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  • St. Louis County to ban domestic violence offenders from carrying concealed guns

    first_imgRdlamkin/iStock(ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo.) — People with domestic violence convictions and orders of protection against them will soon be banned from carrying concealed guns in St. Louis County, Missouri, according to a vote this week from the county council that was sharply split along party and gender lines.The four women on the council who are all Democrats, voted yes at Tuesday’s meeting, while the three men on the council, who are all Republicans, voted no.Councilman Tim Fitch said at the meeting that the bill would “take a federal felony charge and make it an ordinance violation,” or essentially a “ticket.”“While it may look good on a campaign brochure,” Fitch said, “it’s going the opposite direction.”In response to Fitch, Councilwoman Kelli Dunaway conceded that passing this bill would make an ordinance that wouldn’t have the same penalties as a federal crime.But Dunaway stressed, “the problem is, these particular federal crimes do not get prosecuted,” because federal prosecutors are “too busy with much bigger issues.”“If we can hand this law over to the county government, it’s more likely to be prosecuted,” Dunaway said.“We’d like to do a whole lot more to protect people from gun violence,” Dunaway said. “Even though this doesn’t go far enough, I think it’s the first step in the right direction.”Councilwoman Rochelle Walton Gray argued that the ordinance furthers the federal law because “it sends a message to our prosecutors.”But Councilman Ernie Trakas said he believes the bill “encroaches” on the 2nd Amendment, telling the council at Tuesday’s meeting, “this bill overreaches, is not well thought out, and I believe it violates state law.”Councilman Mark Harder voted no, and at the meeting called the bill “flawed.”“If we’re going to tackle domestic violence in St Louis County — and we should — this does not go near far enough to act as a deterrent to domestic violence,” Harder said.Councilwoman Lisa Clancy, chair of the county council, introduced the bill.“Like probably a lot of other states, Missouri’s got some pretty tight restrictions” on how local government regulates guns, Clancy told ABC News on Thursday. She calls this bill the best steps to address gun violence and domestic violence at the local level.“I wish the bill could go further, but it can’t at this time until we change some state laws,” she said.Clancy said St. Louis County Executive Sam Page is expected to sign the law in the next few weeks.She said it was co-sponsored by the other women on the county council and that the process included involvement from the county executive and domestic violence advocates.Clancy said Kansas City’s city council has already passed a similar bill and lawmakers with the city of St. Louis are working though a similar bill of their own. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

  • Arkansas’ near-total abortion ban certain to face legal showdown

    first_imgdlewis33/iStockBy IVAN PEREIRA, ABC News(LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) — Arkansas’ latest move to restrict abortion access for its residents will likely head to court as proponents and opponents of a new law debate over the future of reproductive rights in the state.Both sides of the issue contend that the legal battle could have larger implications for the rest of the country.Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed SB 6, which passed in the state legislature and prohibits abortion in all cases except to save the life of the mother. Cases involving rapes and incest are not considered exceptions under the law, a move that Hutchinson said in a statement he did not agree with.The governor, nonetheless, advocated for the bill, which also charges anyone who performs a non-approved abortion with a felony punishable up to 10 years in prison.Hutchinson acknowledged the bill was made to challenge Roe v. Wade.“SB6 is in contradiction of binding precedents of the U.S. Supreme Court, but it is the intent of the legislation to set the stage for the Supreme Court overturning current case law,” Hutchinson said in a statement following the bill’s signing.Several reproductive rights advocacy groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas, the Guttmacher Institute and NARAL Pro-Choice America, immediately condemned the bill and noted that the state has spent the last couple of years chipping away access to safe abortions.Without any open clinics in the state, the average one-way driving distance to an abortion clinic for Arkansas women would be 128 miles, according to research from the Guttmacher Institute.Holly Dickson, executive director of the ACLU of Arkansas, said in a statement that her organization will see the governor in court.“This extreme abortion ban is cruel and unconstitutional, and it will have accomplished nothing but cause stress for patients while ignoring the pressing challenges Arkansans face,” she said in a statement.The law is slated to go into effect at the end of August, but it is likely to be the first of many state laws that are aimed at curtailing abortion access.There were 384 anti-abortion provisions introduced in 43 states in January and February, according to an analysis by the Guttmacher Institute, and several states have pressed on with their legislative packages.The South Dakota Legislature passed a bill this week that would ban abortions due to a Down syndrome diagnosis and would impose a criminal felony on the provider. A bill approved by Arizona state leaders would ban abortions performed after 20 weeks of pregnancy and charge those who perform such procedures with a felony.The governors of both states have said they will sign the bills.A federal judge has put a hold on a bill that would also restrict abortions in South Carolina after Planned Parenthood sued the state.The bill, which passed in February, requires doctors to perform ultrasounds to check for a heartbeat in the fetus, which can typically be detected about six weeks after conception. If one is detected, the abortion can only be performed if the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest or the mother’s life is in danger.Elizabeth Nash, the Guttmacher Institute’s associate director of state issues, said in a statement that there will likely be more challenges to Roe v. Wade from the state level and urged Congress to take up the issue soon.“Now is the time for Congress to protect against these attacks by creating a federal statutory right to access abortion without medically unnecessary restrictions through the Women’s Health Protection Act,” she said in a statement.Copyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

