (off a standard rate card) and delivered to in-target audiences as verified by Nielsen, according to Geisler. That’s a departure for Facebook, which sells nearly all of its ads through an auction format. Geisler declined to spell out what the pricing will be for Facebook Showcase, but he said the cost per thousand (CPM) rates for premium video advertisers in Q1 of 2019 were CPMs of around $23-$25.Like YouTube’s Google Preferred, Facebook’s program will let marketers target topical categories. Currently, for Facebook Showcase, those will include sports, fashion/beauty, entertainment, food and news. Facebook also is selling sponsorships to let marketers be the exclusive sponsor of a specific show for U.S. viewers.Universal McCann has been among the ad agencies testing out In-Stream Reserve. UM chief investment officer Jon Stimmel, whom Facebook invited to speak at the event, said he’s optimistic that Facebook Showcase could be a good way to tap into “high-quality, celebrity-driven storytelling that is going to be compelling.” But he cautioned that marketers still need to see the results and added that “transparency is fundamental.” Popular on Variety ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more