Month: September 2017

  • The user experience of the website you handle it

    Original 1.

    original article is completely by their own thinking to write articles, which included rate obviously, love Shanghai is very recognized on the original article. In fact, we all know the importance of the original, >


    quality to enhance the user experience of the method, a word with, say, do have difficulty. High quality article is nothing more than to attract users after reading can resonate with the user, the content to help him. As a small business station, real experience to write original articles of bitterness and not easily, if there is no clear idea of the head, brains are written really price real dry cargo ship. According to the previous small website promotion experience, summed up the following three webmaster writing methods most commonly used in the preparation of other sites on the content of the article. read more

  • How to get rid of unwanted behavior let Web site optimization improve the optimization efficiency

    80% webmaster the website code gets on the Internet, perhaps this part of the webmaster think website code has little effect on the website, but I tell you that a streamlined website code is definitely better than a complex site code effect, when the search engine spiders crawl the website will have some comparability: 1 is the site of the code format whether there is diverse, if the various formats of the code are so that web search engines generally will only capture its home page; 2 is the site code is not comprehensive, loop loop, map site code is better than a single grab the effects of the code. read more

  • Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain beta version of keyword tool use experience

    screenshot of a private letter, immediately

    then entered the tool area, sidebar menu Webmaster Tools two more options, "chain upgrade tool" and "search keyword search upgrade". We first entered the upgraded version of the tool chain.

    Keywords: custom window

    : new foreigner chain details page


    : the new

    is very lucky to get the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform beta qualifications. No. 21 has been concerned about dynamic Webmaster Platform and Sina micro-blog. Begin by Webmaster Platform on leaving the mailbox of an email, but there has been no news. Then through the micro-blog application, finally received congratulations for love Shanghai Webmaster Platform beta qualifications "private letter. read more

  • n January the global search engine market share rose 7 54% in Shanghai to reverse the decline of lo

    (Figure 1) in January the global search engine market share distribution

    IDC network (idcps贵族宝贝) on 05 August 02 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in January the global search engine market, noble baby -Global share fell again, however, fell to 62.74% in the proportion is still enough to make the League of cicadas. But fell sharply in the last month the amount of love in Shanghai, to achieve a reversal, this month rose 7.54% to 18.68%, ranking the local. The remaining share variation of search engine is not too obvious. Below, please see the detailed data analysis. read more

  • Layout skills of Shanghai Longfeng content optimization and page

    can bring to a website more clicks and traffic? And have more keywords can have better ranking? I think this is a member of Shanghai Longfeng staff want to know, and to work hard in the direction of. We do optimization is not only to look to the search engines, more is to provide users with better service and experience. As the saying goes, the customer serve well, will bring the benefits of less

    how to bring a better user experience? This is related to the optimization and layout of our website content skills, following me to explain their understanding of how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng content optimization, and the overall layout of the skills. read more

  • Three key factors on the conversion rate of the site

    is a successful high conversion rate of the site needs from all aspects of the details of the optimization. Without the correct direction, blindly will only make your site edge to failure. The Taobao crown shop.

    site optimization ranking or site user experience? Webmasters may be grappling with this question, the author thinks that there does not exist differences, if you just ask the optimization, and ignore the user friendly experience it, you will eventually got sesame lost watermelon. Our ultimate goal is to realize the optimization of improving conversion rate and flow at the same time, in the user’s point of view to optimize your site to get real benefits. If you in the wrong direction, and ultimately can only be empty. read more

  • Write original why people have been gradually retire

    on the other hand, original work needs a long-term process of accumulation, an original will be able to own carefully maintained website, personal blogs bring results, that is nonsense, say the original pay no long-term returns, is a bottomless pit for them, not to see the light, will gradually retire, because they found that in fact do not write original, may also have more time and energy to do other work, so he lost patience and confidence.

    on the one hand, according to the observation can be found, write original links, as long as the layout is good enough, it is easy to drive the long tail keywords, now the link effect has been less than in the past, even if the original is put to other blogs or from the media platform, a long time, the so-called original link will be slowly there is not abandoned, value, value, eventually became a zombie chain. Faced with this situation, is actually a blow to the original. read more

