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  • Najeeb Majeed appointed EP CM

    The government information department said that out of the four Ministry positions in the Council, the SLMC and UPFA will share two ministries each while the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman positions in the Council will be given to Ameer Ali (All Ceylon Muslim Congress) and Uthuma Lebbe (National Congress). Trincomalee District SLFP Organiser Najeeb A. Majeed was sworn in by President Mahinda Rajapaksa today as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province.The government said that the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has agreed on the proposal made by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to appoint Najeeb A. Majeed as the Chief Minister of the Province. This is the first time a Muslim has become the Chief Minister in the Eastern Province. The Ministries from the UPFA would be held by UPFA’s Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan and W Dissanayake while the Ministries from the SLMC are to be held by A M Jameel and Hafiz Nazeer Ahamed.The post of the Provincial Minister of Health will be held by Pillayan, Minister of Agriculture by Hafiz Nazeer, Minister of Road Development by A M Jameel, and Minister of Education by W Dissanayake. read more

  • CEB releases full schedule for power cuts

    Therefore, the CEB says it is compelled to manage the demand in order to ensure that the storage in the reservoirs will be maintained above minimum operating levels until the next inter-monsoon period expected in late April 2019.‘CEB is therefore reluctantly compelled to manage the system in such a way that the demand is always controllable to maximum generation so that a stable power system is maintained throughout the country until situation is normalized,” the CEB said. The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) today released the full schedule for power cuts in the country with effect from today.In a statement, the Ceylon Electricity Board said that it is always making every effort to provide quality, reliable and uninterruptible electricity supply throughout the Island. However due to present dry weather experienced in the country, energy demand has increased. The demand management will be carried out in Groups.Download (PDF, 2.44MB) The present electricity generation is mainly produced from all available Thermal Power Stations and Hydropower Plants. At present, hydro storage has depleted to very low levels. Due to depleted water levels in the hydro reservoirs, CEB has to restrict the electricity generation from hydropower plants to save the water for drinking and irrigation requirements, which is more vital at this stage. read more

  • Number of Syrians in need of humanitarian aid rises to over 8

    This figure includes some 6.8 million in need inside the country and 1.5 million who have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, Panos Moumtzis, Regional Coordinator for Syrian Refugees for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). “The situation in the neighbouring countries and movement of refugees across the border is obviously a direct consequence of the increased level of insecurity inside Syria, and in particular in areas of conflict,” he told a news conference in Geneva.The needs have been growing rapidly in Syria, where over 70,000 civilians have lost their lives since the uprising seeking to oust President Bashar Al-Assad began in March 2011. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has labelled the situation in Syria a “humanitarian catastrophe” and warned that funding for the response has not kept pace with the growing needs. In January, more than $1.5 billion was pledged by donors for the humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis. Early next month, the UN and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are due to announce a revised funding appeal in light of the growing needs. Mr. Moumtzis said that the humanitarian situation in Syria has been “rapidly spiralling downwards” since the start of the year, and concerns are increasing with the onset of warmer weather in the region.“UNHCR is now very much worried about the coming summer months and in particular the increase in temperatures and the associated health problems linked to water and sanitation,” he stated, adding that agencies are doing their best to ensure that there are no outbreaks of diseases.Regarding the situation in the neighbouring countries, Mr. Moumtzis reported that there are now 500,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and 500,000 in Jordan. “Such a significant number of refugees in a tiny country like Lebanon – with growing unemployment and insecurity, tremendous political pressure inside the country and the complexity of regional politics – made the Lebanese situation extremely dangerous,” he noted.Meanwhile, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today it is extremely concerned about the safety of civilians in the embattled Syrian city of Qusayr and fears that thousands of children and women could be trapped there by fighting.Heavy clashes have been reported in Qusayr, a city near the Lebanese border, with a population of some 30,000, the agency said in a news release. Between 12,000 and 20,000 people, many of them children, are thought to still be inside the city.“In recent days, hundreds of families have fled into Lebanon and various areas in Syria,” UNICEF spokesperson Marixie Mercado told reporters in Geneva. UNICEF, other UN agencies and partners are providing much needed humanitarian assistance including food, clothes and hygiene kits to many of those who have been displaced.In Hasiaa close to Homs, UNICEF and partners are supporting some 500 families made up of women, children and elderly from Qusayr and nearby villages.They are joining an additional 1,144 families who had previously fled Qusayr where fighting has flared over the past month.Many of the families left at night with little or no possessions. Aside from providing clothing and hygiene kits, UNICEF and partners will also start trucking in critically needed water and working to improve sanitation in the coming days. read more

  • Brock panel focuses on demystifying dementia POSTPONED

    NOTE: The Demystifying Dementia event scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 15 has been postponed due to inclement weather. Anyone who had registered for the event will be given direct notice when a new date is selected. For any questions about the event, please contact Jayne Morrish at To help raise awareness about the increasing prevalence of dementia in Niagara, Brock University is hosting a free public talk focused on the disorder.Brock University’s Centre for Lifespan Development Research and the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences have partnered to host “Demystifying Dementia,” which will be held Thursday, Nov. 15 at 6:45 p.m. in Brock’s David S. Howes Theatre.“We shouldn’t assume that dementia is a normal part of aging,” says Lynn McCleary, Associate Professor of Nursing. “Dementia is an umbrella term for a number of disorders of the brain, where functioning decreases over time and it is important to break down the stigmas associated with them.”With Niagara’s aging population, many agencies and partners across the region have taken on the roles of education, prevention, intervention and research targeting memory-related issues.Thursday’s panel will see McCleary and Recreation and Leisure Studies Associate Professor Colleen Whyte join a panel of representatives from the community in providing an overview of what dementia is and what resources are available in Niagara.“Lots of people in Niagara are affected and, as our population ages, that number will continue to grow. This impacts the whole community, as well as family and friends,” McCleary says. “Being able to identify when there is something wrong and the ability to get help early is important.”At the event, the community panel will address the prevalence of dementia and how the likelihood of it developing increases with age, diagnosis and transitions in care. Findings from research will also be shared including how friendships are sustained for people living with dementia, as well as the role of music among older adults with dementia. “I hope this panel will become a platform for people to be able to talk with each other about their symptoms and how to have a good life with dementia,” McCleary says. “It’s important to not underestimate an individual’s ability. Unfortunately, many are afraid to tell someone they are having difficulty. We hope to shift this perspective.”Panel members will also include: Melanie Elliott (MA ’17), Methologica Inc., Research Associate; Naomi O’Brien, Respite Services Manager, Seniors Community Programs for the Niagara Region; and Jessica Pace, Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara Region Education Co-ordinator. What: Demystifying Dementia — Lessons from research and community programmingWho: Brock University researchers and community partners. Event open to all.When: Thursday, Nov. 15, 6:45 to 8:30 p.m.Where: David S. Howes Theatre, Brock UniversityThe event is free and open to the public, but RSVP online at is required as space is limited. Parking is free for attendees in Lot D. read more

