• Leaders of hotel operations are coming to the second Hotel Operations Weekend Festival

    first_imgThe HOW Festival is the only place where you can hear the latest trends in hotel operations from global hotel leaders. Thus, research and innovations from the food and beverage department will be presented by Marriott International, how to develop talents in employees of Wyndham International, from InterContinental how to use data to attract more guests, and generally about global trends from whom than from the leading hotel companies Hyatt International and Accora.  In addition to these world names, HOW will bring together 50 regional and international panelists and more than 500 participants! HOW presents the latest global trends in an interesting, innovative and interactive way, focusing on raising the quality of hotel operations. Only knowledge, education and development allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to offer something different. Hoteliers know that trends change often, that one should follow all the changes and look beyond the usual. That is exactly why everyone will be in Poreč next week!Find out more about the HOW festival on the official website www.howfestival.comlast_img read more

  • Blue Lagoon increases workers’ incomes by an average of 8,85%

    first_imgBLUE LAGOON INVESTS HRK 298 MILLION NEXT YEAR In addition to the salary, the impact of the amended Tariff Annex and the increase in rewards leads to an average increase in net income of 8,85 percent annually.  Plava Laguna is one of the few companies that has recognized the importance of seasonal workers, so allowances from 900 to 1170 kuna are paid in the months when the largest number of employees, or at the time when the intensity of work is greatest: June, July, August and September. while in October workers are paid holiday pay, and in December Christmas bonuses in the maximum non-taxable amount of HRK 2.500,00, or seasonal workers in proportion.  Namely, with salaries for May, June, July and August, employees will be paid an additional non-taxable reward for work results in the total amount of HRK 3848 divided into four calendar months. Also, the Christmas bonus, as before, continues to be paid in the maximum non-taxable amount of HRK 2500, and the holiday pay will remain as taxable as before, ie it will amount to HRK 70,00 gross per day of vacation.  In addition, this year, Plava Laguna paid its employees a Christmas bonus and a non-taxable award for work results achieved in 2018 in the total amount of HRK 3000 (HRK 2500 + 500), as well as a gift for a child up to 15 years of age and a gift voucher. from 600 kn. This year, Plava Laguna was the first in the environment to agree with the social partners on better conditions for its workers for 2019. center_img RELATED NEWS: Thus, for all workers of the Blue Lagoon from 1.5. In 2019, the basic salary will be increased by 2 percent, and for workers in operations through amendments to the Tariff Annex, an additional 2,14 percent in the first months of the new year. Furthermore, the reward for all workers for work in the seasonal months is increased by as much as 3109 kuna.  “The collective agreement of Plava Laguna has so far been the best in this activity not only in the region but also beyond, with a high level of contracted material rights of workers. Amendments to tax regulations that allow the payment of additional non-taxable rewards were the motive of the social partners to further improve the material rights of workers. “ Marina Cvitić, President of the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia, points out and adds that they are convinced that the workers will be satisfied and that they will recognize the positive effects of the agreement between the trade union and the Management in Plava Laguna. In December, employed workers are also entitled to a gift in kind of HRK 600,00, and a gift to a child in the maximum non-taxable amount of HRK 600,00. So from June until the end of the year, almost every month, all workers receive additional rewards in addition to their salary. last_img read more

  • Booking.com launches self-booking of excursions and attractions without the need to book a hotel room in advance

