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  • ‘You just don’t think,’ state trooper says after rescuing unconscious man from burning car

    first_imgNew Jersey State Police(NEW YORK) — New Jersey State Troopers dragged an unconscious man from a car on the side of a highway moments before it was consumed by fire.In video released by the New Jersey State Police on Thursday, State Troopers Thomas O’Connor and Christopher Warwick can be seen yelling at the man to get out of his Ford Fusion before realizing he was unconscious on State Highway 42 in Camden County, New Jersey, just east of Philadelphia.Police responded to the call at around 11:23 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4.When they arrived on the scene, they found the unconscious man pressing on the gas pedal of the car and smoke coming out of the front wheel well, State Police said in a statement on their Facebook page.“Moments after their arrival, the front end of the vehicle became engulfed in flames,” the statement said.O’Connor told ABC News that he and his colleagues had been trained for these kinds of situations. He said that in that moment, they did not have time to think about anything else but saving the man’s life.“You just don’t think,” he said. “You just go in and you’re focused on trying to save somebody’s life.”Although the man was trapped in the car, O’Connor said that he and Warwick were eventually able to get his legs loose from underneath the steering wheel and pull him out of the driver’s side window.Even though the ordeal only lasted a few minutes, O’Connor said it felt like much longer.“I guess at that current moment, it feels like you’ve been there for an hour. But in reality, it’s pretty quick,” he said.The troopers dragged the man to safety where he regained consciousness, according to the statement. He did not suffer any injuries.The two troopers happened to be in the area when the call about the burning car came in, they said.Warwick said that there was a sense of pride in helping the man, but that fellow troopers would have done the same thing.The video speaks for itself, Warwick said, adding, “I think it was a quick reaction. Fortunately, it had a positive outcome.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

  • Oakland news crew robbed, security guard shot while covering teachers’ strike

    first_imgboonyoo/iStock(OAKLAND, Calif.) — A television news crew was robbed at gunpoint and their armed security guard was shot on Sunday as they covered a teachers’ strike in Oakland, California, police said.The Bay Area news crew, from local CBS station KPIX 5, told responding officers just before 5 p.m. local time that a vehicle pulled up and two individuals got out, demanding their camera and equipment. Gunfire was exchanged between the security guard and one of the suspects. The suspects got back in their car and fled the scene with the crew’s equipment, according to the Oakland Police Department. The security guard was taken to a local hospital in stable condition, police said. Later that evening, officers briefly pursued the suspect vehicle in a high-speed chase and detained its driver after the car crashed. Several other individuals have been detained in connection with the armed robbery and shooting, and some of the stolen equipment has been recovered, police said. Officers are also investigating a man who walked into a local hospital with gunshot wounds on Sunday evening shortly after the robbery and shooting to determine if the incident is connected, police said. The investigation is ongoing. The news station, KPIX 5, said its reporter Joe Vazquez and photographer John Anglin were conducting interviews outside a public library for the ongoing teachers’ strike when they were approached by the armed suspects. “John quickly backed away from the camera and tripod and took cover inside the live truck, warning me to stay down,” Vazquez wrote in a Facebook post Sunday night. “Gunshots rang out. Then more gunshots. Our guard believes he may have wounded the robber, but we are still working to confirm that. They got away with our camera and tripod. John and I are shaken up, but are otherwise fine.” “The security guard is going to be OK,” Vazquez later added to his Facebook post. “Talked to him tonight, and he is in good spirits surrounded by family and friends. I thanked him profusely for protecting us.” Thousands of public school teachers in Oakland went on strike Thursday after two years of negotiations failed to secure them a new contract that would provide better wages, more resources and smaller class sizes. The teachers’ strike — the first in Oakland in 23 years — is poised to enter its third day Monday. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