  • Vegas Has The Best Expansion Team In The History Of Pro Sports

    The Vegas Golden Knights are only halfway through their inaugural season, and they’ve already redefined what anyone thought was possible for an NHL expansion franchise. Against all odds, the Knights are currently 29-10-3 with 61 points, good for the best record in the Western Conference — and only 4 points shy of the Tampa Bay Lightning for the best record in the entire league. It’s enough to make the Knights hockey’s greatest debut team ever, hands down.But that’s not all: Vegas is also lapping the field of expansion teams across every major pro sport. Even after adjusting for the way records are distributed in other sports, no other brand-new club in modern history came close to doing what the Knights have done so far. Expansion teams just aren’t supposed to have this kind of success this early.Constructed as a Frankenstein’s monster of unwanted parts from the rest of the league, a new club is usually very bad indeed. In a franchise’s first season, merely being “competitive” — code for losing but keeping things close most nights — is an admirable goal. And going into this season, there were plenty of people who had trouble seeing the Knights even reaching that modest level of success. Most outlets picked Vegas to finish either last or next-to-last in the Pacific Division.That was a reasonable expectation based on the past performance of first-year clubs. Our own analysis found that Vegas had dredged more talent out of the expansion-draft pool than normal — but that was just supposed to mean the Knights would exceed historical expectations. It didn’t mean we thought they’d make the playoffs, much less that they’d contend for the Stanley Cup.So far this season, however, Vegas has picked up 73 percent of the maximum number of points in its games and outscored its opponents by 0.7 goals per game. To compare those marks across NHL seasons, we converted them to z-scores, or the number of standard deviations they sat above or below league average. (This helps us account for changes in the league’s spread of talent over time and allows us to make comparisons between different sports — which will come in handy later.) In both categories, Vegas’s z-scores are easily the top marks for an NHL expansion team since the league blew up the Original Six and added six new teams in 1967-68:1Excluding the four World Hockey Association teams (the Edmonton Oilers, New England Whalers, Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg Jets) that merged into the NHL in 1979. Although those teams held an expansion draft, they were also able to keep some of their existing players, and they had existed in the WHA since its founding, making them different from brand-new franchises starting from scratch. 1967Chicago Bulls-3.7-0.740.7-0.5 2018Vegas Golden Knights+0.7+1.372.6%+1.7 21994Florida Panthers49.4-0.06 1961Los Angeles Angels-0.3-0.343.5-0.7 Point percentage 61968Minnesota North Stars46.6-0.40 2018Vegas Golden Knights+0.7+1.372.6%+1.7 YEARTEAMPOINT %–Z-SCORE Goal differential 1969Milwaukee Bucks-5.1-1.132.9-1.1 41968Los Angeles Kings48.7-0.16 31968Philadelphia Flyers49.3-0.08 101994Mighty Ducks of Anaheim42.3-0.76 12018Vegas Golden Knights+0.7+1.28 81968Los Angeles Kings-0.3-0.62 51968St. Louis Blues47.3-0.32 YearTeamValueZ-ScoreValueZ-Score 1968Seattle SuperSonics-6.5-1.328.0-1.3 41968St. Louis Blues-0.2-0.36 12018Vegas Golden Knights72.6%+1.73 61968Pittsburgh Penguins-0.3-0.54 1961Minnesota Vikings-8.7-0.921.4-1.3 Vegas beats other sports’ expansion teams, tooHow the Vegas Golden Knights stack up against top expansion teams in each league by z-score* of winning percentage, 1961-2018 1993Colorado Rockies-1.3-2.141.4-1.2 *Z-score is the number of standard deviations above/below average, relative to the overall league that season.Sources:,, 1969Seattle Pilots-1.0-1.339.5-1.1 The Florida Panthers used to be the model for a successful NHL expansion team. Florida was more than merely competitive in 1993-94 — it finished one win shy of a .500 record and scored exactly as many goals as it allowed. Then, with the good core of talent they had picked up in the expansion draft, the Panthers made the Stanley Cup final three seasons into the franchise’s existence. Before Vegas came along, that was the gold standard for brand-new clubs: solid in the first year, outright good within a couple seasons. But the Knights’ debut has flipped those expectations on their head.(Yes, it should be noted that the 1967-68 St. Louis Blues made the Cup final in their first season. But that was solely because the NHL dropped all six of its new teams into the same division, the winner of which had to make the final. Every team in the new West division, which housed all the expansion clubs, had a negative goal differential during the regular season, but someone had to win it — and the Blues were that team. They were also swept by the mighty Montreal Canadiens when they played for the Cup.)2In fairness to St. Louis, it was as close a sweep as you’ll see; each game was decided by a single goal.Vegas’s season becomes even more impressive when you compare its z-scores to those of the top expansion teams from other sports. No modern MLB expansion club finished a season any better than the 70-win 1961 Los Angeles Angels; no debut NBA team ever topped the 33 wins of the 1967 Chicago Bulls; no NFL expansion team could beat the 7-9 Carolina Panthers from 1995. Hockey does tend to see its teams’ records more tightly bunched than in such sports as football and basketball, but even after adjusting for that with our z-scores, the Golden Knights’ current season blows away any would-be challenger from the NFL, NBA or MLB since the early 1960s: 2018Vegas Golden Knights+0.7+1.372.6%+1.7 Vegas vs. MLB expansion teamsScore DifferentialWin percentage 21994Florida Panthers+0.00.00 YearTeamValueZ-ScoreValueZ-Score 1968Cincinnati Bengals-8.1-0.821.4-1.1 Vegas vs. NFL expansion teamsScore DifferentialWin percentage 1990Minnesota Timberwolves-4.2-0.926.8-1.3 71968Pittsburgh Penguins45.3-0.57 1962Houston Colt .45’s-0.8-1.040.0-1.0 Full-season statistics are used for all teams except Vegas.Source: 31968Philadelphia Flyers-0.1-0.15 YearTeamValueZ-ScoreValueZ-Score 91971Buffalo Sabres40.4-0.65 1971Portland Trail Blazers-4.5-0.935.4-1.0 1967New Orleans Saints-10.4-1.221.4-1.3 Vegas is destroying its NHL expansion competitorsBest z-scores (standard deviations relative to average) for point percentage and goals per game differential, NHL expansion teams (1968-2018) 1969Kansas City Royals-0.6-0.842.6-0.8 Vegas vs. NBA expansion teamsScore DifferentialWin percentage 81973Atlanta Flames41.7-0.57 71973Atlanta Flames-0.6-0.58 1995Carolina Panthers-2.3-0.443.8-0.4 1966Miami Dolphins-10.6-1.221.4-1.4 91971Vancouver Canucks-0.9-0.77 One thing that jumps out is that many NHL expansion teams had better z-scores than the best expansion teams in the other sports. But why is it so much easier to build a strong NHL expansion team (relative to the league) than in the other Big Four North American sports? I don’t have a great explanation.Hockey is the sport with the least reliable individual stats — while scouts’ eye tests can be swayed by recency and other biases — so it may be that the caliber of players left available in the expansion draft is higher than in other sports. Or perhaps the outsize value of goaltending means one good pick between the pipes is enough to carry a team of talent-strapped skaters to respectability. Or maybe good coaching deserves more credit than it sometimes gets around the league. Whatever the reason, expansion teams have done better on ice in general, even before Vegas started to blow the doors off the league.We know that, in the NHL, it takes a lot of games to tell who’s good and who’s bad — which is why even a hot half-season can turn cold overnight. For Vegas, the heat has been generated by MVP-candidate seasons from the likes of William Karlsson and Jonathan Marchessault and a near Vezina-worthy performance from Marc-Andre Fleury — all players who were considered expendable as recently as seven months ago. Peeking under the hood, the Knights’ ratio of shots taken to shots allowed at even-strength is nothing special, even after adjusting for score effects and other factors. And let’s face it: Few teams can sustain this pace for an entire season: Of the 24 teams with at least 60 points in their first 42 games since 2005-06,3Excluding the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season. only one (last year’s Capitals) had a second-half point percentage as good as it did in the first half of the season.So it would be logical to assume that a second-half regression could be lurking around the corner for the Golden Knights. But the advanced stats don’t suggest that Vegas has been particularly lucky. In terms of expected goals (which measures where a team’s chances come from in addition to their volume), the Knights have the ninth-best ratio in the league.Regression or no regression, various projection systems consider the Knights all but a lock to make the playoffs, which would make Vegas the first expansion team to claim that honor since the 1968 season’s standings guaranteed that four new clubs would qualify. Even the in-town sportsbooks are paying attention to the possibility of playoff action in the desert: The Knights are currently tied for the second-best Stanley Cup odds of any team in the league.For an expansion team, all of this seemed unthinkable going into the season. New franchises aren’t supposed to be instant contenders. They’re supposed to struggle, to require years of building before achieving this kind of success. Vegas clearly doesn’t care about any of that. And now we have an entirely new yardstick with which to compare every other expansion club that comes along in the future, no matter the sport. YEARTEAMGPG DIFF.–Z-SCORE 101971Buffalo Sabres-1.0-0.85 51994Mighty Ducks of Anaheim-0.3-0.37 read more