    first_imgLike rival competitor TripAdvisor, and unlike Airbnb, Booking.com focuses mainly on mainstream tourist attractions. Airbnb, for example, relies on its activities on hidden concerts on ships or tours of farms in Sicily. The online agency Booking.com is expected to present an offer for ten European and Middle Eastern cities at a conference in Europe, which allows users to book excursions and attractions on their own without the need to book a hotel room in advance. Booking.com users can filter their searches for tours and activities by categories such as food and drink, nightlife, and family and entertainment offerings. After last year’s acquisition of software that offers travel and FareHarbor activities and the launch of an option to book activities in 150 cities, Booking.com has taken the next step in boosting the mainstream offering, Skift reports. Booking.com uses software from FareHarbor and others, such as Rezdy, to connect with tour operators and has direct contracts with service providers. ”We are deeply integrated into FareHarbor, drawing on the tangible but also intangible benefits of this application”, Said Papatla and added:”We don’t want to compromise the user experience we’ve established, so we’re picky about who we work with.” At JP Morgan’s investor conference, Booking Holdings CFO David Goulden spoke about the incentives to go beyond the focus on hotel accommodation. ”Even outside the accommodation framework, when we look at the strategy around connected travel, we believe that growth can be stimulated by combining services such as restaurant reservations or car rentals. This opens up new verticals for us like experiencesSaid Goulden. Part of the reason for separating attraction bookings from hotel bookings is that the tours attract locals or people who may have booked the rest of their travel elsewhere or from another service provider. “We launched this option due to requests from our users to improve the service”, Said Ram Papatla, Vice President of Global Experience at Booking.com, adding:”We learned a lot about how different customer segments explore a destination depending on length of stay and price. We also experiment with personalization and focus on price and availability in cases where the attraction is unique.” Booking.com believes that expanding offerings and activities is a way to provide customers with what they want. The pilot program, available in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Vienna, Prague, Edinburgh and Dubai, has been posted on the city’s website within Booking.com, offering options from tickets for the Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam to museum tours and bus and boat trips. All tour reservations come with instant confirmations; Tourists, whether domestic or foreign, can get their e-tickets after booking. Source: Shiftlast_img read more

  • 600.000 overnight stays were realized in Karlovac County

    first_imgŽeljko Franjak Although we constantly emphasize that we need to move away from just counting arrivals and overnight stays, and that statistics are not the only measure of success, in the case of continental tourism, any increase in the number of arrivals and overnight stays is still significant and important. The German emitting market has traditionally taken the leading position with an absolute number of overnight stays (96.404) and arrivals (46.346) at the same level as last year. In second place are domestic guests with an increase in the number of overnight stays (57.872) by 13,1% and arrivals (28.098) and 16, 1%, while third place according to overnight stays belongs to Dutch guests who prefer adventure forms of tourism (49.197), and are very close to them and Italian guests (44.177) who prefer hunting, fishing and gastronomic forms of tourism. Thus, two days ago (October 21.10), two weeks earlier than last year, Karlovac County marked 600.000 tourist nights. James Faulkner as Randyllo Tarly in the GOT series / Photo: HBO Active vacation, rural tourism, hunting and fishing and cultural tourism – are the main and primary tourist products of Karlovac County. The largest number of overnight stays was realized in household accommodation facilities – private renters (223.517) and camps (155.846), only then in hotels (113.067) which are growing every year in the structure of overnight stays, while the largest increase in the number of overnight stays compared to last year recorded in the accommodation capacities of rural tourism on family farms (16,18%). Cover photo: FB TZ Karlovac County As part of the celebration of the record season, a gathering of tourist workers was organized for the first time, and in honor of the most successful tourist season, Karlovac County presented its results in tourism and promoted its most attractive tourist product – active vacation and adventure tourism. tourism, after the city of Zagreb. However, Faulkner did not come to Karlovac County by chance. The famous actor arrived in this area for two weeks to shoot a new war film on the slopes of Petrova Gora, and although he did not reveal much information about the entire project, the film could potentially celebrate Karlovac County. The tourist opportunities of this part of Karlovac County and some new joint initiatives encouraged by the establishment of the Tourist Boards of the Four Rivers and the Tourist Board of the Kupa area, which paved the way for the joint creation of micro tourist destinations in rural tourism of Karlovac County. “This year is extremely good, although in previous years we have had almost double-digit growth in the development of tourism in the Karlovac County. This gives us the strength to continue investing in tourism. It can be seen in the budget of Karlovac County that the funds allocated for tourism are increasing significantly. This year we are talking about a total of ten million kuna, and these funds will be invested in the development of tourism in Karlovac County. What makes us especially happy is that most of these funds will come from the European Structural and Investment Funds, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Tourism. ” said the head of the Administrative Department for the Economy, Željko Fanjak, and added that they expect to realize more than 630.000 overnight stays by the end of the year. The Queen of Fortune shuffled the cards so that the 600th night was made by a guest from Great Britain, and it is a renowned actor James Faulkner who was watched by millions as Randylla Tarly in the globally famous Game of Thrones series and Uncle Geoffrey in “Bridget Jones’s Diary” with Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. A famous actor from GOT in Karlovac County is making a film In the first nine months of this year, compared to the two-year period (2017/2019), the number of arrivals increased by 13% and the number of tourist nights by 14%. Also, this year the Karlovac County Tourism Strategy until 2025 was drafted, which emphasizes the vision of Karlovac County to be the leading tourist region of active vacation in continental Croatia, and as a kind of goal, in Karlovac County they set themselves to achieve by 2025 and the first millionth overnight stay per year. last_img read more