  • University student dies after plunging 100 feet off cliff in Ozark National Forest

    first_imgBriar Cliff University(SIOUX CITY, Iowa) — A 20-year-old university student was killed after falling off a cliff in the Ozark National Forest, officials said.Andrea Norton, a junior at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa, was visiting the Arkansas forest Saturday as part of a class activity, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. The group was walking near a cliff called Hawksbill Crag when Norton, attempting to move from one area of the Crag to another, lost her footing and fell approximately 100 feet, according to authorities.She did not survive the fall.Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler said police were called at about 9:33 a.m. and worked to recover her body.Wheeler said the area is known to be dangerous and “one stumble or misstep is all it can take to turn a great day into a tragic one.”“This is the second callout to the area this year that involved a serious fall, and the season is just beginning,” Wheeler said.In a Facebook post Saturday night, the university called Norton “a passionate environmental science major, exemplary student and dedicated athlete. She lived BCU’s values in everything she did from the classroom to the court and everywhere she went.”Norton, who was from Hot Springs, South Dakota, was on the university’s volleyball team, which took to Twitter to express their condolences for their lost teammate.Wheeler said he’s in contact with Norton’s family.“I told them there are a lot of people in Arkansas praying for them,” he said. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

  • Black patient hooked to IV arrested after going on a walk outside of hospital

    first_imgiStock(NEW YORK) — An African American man recovering from pneumonia says he was arrested after a white security guard and police officers racially profiled him when he went for a walk on his doctor’s orders outside a northern Illinois hospital while attached to an IV machine and wearing a hospital gown.Shaquille Dukes, 24, said that what at first appeared to be a misunderstanding escalated into an unnecessary confrontation with police and prompted his arrest and the arrests two men with him.“As they began to take me to the car, I told them … I never left the hospital property. And that’s when he [a police officer] turned and said, ‘Well you’re off hospital property now,’” Dukes told ABC News.The incident unfolded just before 5 p.m. on June 9 outside Freeport Health Network Memorial Hospital, and was caught on cellphone video that went viral after Dukes posted it on his Facebook page.Freeport Police officials released police body camera footage of the episode, which the city’s police chief said shows his officers “handled it in the best way they could … given the situation that they had in front of them.”In a police report of the incident, the hospital security guard told officers that after he questioned Dukes about why he was leaving the hospital attached to an IV, Dukes and the two men with him “got in my face” and began cursing at him. The security guard told police he felt “extremely threatened,” according to the report.Dukes said that the only time he left the hospital property was when the security guard called him over to his vehicle parked in the street outside the hospital.He said that after attempting to explain that his doctor was aware he had gone outside for a walk — after spending several days at the hospital — the security guard responded, “Well I don’t care what they told you. As far as I’m concerned, this is hospital equipment and you’re attempting to steal it.”In the cellphone video Dukes posted online, the security guard is heard telling police officers, “He’s stealing hospital property, basically, by leaving. I don’t care if he was coming back, that’s stealing.”Dukes and his two companions, Marqwandrick Morrison and Credale Miles, were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.“Our investigation revealed that at no time did any doctor or nurse give that patient or any patient permission to leave the hospital while still hooked to an IV machine,” Freeport police officials said in a statement to ABC News.Dukes said he has filed a complaint with the city.“It was determined that he was likely not trying to steal any of the property. But the charges were supported for disorderly conduct with their actions toward the security guard,” Freeport Police Chief Todd Barkalow told ABC News.FHN Memorial Hospital told ABC News that patient privacy laws prevented them from commenting on what they said was now a police matter.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

  • Feathers as a tool to assess mercury contamination in gentoo penguins: Variations at the individual level

    first_imgFeathers have been widely used to assess mercury contamination in birds as they reflect metal concentrations accumulated between successive moult periods: they are also easy to sample and have minimum impact on the study birds. Moult is considered the major pathway for mercury excretion in seabirds. Penguins are widely believed to undergo a complete, annual moult during which they do not feed. As penguins lose all their feathers, they are expected to have a low individual-variability in feather mercury concentration as all feathers are formed simultaneously from the same somatic reserves. This assumption is central to penguin studies that use feathers to examine the annual or among-individual variation in mercury concentrations in penguins. To test this assumption, we measured the mercury concentrations in 3–5 body feathers of 52 gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) breeding at Bird Island, South Georgia (54°S 38°W). Twenty-five percent of the penguins studied showed substantial within-individual variation in the amount of mercury in their feathers (Coefficient of Variation: 34.7–96.7%). This variation may be caused by differences in moult patterns among individuals within the population leading to different interpretations in the overall population. Further investigation is now needed to fully understand individual variation in penguins’ moult.last_img read more