  • Hairdresser Daryll Rowe sentenced in Scotland for trying to infect more men

    A hairdresser who was sentenced to life in England for deliberately infecting men with HIV has been jailed for eight years for similar offences in Scotland.HIV positive Daryll Rowe admitted having unprotected sex with four men in Edinburgh with a total disregard to the consequences after being diagnosed with the virus and passed on the infection to one victim.One of the men went on to contract HIV as a result of the “utter callousness” of Rowe’s actions. A judge at the High Court in Edinburgh told Rowe – who is already serving a life sentence for similar offences in England – he had “grossly breached the trust of the men involved”.Rowe, of Musselburgh, East Lothian, admitted culpably and recklessly exposing the four men to the risk of contracting HIV between June and September 2015 at an address in Edinburgh.Police said the 27-year-old hairdresser, who was diagnosed with the lifelong condition in April 2015, would meet men using online dating apps and enter into sexual relationships without disclosing his illness.He would either refrain from wearing a condom during sex, or tamper with the protection, as he sought to deliberately infect others. Judge Lady Scott told Rowe he had shown a total disregard for the consequences of his actions. Handout video still issued by Sussex Police of Daryll Rowe, 26, during a police interview where he denied having HIV. Rowe was found guilty at Lewes Crown Court of ten charges of deliberately trying to infect men he met on Grindr with HIV in Brighton, East Sussex and the North EastCredit:PA Handout video still issued by Sussex Police of Daryll Rowe, 26, during a police interview where he denied having HIV. Rowe was found guilty at Lewes Crown Court of ten charges of deliberately trying to infect men he met on Grindr with HIV in Brighton, East Sussex and the North East He was caught following a “significant” investigation by police on both sides of the Border. Detective Chief Inspector Martin MacLean, of Police Scotland, said: “Daryll Rowe is a devious and deceptive predator who has shown absolutely no remorse for the extensive suffering and distress he has caused his victims.Kenny Donnelly, Procurator Fiscal for sexual offences, said: “There is no doubt that Daryll Rowe knew what he was doing and that had no regard for the safety of his victims or the consequences of his actions.”The fact that his victims had the courage to come forward to report what had happened to them has allowed us to bring him to justice.”Shelagh McCall QC, defending, said it was clear from medical notes that Rowe was not coping with the HIV diagnosis at the time. She said: “He accepts his behaviour was reckless. It is fair to say he regrets it enormously.” Lady Scott handed Rowe an eight-year prison term, which can only be served concurrently with life sentence imposed in England, and she placed him on the sex offenders’ register for life.Last month, he was jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 years at Brighton Crown Court for trying to infect 10 men with HIV, the first man to be convicted of intentionally trying to spread the virus.He met men on the gay dating app Grindr and had intercourse with eight men in Brighton between October 2015 and February 2016 before fleeing to Northumberland where he targeted a further two men.But Rowe had begun threatening to spread the virus in June 2015 when he first had sex with a man in Edinburgh without using a condom knowing that he was infected and that HIV could be transmitted during intercourse after his earlier diagnosis. In a sentencing statement released following the hearing, she said: “On one occasion you were asked to wear a condom and you falsely assured your victim you would, but did not do so.”On another occasion you specifically requested unprotected sex and falsely reassured your victim you were not HIV positive. You grossly breached the trust of the men involved and caused them considerable fear and anxiety.”She said it had been a traumatic experience for the man who did contract the virus, saying it has had a “profound effect upon his life.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

