Month: April 2017

  • Cultural reform in Hunan to allow the healthy development of cultural consumption

    Hunan cultural industry has been much concern, which is known to the people of Hunan television station, in fact, the local cultural construction is also in place, to bring a lot of joy to the locals. The prosperity of cultural industry, to a certain extent, also shows the development of Hunan’s economy, culture and the economy is always inextricably linked.

    "program is really good-looking, didn’t expect our story to play table." 75 year old Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, the village of Long Decheng, the village of eighteen, who had talked with the general secretary of the star aunt happy to say. And the woman, in the past two years, Hunan ordinary people sit on the stage the audience judges what art judges, graffiti works into the tall hall. This is a reporter recently in Hunan research, the feelings of Hunan’s cultural undertakings, so that people have more sense of gain, handed over a development aid, so that people benefit from the reform. read more

  • You and me happy Hot pot to join the investment good brand

    hot pot to join the project selection, has been very popular choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. How about you and me? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join the choice, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship!

    you and me happy Hot pot restaurant Investment Limited is the predecessor of the family portrait Catering Management Co. Ltd., founded under the leadership of chairman Ji Weidong set fast food business, Hot pot flavor type Hot pot bottom material development, R & D, Hot pot special meat processing technology and related industries use promotion as one of the fast food chain is Chinese Hot pot. The most advanced fast fashion Hot pot operation and service provider, is an advocate of joy culture and implementer. At present, I and you happy hot pot, enjoy fishing, love spicy excellent series of registered brands, chain system has been in swing. read more

  • FMCG daily necessities of life to join a lot of advantages selection

    fast life daily necessities? In the market, has been very business opportunities, has the strength of choice. So, the small business choose to join fast life items, is very reliable, it is worth joining. How about the daily necessities? Open a fast life of their own daily necessities stores, shop is earned!

    fast life daily necessities store to join the high cost? Fast life daily necessities store can be joined. FMCG daily necessities, small investment, 1-2 operation, no inventory, factory direct supply, so that franchisees see real interest. Fast life daily necessities, more convenient than duty-free shops, gift shop than creative. read more

  • 37 degrees seafood to join the support of what

    along with the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for consumer products are also different, for the concept of eating dinner, many people are willing to choose healthy and delicious seafood products. Catering industry, seafood is everywhere, countless. The existence of natural demand determines the existence of the market, seafood to join entrepreneurs may also be a good project.

    37 for more than 1 thousand and 800 days of seafood, to more than 700 kinds of ingredients, finally decided to choose cod stewed soup do soup mellow delicious, plus Weihai 37 degrees delicious seafood, Shandong high quality flour to make smooth noodles. 37 of the seafood, Seiko secret agents, poly three excellent material, fresh, fragrant lips and teeth, Yiyouweijin, carefully selected from 37 degrees north of Bohai Hua, Ling Yue, tender only this one domain. read more

  • Analysis of the four principles of film implantation

    movie how to implant it? There are a lot of Europe and the United States blockbusters, the film implanted to achieve the most incisive. Film implantable marketing is more soft, will not let the well-being of those who complain, as long as the type of match, similar style, it will play an unexpected effect. So, what should be the best movie implants?

    <br implantation="" number="" should="" not="" be="" too="" much="" Although the use of read more

  • Agent Huang Taiji pancakes for you to easily win wealth

    entrepreneurship to choose a good project, catering industry contains great business opportunities. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the market has a greater demand for the food and beverage industry, the industry has developed rapidly in recent years. A variety of food have appeared in our side, bring us great enjoyment. Open Huang Taiji pancake shop, easy to open a good profit.

    Users are expected to exceed

    <br Why do we love Huang Taiji

    <br to="" buy="" pancakes?="" because="" the="" pancake="" is="" hard="" do.="" what="" intention="" of="" heart="" devote="" themselves="" become="" a="" part="" products="" and="" services.="" pancakes="" are="" sold="" everywhere,="" huang="" taiji's="" taste="" will="" not="" be="" better="" than="" other="" places="" too="" much.="" however,="" this="" important,="" important="" service="" here="" excellent,="" there="" lot="" fun,="" often="" some="" interesting="" stuff,="" consumers="" ran="" taiji="" user="" experience,="" willing="" pay="" for="" experience="" beyond="" their="" expectations.="" read more

  • 8 common causes of entrepreneurial failure

    generally speaking, from the initial stage of the capital allocation and scheduling, talent recruitment, marketing strategy, management skills, and the subsequent changes in the market trend, competition, coping strategies…… And so on, are likely to lead to the establishment of the enterprise you can not continue to survive the fate of. The following is the most common cause of failure in the entrepreneurial process:

    1, short of capital.

    entrepreneurs underestimate the financial need of the financial budget, the lack, at the same time in operation or production is also unable to make effective use of funds, it is difficult to create earnings. read more

  • Nail shop to do what preparations

    we know that a lot of girls love beauty, and they always make a lot of personality. Nail shop is still open to make money. Nail making money is a good use of the beauty of women’s heart, and now the characteristics of nail shop to meet their beauty of the heart. So, nail shop to do what preparations? Here’s a small series together to understand it.