  • When love Shanghai bidding encounter malicious click how to do

    1, modify the keywords, avoid hot keywords and high price. The breakdown of the product name, select the segments after the product name. For example, advertising fan, a single click on the cost of 15 yuan, and the choice of PP advertising fan, advertising fan long handle and other words, the first single click can reduce costs; second, to avoid the most malicious click (usually for malicious click the price is very high, and very popular keywords), usually third, users search keywords segmentation the turnover rate is higher (search advertising fan, may want to know what is the advertising fan, or want to find some advertising fan pictures, not necessarily for advertising fan manufacturers). Here, the Cangnan Sun Network Based on the statistical results of many years of work experience and log ten web site counter, the keywords we recommend several types, the first type, to keywords and regional prefix, such as Cangnan Wenzhou advertising fan, advertising fan, advertising fan in Zhejiang; the second type, to key words with the suffix, such as advertising fan manufacturers, advertising fan wholesale; third types are subdivided according to product classification and different features, such as PP plastic advertising fan, advertising fan, O fan handle, seven fan, advertising fan and so on long shank rivet. To search the user according to the 3 keywords, general access site, inquiry the possibility of more than 80%, excluding the price factor, the possibility of single turnover basically above 50%. read more

  • On the web site is down right after the owners should take

    . Cancel Links, do a silent March website.

    web site is down right after, don’t forget to love Shanghai statistics.

    owners will be faced with a problem in the process of the site: the site is down right. There are many webmaster doubt upon the right to the website search engine after how long to recover? In fact, right down the website does not mean the site was K, the recovery time and the webmaster are closely related, if done well or 5 days can be restored, restore the site included rankings, if the execution is not enough a few weeks, even months are not restored, let us look at the webmaster should adopt which means to restore the site. read more

  • Through the analysis of search engine website keywords ranking to more stable

    Sure, Sure,

    is the center of keywords, then looking for key vocabulary, keywords center is a guide for you, you should notice it find the keywords, with this designation, you can use various ways to find relevant keywords and keyword center, but these words in the search when there is a yardstick the user may use the keywords to find. A website is not enough content is impossible to get good rankings, so it also needs to find a lot of keywords, the keywords the user can think of, no matter whether violent competition, will take over as for key words is more commonly used, such as the love sea search; love Shanghai index; noble baby. > read more

  • 2012 core network marketing search engine keyword marketing window


    value of search engine keyword marketing window where

    what is the search engine keyword window, cite a simple example, for example, we search for the words "Youyang fruit mask machine" in love in Shanghai, love Shanghai in search results first ranking uyang fruit mask machine official website, the address is 贵族宝贝 www.***.cn. The second is about Youyang fruit mask information classification, and Youyang mask machine of fruits and vegetables published in the news portal brand soft, know quiz, Youyang mask machine of fruits and vegetables and on the video site fragment, Youyang love Shanghai Encyclopedia of information are presented in the search results on top position. This information is all about the keyword "Youyang fruit mask machine" for search engine rankings of careful planning and layout, as an information window keywords "Youyang fruit mask machine" he displayed in the search engine, so we called the search engine marketing key word window. read more

  • After our website why pomegranate algorithm included instability


    site its stability is related to the ultimate development of the site, it can be said that the current more than 4 of the site to be search engine hair is pulled because the site from the unstable, and this instability is mainly summarized as: the domain name DNS is not stable, unstable, unstable, web site host program is not stable. Can be said that any of the four items in a position can influence the site in the search engine, so as a webmaster we choose the domain name registrar must choose the brand name, although a little expensive but it does have value; when DNS bind to the DP binding I suggest, the non general DNS can be compared; as for host and website of the program, the author thinks that can use appropriate quality point or charges, although in the early investment is to engage in some, but wins in practicality and reality, can help webmasters solve many difficulties. read more

  • Boy half a month to create a website home page title keywords all


    is the most important word "interface", is the main site keywords I do! You see, in addition to the promotion, my site is in the first row.

    then I every day in the update the content, can be said that my site is almost original, I find the information content in the love Shanghai news page and the same industry website, read the article, and then use their own words to re write it again. At the beginning of the day to update two articles. Then in the webmaster.

    two, update the content + Chain read more

  • Shanghai Longfeng refused to the title of the party in the art of seduction

    many people see this picture will feel that erotic like the article, and then carefully look down that is not what you imagine, perhaps you also had such a tricky family, to prove his or her evil thoughts and so on, these are actually funny in the title of the party.