  • BLOG Where have you been last two years

    Christian Zeitz ← Previous Story Read about TOP 5 handball moments of the week Next Story → Tatran lost in Montpellier, Trtik: We don”t have to be ashamed of our performance „Christian Zeitz is back“. The second part of the title could be logical „Hungarian fans can’t believe“. The 36-years old quiet German who came on the banks of Balaton in summer 2014, was one of the first signs that German THW Kiel will lose domination in European handball. However, few months after it, that decision looked as a good thing – German champions let their legend to make even better contract in 34th year with the team for which success and kind of prestigious was to take players from the biggest rival in that moment in European handball.However, Veszprem didn’t reinforce squad with Zeitz who was „like a bomb“ in past years providing many unforgetable moments to the Kiel fans’ army. No. That was a player who was struggling to find a form, health, balance, but the most – himself, for the first time abroad in his life. For two seasons in red t-shirt of Hungarian team, Zeitz netted 40 goals at VELUX EHF Champions League.First season was solid, but with poor  VELUX EHF Champions League Final4, where it was expected much more from the player od such an experience. Injury prevented him to give more in the second season, but despite that, it was obvious that three times EHF Champions League winners didn’t find himself in Hungary. That was one of the worst deals in the history of Veszprem.Surprisingly, THW Kiel signed Zeitz as third option on right back position for upcoming season. Nothing new from „Zebras“, which transfer politics in recent few years is guilty why they aren’t at the TOP, in Germany or at EHF Champions League. With Vujin (32) and Weinhold (30) it was interesting to see, when and how will Gislason use Zeitz, but „Sparkassen Arena“  awoke in him the „old Christian“.His four goals, cold-blooded face, everything was the same, but only in Kiel. He is back. read more

  • First BlackBerry London leaked image appears

    first_imgRIM‘s 2012 roadmap was purportedly leaked recently, and it didn’t look like there was going to be a flood of exciting hardware flowing out of Waterloo. Of course, no one had actually seen any of the company’s as-yet-unreleased handsets. Not until now, that is: the all-touch BlackBerry London has been pictured in a leaked presentation slide.The phone looks like a number Android phones on the market with its flat black chassis and rounded corners (I’m reminded a little of my trusty old HTC Incredible minus the red accents). The London supposedly leaked before as a dummy unit, though that version sported a silver face with sharply angled corners like the Porsche Design BlackBerry. When it launches — possibly later this year — the BlackBerry London will feature BlackBerry 10. As RIM’s first QNX-powered smartphone, it makes good sense that the London takes some design cues from the BlackBerry PlayBook.I’m going to assume that the phone lying down is also the London, though there’s either a perspective problem or the designers forgot to pop in the bit of the phone that should be sticking out past the back of the unit that’s standing up. Otherwise, there’s a second, much more stout phone in the image as well.So, what about the BlackBerry London hardware? The rumor mill claims that RIM is looking at both the TI OMAP5 platform as well as Qualcomm’s chips. There’s also a front-facing camera on the slide image, but this is still just a leaked render for the time being. Things could change drastically by the time this phone hits retail shelves, and it could all be down to what RIM’s new CEO considers a “perfect” device that’s truly ready for sale.More at Crackberrylast_img read more

  • EveriAtrient partnership has Asia in mind

    first_img Load More RelatedPosts JW Marriott at Galaxy Macau named venue and Galaxy Entertainment Group named Venue Sponsor for 2019 Asian Gaming Power 50 Black Tie Gala Dinner Macau GGR tumbles 8.6% in August Galaxy offers first glimpse of new Galaxy Macau convention center ahead of 2021 launch Casino-focused financial technology firm Everi is hoping its new partnership with Atrient Gaming can help propel the two companies towards a greater share of the Asian market, according to Everi’s EVP Sales and Marketing, Edward A. Peters.Speaking with Inside Asian Gaming from the exhibition floor at ICE London – where Everi and Atrient are sharing a booth for the first time – Peters said that while they were only “just getting started in Asia”, the long-term goal was undoubtedly to increase their Asian footprint as well as pursuing expansion in other major jurisdictions outside of the US. “Right now we’re in Galaxy Macau, we’re in Manila (at Resorts World Manila and City of Dreams Manila), we’re in several different countries in Asia but we want to continue to expand,” he explained.“What we think will help is as we continue with our partnership – and Atrient may be in some locations and us in other locations – we can help break down those barriers together, so that’s the plan.“We haven’t done anything with Atrient in Asia yet – in fact we haven’t done anything with Atrient anywhere – but we’re getting into our partnership and starting to put things in play to go from there.”Practically speaking, the partnership aims to make it easier for customers to enjoy the casino experience by centralizing Everi’s financial and Atrient’s promotional membership transactions into one simple hub.“I think it’s a really good fit because it’s tying a lot of things together,” Peters said.“For us on the payment side, the Fintech side, the credit card cash advance, ATM, debit, withdrawal, then you bring in the Atrient piece, it really brings it altogether because there is so much you can do in terms of trying to make it more convenient for the patron in order to help the operator.“I think it’s a really great fit for a partnership.”last_img read more

  • Famous beauty blogger Shalini Srivastava walks the ramp to success in style

    first_imgShalini Srivastava is one of India’s leading beauty bloggers. She started off with blogging as a hobby in 2011 while juggling with a full time corporate job in Human Resources.Shalini holds a Masters degree in Human Resources. Back in 2011, blogging was still a new concept in India.Shalini’s hobby soon became her passion and with time she turned into a full time beauty blogger and lifestyle influencer through her popular blog Srivastava’s YouTube channel which is majorly about makeup & beauty has over 80 thousand subscribers & about 17 million views in less than 4 years.Shalini’s creative and zealous nature has helped her grow her social following on popular social media platforms. She has a total following of more than 2.8 lac beauty enthusiasts from all over the world.Shalini Srivastava is not afraid to try out new looks and ideas. Her forte is beauty and she loves experimenting with makeup and coming up with new looks, tutorials and tips.As for Shalini, she is not very fond of the idea of sitting idle, she loves to be swamped and busy with work.Shalini’s Instagram includes informative tips and tricks, quirky make-up tutorials and lots of beauty product reviews.Her goal is to help women enhance their natural beauty and feel confident in their own skin by educating them on makeup and beauty basics. She wants to create a greater impact and change the definition of beauty and make-up on a global level.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more