    What to do to prepare work on

    <br manicure="" shop?="" before="" the="" shop="" should="" do="" market="" research,="" understanding="" of="" city,="" region's="" potential="" consumer="" characteristics="" nail,="" nail="" to="" an="" accurate="" positioning.="" be="" aware="" consumption="" these="" groups,="" psychology="" and="" habits,="" then="" targeted="" preparations.="" read more

  • Recommendations for domestic wearable Entrepreneurship

    with the development of all walks of life, more and more products have been broken down. Wearable venture is like a raging fire, some people say: the whole industry chain in a wearable cloud, connecting chip, module, sensor, precision devices, special program integration business, brand terminal, and so on, but we must find the most advantageous place to in the start of the nuggets can get dressed opportunity, FENDA and CEO Wang Zeqi is one of the supporters.

    <br: because="" of="" the="" high="" popularity="" fenda="" wearable,="" we="" came="" to="" shenzhen="" shiyan="" technology="" park,="" mr.="" wang="" zeqi="" was="" invited="" talk="" about="" their="" views="" on="" wearable="" industry.=""

    <br: do="" not="" blindly="" terminal,="" brand=""

    <br recently="" many="" entrepreneurs="" have="" launched="" their="" own="" products,="" but="" mr="" wang="" zeqi's="" view,="" we="" do="" not="" necessarily="" to="" terminal="" machine,="" &nbsp="" products.=""  ="" if="" the="" whole="" product="" is="" perfect,="" risk="" will="" be="" large.="" take="" shenzhen,="" before="" doing="" a="" lot="" of="" android="" solutions="" company="" can="" transition="" at="" any="" time,="" suddenly="" become="" smart="" watch="" provider,="" they="" may="" help="" large="" number="" competitors="" appear,="" can't="" let="" these="" stand.="" there="" no="" capital="" and="" talent="" large-scale,="" sustained="" investment,="" originality="" design,="" vast="" majority="" small="" medium-sized="" enterprises,="" especially="" start-ups,="" wearable="" machine="" independent="" brand="" close="" call.=""

    <br: in="" his="" eyes,="" like="" a="" swarm="" of="" bees="" get="" together="" from="" the="" industrial="" chain="" as="" well="" value="" highest="" point,="" have="" become="" technical="" barriers,="" new="" venture="" company="" leading="" party.="" long="" each="" industry="" to="" contribute="" their="" own="" value,="" it="" will="" help="" transition="" current="" niche="" mass="" market,="" so="" that="" entrepreneurs="" increasingly="" see="" value.=""

    <br: if="" you="" want="" an="" example,="" shenzhen's="" huawei="" zte="" is="" a="" good="" in="" the="" mobile="" phone="" brands,="" just="" middle="" of="" tmt="" industrial="" chain="" ring,="" but="" they="" do="" very="" well="" industry,="" has="" strong="" competitive="" advantage="" and="" profitability.=""

    <br: he="" also="" referred="" to="" israel,="" although="" most="" of="" the="" israel="" corp="" are="" small="" businesses,="" but="" there="" a="" lot="" very="" unique="" technology,="" market="" gave="" high="" value.="" not="" long="" ago,="" israel's="" navigation="" software="" company="" waze="" was="" acquired="" by="" google="" for="" $1="" billion,="" somatosensory="" technology="" primesense&nbsp="" $360="" million;="" apple,="" these="" more="" than="" 20="" people="" in="" "small"="" enterprises,="" value="" is="" high,="" hope="" that="" shenzhen="" can="" appear="" some="" this="" really="" has="" threshold="" enterprise,="" necessarily="" like="" swarm="" bees.="" do="" brand.=""


    1) advantages: a relatively complete industrial chain, to find a variety of hardware configuration are relatively easy to read more

  • Two sessions creating a passenger the next tuyere where

    create a customer is a hot word in 2015, and in 2016 of the two sessions in the country, the first appearance of a passenger, but also for everyone to explain, stand on the opportunity of the tuyere, entrepreneurs create what. I believe this speech for entrepreneurs will benefit from a look at it!

    <br commercial meaning surplus

    the average daily birth of 1.2 companies.

    "13th Five-Year" plan draft, to further promote public entrepreneurship peoples to encourage innovation, the main types and development of new technologies, new products, new formats, new model, developing the new engine. read more

  • How to open a restaurant business

    restaurant is very profitable in our life now, and there are many different restaurants in the sight of the people, now in the fierce market competition, as a catering shop operators should be how to operate.

    <br: how="" to="" open="" a="" restaurant?="" what="" is="" the="" most="" important="" thing="" in="" shop?="" it="" says,="" location="" of="" ah,="" everyone="" knows="" it!="" yes,="" shop="" location,="" not="" generally="" important,="" grassroots="" entrepreneurs="" choose="" good="" recommend="" 5="" store="" principle:=""
    read more

  • Liucheng a monthly salary of white collar workers to return home entrepreneurship fat

    home is now a lot of local governments are advocating a slogan, at the same time, there are a lot of people because of the entrepreneurial environment of the whole hometown is a good, from the big cities to return home for entrepreneurial activities.