  • Last week, 21 percent fewer accounts were fiscalized than last year

    first_imgIn activity I – providing accommodation and food preparation and serving is visible 31% account reduction, and the invoice amount of 45%. In all activities from the fiscalization system, 21 percent fewer accounts were fiscalized last week than last year, according to data from the Tax Administration. For all activities in the period from 29.06.- 05.07.2020. year compared to the same period in 2019 is visible 21% reduction in the number of accounts, i reduction of the invoice amount of 17%, in activity G – Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles is visible 16% account reduction, the a 7% reduction in the invoice amount. center_img Also, in the period from 24.02.-05.07.2020. in relation to the same period last year in activity I – providing accommodation and food preparation and serving is visible 51% reduction in the number of accounts and 61% in the account amount.last_img read more

  • Foreign river cruise ships want to go to the Republic of Croatia, but they can’t

    first_imgAccording to the CBS, in the first five months of 2020, foreign cruise ships recorded a decrease in the number of voyages of 91,2% and the number of days spent on the Croatian Adriatic by 87,8% compared to the same period in 2019. The number of passengers on these ships recorded a decrease of 98,5% compared to the same period in 2019.  The HGK river tourism community demands that “river cruising”, ie passenger ships carrying more than 40 passengers, be allowed to dock in inland ports, which is now prohibited. Last year, 61 passengers visited Eastern Slavonia and Baranja by river, and passenger ports on the Danube and Drava recorded 560 docks with continuous annual positive growth trends. Already in June, some river cruise programs began, in compliance with all epidemiological recommendations, organized by the German company Nicko Cruises, and announcements of the return of river cruises continue, organized by A-Rosa, European Waterways and Croisi Europe.  “It is not profitable for companies to operate with less than 20 percent of normal capacity. I point out that, in accordance with the measures adopted, the companies have already provided five percent of passenger capacity for accommodation in the event that one of the passengers becomes infected with coronavirus, and I therefore urge that the Decision be changed as soon as possible. “, says Božana Matoš, President of the River Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, who sent a letter on behalf of the Community, ie a request to amend the Decision to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Public Health Institute. Croatia is recognized as a river cruise destination “Some of these cruise companies also have cruise programs in Croatia, and the current Decision does not allow them to dock in one of the passenger ports on the Danube and Drava, so an urgent change in the Decision is needed, which would not limit the number of passengers on river cruises.”, Explains Matoš, especially in the context of the latest data on the decline in the number of foreign cruise ships in Croatian seaports. “Unfortunately, these are very bad numbers and Croatia will recover from this situation for a long time, but at the same time it is an opportunity to strengthen river cruises, provided that the said Decision is amended in time.”, Said Matos, emphasizing that recommendations and instructions were adopted in June under the auspices of the EU Healthy GateWays, to start the organization of river cruises based on the recommendations and instructions of the World Health Organization in which the number of passengers on river cruisers is not limited.  Namely, due to the coronavirus, at the end of May this year, a Decision was passed on the necessary measure of banning the entry of passenger ships on international cruises to seaports and inland ports. This decision introduced a ban on the entry of passenger ships carrying more than 40 passengers to inland ports and thus directly prevented the return of river cruises, given that river cruisers have a capacity of up to 220 passengers.   The recommendations introduced measures to protect passengers in order to prevent the spread of infection, such as daily temperature measurement, mandatory distance of passengers, wearing masks, special epidemiological measures during boarding and disembarking and the use of common areas, etc.last_img read more