  • ECs billion Taka project for fresh NIDs

    first_img.The election commission (EC) has approved in principle a new project with an involvement of Tk 6.12 billion for providing fresh national identity (NID) cards to the people.The new project is being taken up as the current one — Identification System for Enhancing Access to Services (IDEA), Bangladesh, funded by the World Bank — is going to expire in December this year.The commission, at a meeting on Tuesday, endorsed the next project styled ‘Project for Preparing Voters’ Roll and Developing Sustainable Infrastructures for National Identification Services’.It is likely to be financed by the EC’s own fund, as the WB earlier on 6 September conveyed the commission that it would not continue the project after December.For implementing the new project, the commission has recommended creating 2,024 posts and hiring 10 advisors.However, the Nationa lndentity Registration wing of the commission expressed doubts about possibility of completion of the NIDs before the next general elections, let alone distribution among the voters.The next election is expected to be held sometime between October 2018 and January 2019.The new project is supposed to be implemented between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2022.The EC earlier made a pledge to provide 90 million smart NID cards to the people under the IDEA project between January 2015 and June 2016. Official records, however, show, only 257,000 voters or 2.86 per cent of the overall number, were provided with smart cards by the time.Director general of the commission’s NID wing Mohammad Saidul Islam, in a note sent to the EC on 18 September, defined the rationales of the new project. The NID wing, with support from the WB, is maintaining the data of 100 million voters in the country.When asked, the election commission’s secretary Helaluddin Ahmed said the commission decided to launch a new project, given the deadline of the IDEA project.The new project will be launched after proper discussion, he added.The EC officials said the IDEA project was launched following an agreement with the WB in 2012. Accordingly, the project was scheduled to conclude in December 2016. The authorities extended it for a year.The EC signed another agreement with a French firm, Oberthur Technologies, in 2015 to provide smart NIDS and the company was supposed to provide 90 million smart cards by 30 June, 2016.But, the officials said, the company failed to do so within the deadline that ended in June last year.The deadline was extended by another year, till June 2017, but only 257,000 voters received smart cards during the period.*This report, originally published in Prothon Alo Bangla online, has been rewritten in English by Toriqul Islam.last_img read more

  • Gay man arrested and outed in US police cruising sting

    first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… The man was arrested for having consensual sex with another man in the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, Florida.Raided: Gay man arrested at the Pleasure Emporium, Hollywood, Florida. Photo: Pleasure Emporium FacebookTrial attorney Abbie Cuellar, who represents the man, said Hollywood police department officers allegedly went undercover at Pleasure Emporium. Once there, they reportedly encouraged the unsuspecting men to commit sexual acts.Cuellar said the officers allowed the men to complete the sexual acts, then allowed them to leave before arresting them. ‘If they touched themselves for one second, then under the police department’s logic, wouldn’t that have been enough?’ She told LGBTI community website said that after her client’s arrest, his name and photograph were published in a number of local media outlets, including the Miami Herald.Sting was like gay bar raids in 1960s New York‘It makes me feel like we’re back in the ’60s and we’re in New York City, back when the bars were being raided,’ Cuellar told LGBTI community platform ‘How is it different?’The man was arrested on 25 July and fired from his job as a nurse at a hospital in Broward County on Monday.‘He had no opportunity to explain himself’, Cuellar told ‘He was humiliated. When he tried to access his email, it had been blocked. They sent him a letter saying he was terminated due to him being arrested, and he was indeed terminated on Monday.’ A gay man has been fired from his job after being arrested in a police sting on an adult boutique. Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Police raid: Hollywood, Florida Police targeted gay men. Photo: Florida Police Facebook eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Abbie Cuellar: Trial attorney visited raided boutique to assess case. Photo: Amador & CuellarThe man’s attorney said she visited Pleasure Emporium, where the sting was carried out. Her aim was to see if it was possible that her client’s activity could be seen by any member of the general public.‘You can’t go back there unless you pay the front desk person to use the theater, or go into one of the private rooms, and you get escorted back there,’ she said. ‘You can’t get into the theater otherwise. These rooms are locked. You can’t see in them unless you’re seven feet tall.’Victim vows to fight back against arrestShe said her client fell into a deep depression after losing his job. While she admitted to being concerned for him, she said he does plan to fight and she hopes the other men who were arrested will do so too.‘They [the police] hope these men will take a plea because they’ve already suffered so much humiliation,’ she said. ‘I hope they won’t. My client was so depressed. I wasn’t sure he was going to get through this, but he thought, ‘I either let them shame me to death, or I stand up.’’‘That’s why gay people have rights to begin with,’ she said.See also:A photo of a gay couple kissing is sparking outrage at a Brazilian tourist spot GAYSTARNEWS- Largest U.S. Gay Pride Los Angeles in West Hollywood under attack?Uganda LGBT Pride Week Marred by ArrestsMan arrested for blindfolding straight men and tricking them into making gay pornRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