    8 18, close to noon, Huang Yunxing farms in the sunshine was extraordinarily cool. With the song of a song, more than and 500 black goats are enjoying a delicious lunch. In more than 1 hours of eating, black sheep are in the beautiful music.

    "play music to listen to the goat, than when I put to eat, but also very orderly, reduce a lot of fighting situation." To create their own "music feeding method", said Huang Yunxing, closely reasoned and well argued. read more

  • nvest in a Hot pot Chuan arrogant need how many money

    the world has never been a success, and the success of the people have a most essential feature is a forward-looking, as well as the opportunity to seize the action. Catering entrepreneurs are the same, although it is not an easy thing to do business, but there must be a shortcut to know how to make good use of. Choice of food and beverage brands will undoubtedly allow you to get twice the result with half the effort. Recently, there are many investors consulting small series of information on the entrance of the pride of the hot pot, Sichuan hot pot is how much?. read more

  • A Unifi nano microcrystal joined the successful choice

    is tired of working for you, do you want to start your own business? Today, the Department of excellent nano rich stone investment is underway. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the Department of superior nano rich stone project, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Want to do big things, make a lot of money, you choose to join in the Department of excellent nano rich stone?

    according to the reporter found that in recent years, many entrepreneurs invariably chose the science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Beijing branch. So the choice of science and technology in the end how rich, it is not worth it to let you choose to let you trust? Recently, the reporter visited the science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Beijing branch. In the company of the door to see the product display area placed inside the product samples, every kind of products, from the appearance point of view, some beautiful, some elegant, some sparkling, as if you are in a bustling palace. read more

  • Two pot catering to join the advantages of multi creative business

    as everyone knows, on the market today, young people are the main consumption in the two pot, distinctive positioning, the main youth catering business opportunities, creating a new era of creative catering, many entrepreneurs have a good two pot join prospects, so how the two pot?

    now, a lot of people are most interested in, what are the two young people to capture the exclusive secret? How to carry out a vigorous marketing for young people? What are the changes in the demand for food for young people? Restaurant Association in the two pot founder Liang Jing found there are three key words: Super symbol, scene upgrade, participation. read more

  • Beijing Jing Xiu Restaurant how it is worth joining the

    delicious food, always very attractive to consumers. As our living standards continue to improve, the demand for healthy eating is gradually improving. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship we chose to join Beijing kagehide restaurant? A good dining environment, delicious food, always very attractive to attract the attention of franchisees!

    how much is the Beijing King View Restaurant?

    kagehide restaurant for public consumption, Kanekawa Na, Guangdong, hangbangcai several more fusion cuisine, authentic Chongqing spicy hot pot, nourishing soup, according to the market demand of scientific collocation, more in-depth heart eaters. How about Beijing Jing Xiu restaurant taste? N series, more than one category, kagehide restaurant not only has a variety of flavor source ingredients, more incense pot series, nourishing pot series, fried rice series eat different, according to customer requirements to collocation. read more

  • The secret in the management of nutritional breakfast is what all the business

    breakfast is an important meal, should we eat in the morning breakfast, if open breakfast is certainly very good, now the people in the choice of food delicacy, it is to pay attention to the nutritional value of products, for breakfast by the consumer’s attention and sought to open a restaurant as early nutrition is a good choice to make money the. But in order to have their own nutrition breakfast shop in a competitive market foothold, need to master a certain method. Specific details are as follows: read more

  • Fruit drinks investment market opportunities well diffuse throughout the whole

    how about the four seasons? The investment cost is small, but the profit space is big. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the fruits of the four seasons drink project, is the right choice! Open a fruit of their own four seasons drinks shop, good market opportunities, trustworthy!

    fruit four seasons drinks to join, more taste of the beverage so that consumers choose at random, so the daily sales are high. High school graduates to learn what to make money? The fruit of the four seasons drinks, now grinding is done, clear and not light, thick and not greasy, so that consumers praise drinks to join the brand. Is now grinding system, taste strange, or clear and not light, or thick and not greasy, shade appropriate, fragrant overflowing. read more

  • Snack food brand shop 10 how to join the

    delicious food and snacks, in our lives, has always been a very choice for the development of the market space. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the business catering industry, is a very wise choice! So, food and beverage snacks store 10 brands?

    Hyun Kung Fu snack car thousand yuan shop models optional

    What are the top 10 brands of food and beverage snacks in

    ? Open a restaurant franchise, effort and money to do food and beverage, of course, to choose a good restaurant brand. We collected the most popular snack food store 10 brands, a good brand image is more conducive to the restaurant business will be more stable business. And the 2014 annual Top 10 brands catering stores have? Inside together with small read more

  • Open the ice cream shop seven essential points

    business more and more people own shop, of course, of which there are self-employed, but also have the option of joining the way through the chain, no matter how the shop is not an easy thing, one of the steps is very complicated, if you have to explain why, which can only be said to have a need to know more than the critical steps. That is exactly what steps? We take the ice cream shop, for example, to make specific introduction:

    open ice cream shop these seven crucial points.

    , a site selection read more