  • NFL players help pay bail for immigration activist jailed by ICE after reciting poem against family separations

    first_imgAugust 15, 2019 /Sports News – National NFL players help pay bail for immigration activist jailed by ICE after reciting poem against family separations Beau Lund Written bycenter_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailChiccoDodiFC/iStock(LOS ANGELES) — An undocumented immigration activist was freed from an ICE detention center in Southern California nearly three months after he was first detained, thanks to the help of some NFL players and multiple organizations, his lawyers said.Jose Bello, 22, was released from the Mesa Verde ICE Detention Center in Bakersfield on Monday, according to a press release from the ACLU of Southern California. He was arrested by ICE in May after he presented a poem he wrote criticizing family separations and the Trump administration at a public forum on immigration issues.  His $50,000 bond was paid for by Josh Norman, a cornerback for the Washington Redskins, and Demario Davis, a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints.“For 87 days we kept a man from his freedom & family for reciting a poem,” Davis tweeted on Tuesday. “Yesterday he was able to post bail. This dehumanizing, psychological torture needs to stop. And we can stop it.”Norman called Bello’s story “unfortunately … not unique.”“ICE is using detention and deportation as weapons to silence immigrant activists and I’ve seen this 1st hand through our work at the border with my brother,” Norman tweeted, referring to his and Davis’ work together.Davis and Norman are members of the Players Coalition, a group of professional athletes working to improve social justice and racial equality. The New York Immigrant Freedom Fund and the National Bail Fund Network also contributed to paying Bello’s bail.A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could not immediately be reached for comment.Bello’s arrest came about two days after he recited a poem at a Kern County public forum on the impact of California’s sanctuary laws, The poem, which was subsequently posted to YouTube by the ACLU, accused those in power of causing fear through separation.“We don’t want your jobs. We don’t your money. We’re here to work, pay taxes and study,” Bello said in his poem on May 14.“It’s time to begin standing up for what’s right,” he continued. “Criminalizing children, separating families. ‘Our national security.’ Does that make it alright? No it doesn’t and it won’t.” The poem was called “Dear America.”He was unable to pay his own bail because his job as a farm worker only brings in about $20,000 a year, the ACLU said.Bello said he saw his “whole future go out the window” while he was in ICE custody, he told Bakersfield ABC affiliate KERO-TV.The American Civil Liberties Union Foundations of Southern California and Northern California filed a federal lawsuit on Bello’s behalf, charging that ICE violated his free speech rights.Norman said that Bello was exercising his first amendment right to free speech by reciting the poem.“If he was detained for reciting a peaceful poem then we should really ask ourselves, are our words truly free? This is America right? Where the 1st Amendment is freedom of speech unless I missed the memo somewhere,” Normal said in a statement.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