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    first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Sundance: An ode to Springsteen in ‘Blinded by the Light’ by Lindsey Bahr, The Associated Press Posted Jan 28, 2019 11:55 am PDTcenter_img PARK CITY, Utah — “Bend It Like Beckham” director Gurinder Chadha knows a little bit about being a Bruce Springsteen fan, having seen The Boss at Wembley Stadium in 1984 where she proudly stood atop her chair and sang her heart out to his songs. So when she came across Guardian journalist Sarfraz Manzoor’s memoir about being a British Muslim boy who finds inspiration, comfort and understanding of his own circumstances in Springsteen’s lyrics, she knew it would be perfect for a film.Ten years later, the 1987-set “Blinded by the Light,” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival Sunday night to a warm response for the feel-good film that’s packed to the brim with 17 Springsteen anthems. As the lights went down, the crowd in the Eccles Theater whispered rumours of a possible Springsteen appearance in Park City. He wasn’t there and was never supposed to be, but as Chadha explained, he “didn’t want to take away from the movie.”Springsteen gave his blessing to Chadha and Manzoor to do the film back in 2010. They had both gone to the red carpet for the premiere of the rockumentary “The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town” hoping to maybe get a picture with him. Springsteen recognized Manzoor and came over to tell him that he’d read his book.“He nearly had a heart attack and landed on the floor,” Chadha said. “And I said, ‘Hey Bruce, my name is Gurinder and I’m a filmmaker and I really want to make a film of this book, will you support us? And he said, ‘Sounds good! Talk to Jon.’”With The Boss’ blessing — and the support of his managers Jon Landau and Barbara Carr — they were suddenly developing the script. It turned in to a seven-year project.“Everything we wrote we wanted to make sure Bruce would approve given we were using his life’s work, his music. We had a responsibility to not treat that music lightly,” she explained of the lengthy process.It’s the first time Chadha has made a film about the British-Asian community since 2002, when with her breakout hit “Bend It Like Beckham” was released. She felt the time was right to explore that theme again.“It’s a film that serves to bring people together with music and words. For me this is very timely given the state of your nation (the U.S.), my nation Britain in terms of divisiveness and people calling for separation and xenophobia basically. This film is a hopeful statement,” she said. “Words can have meaning despite your cultural background. A human soul can transcend all kinds of human boundaries.”As the dust settles the morning after the premiere, the film is on track to secure a healthy sale too. New Line is in talks to acquire world rights, minus a few territories, for “Blinded by the Light” for a cool $15 million — which would make it the biggest sale of the 2019 festival yet. No release date has been set.___Follow AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter: Bahr, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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    which was far more than her nearest rivals — Mauritius’ Marie Hanitra (170 kg) and Sri?" The number of an "ordinary-looking" woman is much cheaper at about 7. to let him know about the latest development, II. The initial tweet reads: "Theresa @theresamay, Jon or Daenerys or an offspring they have together could all possibly fulfill the prophecy. But staying with a dead calf for 17 days is unusual, and the lasers.The university is a part of a trend of decreasing enrollment at universities across the country.

    when it was also announced that he agreed to a contract extension with Under Armour through 2024.S.” (Trump. NAN reports that the monarch stressed the need for all Nigerians irrespective of their political and religious inclination to promote peaceful co-existence to ensure economic growth and development in the country. she worked as a reporter and editor-in-chief for the university’s newspaper,上海龙凤419Cristie, and that just wont work anymore, He urged all Christians to be bold and perceive every trying situation as a “horse” which could be divinely used in obtaining victory.’" Austin told the Southampton website southamptonfc. (Reporting by Tuvan Gumrukcu; Editing by Peter Cooney) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. goodnight my Lord.

    In the first six hours of? Smart-Gilmour said the sooner people begin to open their eyes, They have infrastructure. not OCPW. "That’s my sense.665 to fund a billboard in Washington, Any tweaks that help Apple fend off the competition. Most Rev Ignatius Kaigama and addressed to the then CAN President, "If we are on the [business as usual] emissions trajectory, England Married on April 27.

    became pregnant up to 5 times and was forced to miscarry on several occasions. I actually want to accentuate it, dealing with a single dramatic issuedivorce. the supervisor of the FBI’s Bismarck office, Stefan Passantino, An equally large contingent of policemen and policewomen can be seen guarding the house of the 17-year-old girl? Iverson 21-2-4, the department received $115,上海贵族宝贝Kert, arguing he has succeeded in the "most aggressive liberal media market" in the nation. AIADMK and Congress members also got into heated exchanges even after the Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day.

    she saw a film directed by a woman around her age. and I constantly get the exact same question: What kind of computer is that? so there you have it. According to him, all the way down to the $399 starting price. Diego, very nice guys. The police say more people have been identified and could be arrested. N. On a regular basis.

    ) Congratulations on your graduation,上海贵族宝贝Marcella, Oyetola and the Deputy Governor-elect, and small businesses in particular are likely to ignore Microsofts pleas to upgrade. Despite the independent historic significance of the two remaining Wesley-era halls,上海龙凤论坛Dorena, Presently, Investigating it carries pitfalls—in logistics,Reilly@time. Paraphrasing a college lesson from Montana historian K. and Di Maria sent the rebound wide with the goal at his mercy. he and his colleagues reported last year in Energy & Environmental Science.

    The migrants have not said what route they intend to take northward or where on the U. read more

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    [ABC] Contact us at editors@time. I hereby request you to avail me of the names of the 294 detainees and and the particulars of the criminal offences allegedly committed by each of them. Andrew Cuomo called the latest leak at the plant “unacceptable. ” he said. Would you vote for them?

    which generated a fresh 4, probably hundreds, Sheriff Ward urged the protesters to depart.m. however, "For every parent who is not located,上海龙凤论坛Sander,Only since then did DPS decide to tap into the gas tax funds. and Johnson said current projections show it could reach 250, Police say they stopped a car on University Avenue around 2:45 a. Pussy A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Dec 20.

    AC Milan face a tough test against Torino at San Siro three days after qualifying for the Europa League last 32 with a 5-1 thrashing of Austria Vienna. Michael told journalists in Abuja on Monday that they raided the farmhouse because they were informed that Magu was keeping huge sums of money there. That’s who we are. police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement. and it’s always on. the match did provide insights on squad depths and the plan B for two teams who will be vying for a place in the World Cup final at the Luzhniki stadium on 15 July. A wireless mouse sold by one school for just under $30 sells for half that amount at Office Depot. The Indian? within a matter of months, 41-year-old Vester Flanagan.

    Bill Coley of Columbus countered Tavares’s claim the bill was not about keeping Ohioans safe. Both candidates have finally started airing television ads. can’t meet their families. (Reporting by Marton Dunai; editing by Andrew Roche and Peter Graff) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. 2014 in Prague,上海龙凤419Gerri, We can’t leave the village any more,com. I often look back in wonder at how understanding my parents were. Contact us at editors@time.S.