  • It’s wise for opponents to give Trump some credit

    first_imgCategories: Editorial, OpinionApple’s announcement last Wednesday that it will repatriate most of the estimated $274 billion that it holds in offshore earnings is great news for the United States. The failure to understand this meant a failure to appreciate the depth of American discontent.It helps explain how Hillary Clinton lost her unlosable election to a man whose central claim to office was that he understood business.More recently, Democrats have convinced themselves that Trump is merely the beneficiary of Obama’s economic legacy.But how can the critics who previously assured us that Trump’s election would cause certain calamity now explain that he’s nothing but a lucky bystander to forces beyond his control?Had the economy tumbled over the past year his critics would surely have blamed him. It’s ill grace to deny him all credit when it’s doing so well.The truth is that it’s hard to account exactly for why the economy does well or poorly from one year to the next.But it’s also true that the president has been nothing if not aggressive in his efforts to remove regulations, cut taxes and promote American businesses (not least his own), and animal spirits on Wall Street have responded accordingly. Uncle Sam will get a one-time $38 billion tax payment.The company promises to add 20,000 jobs to its U.S. workforce, a 24 percent increase, and build a new campus.Another $5 billion will go toward a fund for advanced manufacturing in America.C’mon. What’s with the long face?In December this column warned that hysterical opposition to the Republican tax bill was a fool’s game for Democrats that could only help President Donald Trump. Yes, there were things to dislike in the legislation, from both a liberal and a conservative perspective.But it was not the moral and fiscal apocalypse its critics claimed. Also true is that Americans will generally give credit for a good economy to whichever president presides over it.Yet one gets a distinct sense that Trump’s relentless critics would rather bury the Apple news or look for the cloud within the silver lining.This is not a good look. If making confident but lousy predictions is one form of political malpractice, wanting things to fail is another.The same goes for the government shutdown. Democrats placed a large bet that it’s a political showdown they could win.But what they are mainly doing is wrecking their chances of retaking the House or Senate by appearing to put the interests of DACA’s immigrant “Dreamers” ahead of the rest of America.How that helps Dreamers, Democrats, Americans or anyone other than the president and maybe California Sen. Kamala Harris is anyone’s guess. “The global financial destruction that will happen under President Trump has already begun.”That was a headline in London’s Independent newspaper on Nov. 9, 2016. Those whom the gods will mock, first they make pompous economic forecasters.It’s worth thinking carefully about why Trump’s critics have been so wrong about the economy, and of the damage their hubris does to the anti-Trump case.Democrats entered the 2016 election cycle on what they thought was the back of a strong economy.It wasn’t.Barack Obama presided over the weakest expansion in postwar history.The economy grew by 15.5 percent from the second quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2016. During the (slightly longer) Reagan boom of 1982-90, it grew by more than 38 percent. And its central achievement — a dramatic cut in corporate rates to 21 percent from 35 percent — was an economic no-brainer that many Democrats, including President Barack Obama, had supported (albeit less steeply) just a few years ago.Apple will not be the only multinational that will soon bring back gigantic profits to take advantage of new low repatriation rates.Microsoft holds $146 billion in overseas earnings, Pfizer $178 billion, General Electric $82 billion, Alphabet $78 billion, and Cisco $71 billion, according to estimates from the Zion Research Group.The total stash is about $3 trillion — by one measure nearly three times what it was just a decade ago.Assume that just half of that money comes home to the United States.It’s still the equivalent of Canada’s entire gross domestic product.Not too shabby, especially considering all the hyperbolic predictions of economic doom that went with Trump’s election. Donald Trump is a profoundly defective person who nearly every morning does grave political self-harm with no assistance from his opponents.But he is also president, and normal Americans — that is, those who hold the outcome of the next election in their hands — do not want him to fail.They want statesmanship, not schadenfreude.Wouldn’t it be smart of all of Trump’s opponents to show they are superior to him in the former?And wouldn’t a good way of doing that be to abjure the latter, even if it sometimes means giving him some credit?Bret Stephens is an op-ed columnist for The New York Times.More from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