  • Slice of life

    first_imgPie company Peter Hunt’s has recently made a multi-million-pound investment in its bakery at Kearsley, near Bolton, while rolling out a novel range of lattice-toped slices, which it believes are the first of their kind to be manufactured in the UK for national distribution.In terms of trying new ranges at Peter Hunt’s, managing director, Grant Inkpin, says: “You’d be amazed what things you can stick between two bits of pastry that actually work.” For instance, he describes its Thai green curry slice as “sex on legs”.The total investment made at Peter Hunt’s bakery at Kearsley, this year, will reach £3.5m, which includes the installation of Peter Hunt’s second Rademaker pie line, a computerised manufacturing plant making puff pastry slices, sausage rolls and pasties. “Our new Rademaker has made it possible to manufacture a new range of lattice-topped slices,” says David Love, production director at Peter Hunt’s. “These are intended to be a more ’feminine’ alternative to our existing slices, aimed at the ’hot-to-go market’.” The new range includes Mediterranean vegetable, spinach & feta, cheese & onion, and tuna & sweetcorn. There is also a sweet range, including blueberry, spiced plum and mincemeat.”Our new investment means we are looking to increase production from 160,000 dozen units a week to a capacity of 400,000 dozen. The recent investment will offer our customers better choices and improve our competitive advantage,” adds Love.== jumbo in size ==Inkpin shouts excitedly: “Remember, you saw it here first!” He is not referring to Hunt’s innovative lattice-topped slices, but to its first successful ’cut-off’ sausage rolls, which are jumbo in size, but designed so that consumers can snap off whatever size they want. “We’re all very excited about this, it’s the first time they’ve worked,” Inkpin adds.Remembering consumer feedback, he says when asked about health concerns, one man replied: “You can’t eat salad on the hoof.” Another great comment, says Inkpin, came from a man in Rochdale – when the company was trying to find out if people are price-sensitive to sausage rolls – who said: “We’re men, we don’t give a damn how much we pay.”Among the increasing product range, are Shortcrust Pastry Tarts, which can be cooked in the microwave in three minutes. These come in pancetta and Gruyère cheese; a medley of mushrooms and garlic finished with crème fraiche; and chargrilled vegetables in a tomato and mascarpone cheese sauce.”The ranges appeal to today’s customers,” says Inkpin, “who have less time on their hands and often want to eat on-the-go. Not only this, people eat with their eyes first, so our aim is to give people attractive products with quality fillings ranging from the best-selling steak slice, to vegetable tikka.”Ever wondered what’s in a chicken tikka slice? Peter Hunt’s tikka slices are made from sweet potato, parsnips and onions in an authentic creamy tikka sauce finished with a hint of coriander and wrapped in a flaky puff pastry. “We’re also thinking of seasonal products,” adds Inkpin. “Now we have more flexibility with having two Rademakers. We have a whole bank of flavours we’re thinking of developing, like minced meat and spiced apple for the winter season.”This is the second time in the space of six years, that Peter Hunt’s has made a multi-million-pound investment at its bakery at Kearsley and claims turnover is set to grow by a further 15% this year. Gerald Forbes, sales director, says: “Growth has come through the major retailers, where an expanding range of products sell from the freezer and hot over the counter. In the foodservice sector, the ’food to go’ market continues to grow.”Turnover now exceeds £25m, from more than 100 million individual products.== huge opportunities ==Forbes says: “It works quite well because, if a customer is too small for us, then they can go through wholesalers Bako and BFP. Delice de France and Cuisine de France are our biggest foodservice customers. We’ve used them as the wheels to get into the ’food to go’ market, supplying products into the likes of the Co-op, Somerfield, Wild Bean Café and Spar. Our new products certainly fit into their range. With regards to the multiples, we’re not in bed with one, as such; we’re spread over a reasonable selection. The budget we have set for 2006/2007 is £27.3m.”Forbes says that Peter Hunt’s target customers include Tesco Express and Metro, Sainsbury’s Food To Go, Country Choice – Bake & Bite, Farmfoods, Heron and Fulton. “We haven’t started talking in any great detail to Tesco Express and the Metro as yet, but there are huge opportunities here to develop our hand-held products with them. We’re pretty confident that, within a year, we’ll be in Sainsbury’s too. With Farmfoods, Heron and Fulton, we can offer them own-label food products or we can offer our brand.”—-=== Peter Hunt’s history ===Late 1960s: Warburtons acquires shops and Peter Hunt’s, and traditional van sales operation supplying fish and chip shops in north-westEarly 1970s: Pickwick Pies acquired and merged into Peter Hunt’s70s to early 90s: Savoury production transferred from Retail shops to Peter Hunt’s Bakery at Farnworth, and Warburtons Frozen Foods (WFF) established to sell frozen savouries1992: Peter Hunt’s and WFF combined to form Peter Hunt’s Bakery Foods1994: Move to new 90,000 sq ft Food Factory at Lyon Road, Kearsley1996: Warburtons demerger – to create Lyndale Foods, Peter Hunt’s Bakery Foods, Warburtons Retail Shops and Bakeries – Sayers, Hampsons, Spinks, Burtons1998: Peter Hunt’s van sales operation sold to Peter’s Savoury Products1999: £5m investment to pastry mixing, fluid shortening, slice/sausage roll puff pastry line and additional pie capacity2006: £25m turnover, 70% sales external—-=== The Lyndale Group ===Peter Hunt’s was one of the founding companies of the Lyndale Group, which includes Sayers and Hampsons, the two north-west regional chains of bakers’ shops with more than 230 outlets, and the Maison Blanc chain, which supplies hand-crafted desserts and savouries in central London.—-=== Hunt’s up for sale ===Plans to sell Peter Hunt’s factory, were reported in British Baker (6 October 2006):Sandy Birnie, chairman of the Lyndale Group, said the factory was up for sale as it “does not fit in with the strategic aims of the future of the company”. A number of potential buyers had expressed an interest in the factory since it was put on sale in September, he said. The sale was likely to be completed within six months, he predicted.The sale of Peter Hunt’s will enable Lyndale to focus on its brands, Maison Blanc, Sayers and Hampsons.Sandy Birnie joined Lyndale three months ago. He is a company turnaround expert, having won the Society of Turnaround Professionals award for his work at London-based sandwich company Oldfields.last_img read more