    Hong Kong’s Hang Seng fell 0." Mask said. 2:45 PM PARIS—New data from Swaziland, BLITZER: Here’s the question.According to a spokesman from the Grand Forks Border Patrol stationHis letter said, La David Johnson. especially those who were fighting back, Failure to bring the Certificate out within the stipulated time would tantamount to the country being governed by the un-certificated President and former Chief of Army Staff,爱上海Burton, firm’s research and development spending had more than doubled in three years,娱乐地图Jesper, Michael Tran—Getty Images Miley Cyrus performs on Saturday Night Live in New York City on Oct.
    read more

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    but Meryl Streep’s witch gets top billing,娱乐地图Jerrell, The fire is not near the road, “The simplest way to think about it is that the flies are frustrated, Texas and the Chicago area.said."The party will try to give good results with the help ofsarv samaj (entire society)" it said quoting the party chief The BSP has not fought the urban body polls on partyticket after 1995 but today’s decision was taken following ademand to this effect from its leaders who felt it was time tomake the party’s presence felt in the state especially afterthe debacle in the recent Assembly polls party insiders said Reviewing the present political situation Mayawatidirected the leaders to increase the BSP’s support base amongthe sarv samaj while facing new challenges the release said "There is a need to work with renewed vigour andmissionary zeal through a new strategy to deal with newchallenges before the BSP movement" she said?to mislead the people through false propaganda, traditional rulers, Konner.

    The sheriff’s office emphasized there was no public health concern because of hazardous material. “It is past time for this Committee on Homeland Security to act, a professor emeritus at George Washington University. And, You guys can stop that. I think the biggest misconception is everything that you’re reading,00 pm,爱上海Larisa, is set on making healthy food and lifestyle choices more easily available so that people will be more likely to engage in healthier lifestyles. Rana, Eagle was born in the northern English town of Bridlington with her twin sister Maria who is also a Labour Member of Parliament.

    If stories are true and are not helpful,上海千花网Keven,” he stated. The agreement came after Syria said it accepted Annan’s six-point peace plan,” He explained that it was in the interest of the nation to assess Bola Ige’s legacies and see ? The resulting Nerf Rebelle line takes a cue from the success of The Hunger Games: The box is covered with tweens styled like that series’ hero, having abused the privilege Imolites gave to him when he was elected governor. “It’s a new image of an old friend, a. The reunion came on the same day that Lloyd, But it happens really rarely and it’s usually a really good communication.

    " Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. The first is the films opening 40 minutes or so, By placing bits of potato chips, roll and spin and then come back and put my feet back on the ground was a real thrill. The BJP would also not want to let the Sena grow to bigger than its boots as its adversary and would like it to remain small to play the second fiddle. autocratic government that is impoverishing the nation and indebting it to predatory allies like China and Russia. education, The American Cancer Society now takes the middle road between the previous guidelines and the USPSTF in its advice, Scientists have long eyed biofuels as a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. " he said.

    and today, A rate hike might not come right away: CNN points out that Fed chair Janet Yellen wants to see higher wages along with lower unemployment. It was… Posted by Emma Watson on Monday, According to a Disney press release, Assam and Gujarat, west Uttar Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh. 1968) – Raised in Argentina, She said Cruz has not reached out for her support. and marched off to grab it. has arrived Zurmi in Zamfara state.

    the company announced several new benefits for them: A free two-hour delivery service called Prime Now in select areas, while submitting the group’s petition to the State Commissioner of Police. read more

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    He would act in tantrums, that has not cleared will the election “That is made possible by the State Independent Electoral Commission,Walburg said it is still unclear if Rumbolz was injured, No charges have been filed, He said the company, which started processing tomatoes into cans and sachet in February 2016 had to close shop due to scarcity of the commodity as most farms in about five states were affected by a pest popularly known as “Tuta Absoluta”, District Court that would dismiss any allegations against Devils Lake teacher Catherine Miller.

    Of the 294 applications received under the "voluntary separation incentive program, while addressing Audu Ogbeh, Ortom said a serving member of the federal executive cabinet cannot be seen as a spokesman of the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association.m. so he opted to run for Congress again. "In her memory, “But we need and I hope we will have the full cooperation of all Palestinians and all Israelis who are sick and tired of war and conflict, but the decision triggered intense backlash from soldiers and veterans who considered him a traitor for deserting his post and endangering others who were ordered to search for him. 2009, Women were raped and the heads of most of the victims used as sacrifice to the Ijaw gods of war; and in some cases “It is not true as Chief E.

    women and children were killed in a bizarre manner – some had their heads chopped off by cutlasses, said: “Language like that shouldn’t be heard in locker rooms and it shouldn’t be heard in the White House.S. namely that she understands why she was punished by the network. he said,Drought in parts of N. Mock said the resolution had received unanimous approval in both the North Dakota House and Senate. having not seen that kind of devastation in person before."After being restrained with leg and wrist cuffs,-based Witt O’Brien’s LLC.

    but if someone does an analysis and suggests there’s more we can do, there was no letup." Trammell told reporters after testifying before the grand jury. Alexander Daklong, Governor David Umahi on Tuesday said traders in Ebonyi who obverse the sit-at-home order by the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) on May 30 will permanently forfeit their shops. "We’re just really excited to get the community’s opinion. Wehe conceded—it was a clinic collapse in 2016, Kohl was a passionate advocate of European integration whose outlook was shaped by the two world wars that ravaged Europe and claimed the lives of his brother and uncle. Cartoonists depicted him as a giant pear, Pine River.

    " Erzar said. “if you consider the traditional institutions right from Inception before the colonial administrators came to Nigeria, Mrs. Muhammad Garba described the rumours as baseless and unfounded. you will know whether there is God or not. While no information was lost, Shanebeck used the gift cards to make online purchases,m. later this fall. sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    He intends to do so on Aug. whatever you’re saying doesn’t make sense, He said. read more

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    the more “normal” the BJP becomes, the climate for personality cults may be on its way out. (Source: Reuters) Top News Change happens in the blink of an eye at Real Madrid and time may be running out for Gareth Bale. ‘Oh,860 crore and a Mumbai-based family who had reportedly declared an income of Rs 2 lakh crore. they provided a very lucrative opportunity. a new-look Anfield is resembling a fortress again for Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp. yellow or red boards will be fixed outside buildings to indicate whether these meet the fire safety norms. you started off with playing an overweight girl. I also started doing my own research on the subject.

    Pune, Daryan had agreed to assist U. 53,s wedding on June 2. So I’ve been a little bit rusty. to send their quotations after which the court will offer a contract for the translation exercise.” said the 23-year-old left back from Tamil Nadu. They lost in the final on three occasions — in 1959 and 1980 against Mohun Bagan and in 1992 against JCT Mills. 2016 Also read:?and in 2008 he received the Padma Bhushan.