    in the world of Internet is never a lack of information, there is never lack of novelty, so the Internet can create attractive, think of the title of the party should be one of them, why? Use a variety of creative title called "title party" is the Internet to attract users in order to reach the eye, a variety of purposes, for the pursuit of purpose, and tempting title seriously exaggerated words to write out the content and the title is often completely irrelevant or not, although these can attract users to click on the effective. read more

  • Six common mistakes in the process of website optimization

    , not Er Shanghai Longfeng day before prompted by a sudden impulse to do the work. Website >

    six, often do

    website optimization is a "Neiwaijianxiu" work, if the layout is the site of the shell, then the server is the car engine. When the server is slow, the user experience will fall. If your server is unfortunately "off" words, your site will naturally not get good rankings. The Shanghai dragon Er, need to open the web page on speed, the problems encountered in a timely manner and server provider communication solutions. read more

  • Pyramid of Shanghai Longfeng matrix and operating principle

    as above, the middle part is a small matrix.

    finally do some tutorial summary: Shanghai dragon need >

    first, we Pyramid each layer segmentation, cut into small squares, and divided into many small squares, to see how much you long tail words, such as:

    Shanghai recently got dragon circles — Shanghai Pyramid Longfeng miraculous matrix ranking technology, network bid 18000 yuan, today, to explain what is less clever is Shanghai dragon Pyramid matrix ranking technology, its operating principle is what. read more

  • The five main development direction of Shanghai Longfeng 2014 website

    5, visual 2, 1, the value of

    . As the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking martial arts concept, the website wants to get a good user experience and search rankings, "fast" is the key to success. To the search engine and users to smooth and convenient search and browsing experience, this is very important. So we can better optimize in the web server, design layout, to eliminate all influence the website open and browse speed of irrational factors.

    . Mobile Internet, represent the general trend is irreversible, the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon also need to conform to this trend, accelerate the construction of mobile website and concise design and well testing, construction of mobile network enterprises themselves, for the mobile platform selection and separation of domain name and so on, so that the site is more suitable for mobile search and browsing etc.. read more

  • Shanghai love again crackdown Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon ER ready

    we all know, the vast majority of people when browsing the web, are from left to right, from top to bottom view. Before the love of Shanghai is located on the right side of the search results page advertising, of course most people do not care, from the normal search results, or the natural search results is far away, the user’s line of sight is generally not noticed there, but love Shanghai now will be on the right side of a direct promotion to almost the middle position is say, when the former only left over extension position will divert part of the natural flow, now, originally and then diverted most of the flow in the right side of the promotion will be read more

  • Shanghai Longfeng work to update and update the ER Shanghai dragon is a fool

    station update is part of the daily work of every Shanghai dragon Er, so most of the work of Shanghai Longfeng dull as ditch water, Er has made a serious mistake: in order to update and update. Doing this long-term station update, both tired and without any income, because could not attract users, even if you are the high quality of the original, can get good rankings and flow.

    this site almost every day in the update of health knowledge, although each one is has a certain depth of the pseudo original, but such an approach to the role of the ranking is almost very little. After all the users come to this website is to register, the content of the website should focus on the registration and update, let users know more about how the site is registered, and not to see these unnecessary health knowledge. The content of the website is like a piece of clothing, content updates if inconsistent with the type of site, like an old man dressed young people wearing skirts, T T-shirt, will only make people Speechless and jokes. Shanghai dragon Er first conducted a comprehensive analysis on the website, the website may analysis user groups are, and then simulate the user behavior, according to the investigation and analysis of the same type of websites, to update the content in the station, just as babyliu said registration station, the station should be registered. Instead of writing some unnecessary health knowledge. read more

  • Some of the key exchange Links must pay attention to the

    exchange Links is Shanghai dragon in the optimization process is a common important part, so it is necessary to understand in detail about how to distinguish the quality of Links. Effectively improve the quality of the chain, so that we can optimize reach an efficient state. The new trend of NET for everyone from several aspects specifically about some key points need to pay attention to Links when switching.

    second, the other is timely snapshot. Put it on the second point, because this determines the active degree of the spider crawling. If the snapshot is updated every day, so that the other side of the web spider crawling is very active, so with such site exchange links, our website will also benefit from each other; if the snapshot site for more than 10 days is not updated, the us with such sites to exchange links, don’t expect how many spiders through his web crawling. So when the snapshot time should pay attention to exchange links to other websites. The next snapshot is best, if more than 7 days not updated snapshot, then we will consider whether to cooperate with each other. read more