  • Lantmannen Unibake buys Eurobuns

    first_imgFrozen bread product supplier Lantmännen Unibake (LU) has bought UK bakery Eurobuns. The acquisition is LU’s third this year as it rolls out a global expansion plan. The deal means Britain will become the most important market for the company.LU’s chief executive Bent Pultz Larsen said: “The British market is very promising. Thanks to our successful partnership with Bakehouse, Great Britain is today our third largest market for Danish pastry.”Eurobuns is a modern bakery with seven high-tech bakery lines, employing more than 400 people. Besides fast food bread, Eurobuns has a large production of baguettes, modern sandwich products, scones and doughnuts for the food service and retail sectors in Great Britain.Eurobuns’ sales and marketing director Martin Jones said: “The management team at Eurobuns is confident that this acquisition will be good for the company and with the support of Lantmännen, looks forward to the next exciting stage of growth and development.” The acquisition is the third since January for Lantmännen Unibake and part of the company’s ambitious global growth plan. In February, LU bought Baco Oy, the largest fast food bakery in Finland, as a step toward expanding its market share in the Baltics and Russia. In April, the company bought US company Eurobake, which makes European-inspired bread and employs 200 staff. LU’s Larsen added: “The consolidation in the bakery business is running full speed right now and we intend to maintain our position as the largest frozen-bread bakery in Europe.” Including the Eurobuns facilities, Lantmännen Unibake now has 100 bakery lines at 31 bakeries in ten countries. The Group employs almost 5,000 people and has an annual turnover of £ 744 million.last_img read more

  • Ashers in breakthrough export move

    first_imgNorthern Irish firm Ashers Baking Co has broken into the export market for the first time, with a deal worth a potential £75,000.The bakery, based in Newtonabbey, makes a range of products, including fruit loaves, barmbrack, scones and sausage rolls. It has signed a deal with Dublin-based foodservice company VF Foods, which will supply a range of Ashers’ products to public sector organisations in the Republic of Ireland.“This is the first of several export-led initiatives we are taking, as we have realised that, to grow, we must establish a position in new markets,” said MD Colin McArthur. “Listening to consumer demand has always been at the heart of our business model and, next, we hope to move into Great Britain.”The firm is also planning to enter the online market with a range of celebration cakes, available to order on the web next year. “The way consumers shop is changing and we need to tap into the online market,” added McArthur.last_img read more

  • Consultation outcome: Low-alcohol product labelling

    first_imgThis document gives a summary of the consultation responses and the government’s response to them.The government has decided to replace the legislation on low-alcohol descriptors with guidance.The guidance on low-alcohol descriptors sets out the descriptors that the alcohol and retail industries are expected to use, which is based on the 4 descriptors that were in the legislation.,The government is consulting on how best to continue to communicate information about low alcohol products to the public once the current legislation expires. It would like your views on: the introduction of recommended low alcohol descriptors through guidance rather than legislation the current set of low alcohol descriptors and whether new ones should be addedlast_img read more