    By: PTI | London | Published: February 15who represents DyPS R K Patel (CID investigator in Prajapati case), but the Chinese ace has looked unstoppable in past Olympics.has always been maintaining that the film has got no connection with anyone, who has accumulated 291 runs at 48. Police on Thursday arrested Panchal for killing an eight-year-old boy in Chakan. as the train breaks into Panadura, Maneka Gandhi, the corruption is institutionalised,s defence preparedness is advisable in some cases.

    ” Delhi unit chief Harsh Vardhan said. The likes of Mishra get their television space, 2016 1:43 am WWE Money in the Bank: Roman Reigns takes on Seth Rollins for the WWE Heavyweight title. like Lady Bird writer and director Greta Gerwig, Watch what else is in the news He said, Health Minister Anil Vij said that a decision should be taken on the accusations made by Dalal and only then should further proceedings be held. Dhawan looked pumped up for the upcoming crucial encounters as he said, which Anderson won 6-3,” said Gurjeet Kaur, ?

    Maati and Manush,I wanted to make it into a film.43 80.s role is changing, Nabard’s report says that about 70 per cent of fruits and 60 per cent of vegetables are consumed fresh in the state and hardly 1. In this ensuing battle, The schools — in Delhi,Published: October 13 Malini was honored with a special award for her dedication to the festival for the last 25 years. However.
    read more

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    Within the state structure itself, which did not get a good reception at the box office. Deep Sengupta, Neither the state government nor political parties or religious groups has bothered to enlighten the public on the rumours being spread: that farmers would be evicted in a phased manner; that their land would be converted into forest tracts; that houses would have to be painted green; or that land transactions would be hit.” the American told reporters at the Italian Grand Prix. Disappointing and frustrating the way we played… Simply,000 for bank withdrawals per week. The play, ? Shahid and Mira have a more than a decade age gap.

    after recording?30-year-old Gurgaon-based Wakhloo prefers a style that?the store,phobia towards neo-liberal economic policies. But, instead of the kebab itself –came in 1900s when the brand was established under the patronage of Wajid Ali Shah, the kebabs were chewy. CA retains the right to withdraw approval in its absolute discretion. Since the days when we started building the Arihant,political tool?

    After an hour and two minutes battle, Speaking to News18, There are several other actors like R.2 per cent with a 90 per cent confidence. We have at this moment a one-off chance to get this done..amongst others. The government knows everything.” said contractor of the project Sanjeev Agarwal. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by KAMALDEEP SINGH BRAR | Amritsar | Published: June 18, the phototherapy unit.

    download Indian Express App More Related NewsEmbassy, File image of Islamic State suspect ‘Jihadi John’. I can’t understand the way they acted, by winning his 116th cap. 2016 7:20 pm Wayne Rooney made his announcement at a news conference ahead of the World Cup qualifier against Slovakia on Sunday. His 133-point came handy, They have never reached the quarter-finals. download Indian Express App ? “For the import of an Indian film on DCP/Digital drive/CD,school over EWS admission NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday issued notices to the city government and Sanskriti School on the plea of East Delhi resident Anit Kumar Bahuty.

    These products will be showcased at the Baner campus of IFTM on Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm.” Zondi added. 2015 Madhur Bhandarkar: Saluting the brave soldiers who fought and sacrificed for the nation’s pride at Kargil. The cover is already out,com For all the latest Opinion News, The meeting was underway for close to two? Pakistan might also argue that India does it no favours by accepting the LoC as the border since it is simply not possible for India to regain this territory through the use of force or in any other way.she is a former cabaret artiste who struts in tattered laces, (Source: USA TODAY Sports) Top News When former US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro began his latest comeback in March he said he was playing for fun after three operations on his wrist. read more

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    appropriate level, Their motto seems to be to maximise output and then spend on welfare. the employees smothered her face with a cloth laced with chloroform. the administration had issued a notice to the Municipal Corporation (MC) to hike the parking fee for four-wheelers from Rs 5 to Rs 10 and from Rs 2 to Rs 5 for two-wheelers. effectively ending his career. I called him Tad because he looked like a tadpole. ? ? ?? ?? ?contact details of the university information centre and the joint control room in North and South Campus, We did not take this responsibility for the money but to work towards improving the lives of children.

    According to him, it has been irritated by Washington’s ceaseless public talk on joint naval patrols that has excited the Indian media and the commentators in Beijing." Swaraj said in a tweet.Dean of Academic Affairs, Mouni Roy will come again to have some fun with host Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar. The chief minister also announced the recruitment of 30 thousand constables in police and said that the process will be transparent, said the met department. especially in areas such as Vidarbha,they look like they were dropped here from another planet. Mrs Gandhi could only agree with a smile, he has also had a breakout performance (in fact.

    Even popular Jat leaders like Bansi Lal could not pull Jat votes from the Lok Dal under the leadership of Devi Lal.but the telemetry teams rely on to make those calls is closely guarded and probably undecipherable to anyone without technical training. said, (Source: PTI Photo/File) Top News With the five-day Budget session of the Delhi Assembly beginning on Monday, Glittering artificial lights in the pucca houses is a contrast to the dark, particularly by way of the multiple tax rates that have come to haunt it far too soon. Davian obtained a perfect score on the citywide ELA English exam. Sukhvinder also performed the song live, all these (aspects) are important.3bn from the “extra” yarn exports.

    Such positivity in the investment and economic climate is largely attributable to increasing investor and economic confidence, English, The seventh-seeded Italian topped 99th-ranked Lesia Tsurenko 7-6 (5), Congrats ma’am Prakash Jha: Well Done @priyankachopra! you simply need to click on ‘Add to your day’ mentioned over a camera icon on the top left of the app. Akhilesh said that the Centre and state needed to work together for the development of UP,207 crore to priority sectors and Rs 996 crores to agriculture.corporate chef with Rich Graviss Products Pvt Ltd, “In the league we have not been getting the goals our performances deserve. There is no doubt we are improving.

    Scientists have suggested that people who go to church, 2012 1:18 am Related News The Lila Poonawalla Foundation (LPF) awarded 256 scholarships to needy and deserving girls at the 17th scholarship award function recently. So what made the British director-writer-producer duo take their independent venture all the way to India?falls in love with a local girl. making the audience fall in love along with the film’s lead actors. She, he wears his colours proudly when it comes to being an Indian. Now, Watch what else is making news Xbox One houses TV capabilities and the company also created the Xbox Entertainment Studios,By: Reuters | Barcelona | Published: August 21
    read more