  • Limit use of AR-15s to shooting ranges

    first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion Why are AR-15s available for sale? Because some people want to have fun. Deer hunters don’t use them. Rabbit hunters don’t use them. Bird hunters don’t use them. Only people-hunters use them outside of shooting ranges. They’re available for sale just so these few people can have some fun.I’m not against fun. I’m against stupidity and senseless slaughter. Fun-seekers should be able to buy this type of weapon with the following conditions: The weapon is to be delivered by the seller to a licensed shooting range. The security of the weapon is the responsibility of the range owner. The owner of the weapon can have all the fun he wants at the range. If he moves, the range owner must transfer the weapon to another licensed range.This way, even wackos can own assault weapons without infringing on Second Amendment rights or endangering the public.Firearm sellers who profit from the commerce of these weapons must be required to document each transaction with both fingerprints and pictures and be responsible for transfer to licensed ranges.I suggest that doing something beats doing nothing. We have been great at doing nothing.Frank ElflandCharlton More from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Police: Schenectady woman tried to take car in Clifton Park hours after arrest, release in prior the…EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

  • Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Dec. 8

    first_imgWhat makes Stefanik such a role model?I was interested to read the Nov. 22 letter from Meg Messitt (“Rep. Stefanik serves as an inspiration”), noting her uncritical admiration of her congressional representative, Elise Stefanik.Let me say at the outset it is pleasing to hear of high school students being politically aware; I believe America would be a better place if more of her generation were thus involved.What is surprising is her enthusiastic endorsement of Ms. Stefanik, whose most recent distinguishing trademark is her obsequious defense of her president, whose transgressions with respect to his self-serving dealings with Ukraine have been clearly revealed in the impeachment hearings.It is appropriate for young people to have role models; my question for Ms. Messitt is:Why Elise Stefanik? Does she imagine America would be a better place with another Stefanik?Or would young people be better advised to model themselves on someone like, say, Fiona Hill, whose intellect, skill and love of and dedication to her adopted country shone through in her testimony, which the Republican representatives were wise (for once) to not even challenge.Michael BishopScotiaSome don’t fit into definition of moralityBeing moral is not about obeying a list of rules, whether the list contains 10 rules or 20,000 rules.Being a moral adult means incorporating into the balance of your decision making the effect on, and the feelings of, others.The foundation of morality is nurtured empathy.To be totally without empathy for your fellow man is to be a sociopath.This is modern psychological thinking, but it is not new. Consider the 17th century admonition of John Donne about “tolling bells.”Also consider this 13th century verse from the Persian poet Saadi Shiraz:All men and women are to each other the limbs of a single frame/ since all at first from the same essence came./ When time afflicts a limb with bane,/ the other limbs at rest cannot remain./ You, who will not feel another’s’ pain, you forfeit the right to be called human.Hmm… Bring anyone to mind?Bill MacTiernanSchenectadyCartoon mocking police wasn’t funnyI could not believe your sense of humor when your cartoon showed a state policeman offering to tear up a ticket if the motorist paid him off.My grandson happens to be a New York state trooper.The hours are long, like a lot of jobs, but he and they don’t know what he’ll face when he goes to work. Is your job like that?We really need out troopers in this day and age. Don’t you agree?I haven’t met anyone who says he or she wants to do it, have you?I saw a film of the training. It was awful.How would you like pepper spray in your face? My grandson had to do that to a man once.He’d kicked my grandson in the mouth.I’m trying to stay on the straight and narrow.Eunice KilmerJohnstownMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionTreatment plant not worthy of its award I read the story in the Nov. 29 Gazette’s Your Niskayuna about the town of Niskayuna Wastewater Treatment Facility winning a local award and was aghast.While I am all for a better facility, this effort was far from award worthy.Those who give this award must not have visited the facility or the surrounding Mohawk River State Park and homes to smell the foul air.Nor did they consider that the state Department of Environmental Conservation hasn’t issued its final permits for the project, the negative impacts of over 20 daily passes of large trucks along the border of the park, or the massive cost overruns.I guess it doesn’t take much to win this award.Jeffrey MeyersNiskayunalast_img read more

  • Hemingway improves offer to bondholders

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