  • On living in cold water: K-strategies in antarctic benthos

    first_imgComparison of the life-histories of two species pairs of caridean decapods, each pair containing a polar and a more temperate-water species (Chorismus antarcticus (Pfeffer, 1887)/Pandalus montagui Leach, 1814 and Notocrangon antarcticus (Pfeffer, 1887)/ crangon crangon (Linnaeus, 1758), suggested that in each case the polar species was more of a K-strategist than was the temperate species. In particular there were striking differences in brood size, egg weight and maturity of the newly hatched larvae. Measurements of individual annual reproductive effort, RE, as g fresh weight eggs per g fresh weight female indicated that in both species pairs the RE of the polar K-strategist was significantly less than that of the comparable temperate water r-strategist. Results expressing RE as g total egg lipid per g fresh weight female were equivocal. These data are discussed in relation to available autecological information for Anterctic marine invertebrates and it is concluded that many features of the polar benthos are explicable in terms of a general evolution of typical K-strategies. The role of low temperature in the widespread evolution of K-strategies may be crucial; consideration of this leads to a re-appraisal of “cold-adaptation”.last_img read more

  • Dalradian Grampian Group affinity for the Bowmore Sandstone Group, Islay, SW Scotland

    first_imgWhole-rock Sm-Nd model ages of 1601 Ma (lower Laggan Formation) and 1674 Ma (upper Blackrock Formation) suggest a late Palaeoproterozoic, early Mesoproterozoic source for the rnetasediments of the Bowmore Sandstone Group, central Islay, SW Scotland. In situ U-Pb detrital zircon (SIMS) analyses show that the group was deposited after 1003 Ma +/- 19 Ma in a basin dominated by Mesoproterozoic detritus, with some Palaeoproterozoic material and minimal Archaean input. The data are consistent with Laurentian sources, mostly Grenville (possibly including reworked sedimentary material from the southwestern Grenville Province), but with some input from Ketilidian, Labradorian, Pinwarian and Archaean terranes. Previous correlations with the Torridonian and the upper Dalradian are no longer tellable given the paucity of Archaean detritus in the Bowmore Sandstone Group. However, the data are comparable to parts of the Dalradian Grampian Group, in particular, the Glen Spean Subgroup (Upper Grampian Group, Strathtummel succession). It is proposed that the Bowmore Sandstone Group was deposited in an eastern Grampian Group basin, similar to the Strathtummel and Cromdale basins, which are also dominated by Grenville detritus.last_img read more

  • Oxford professor claims NHS could vaccinate Britain in 5 days

    first_imgAccording to Bell, the slow pace at which the NHS is proceedings is a failure of leadership, not of individual nurses and doctors. Image: CDC via As of January 16th, 3,559,179 people in the UK have received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and 447,261 have received the second dose. The Regius Chair of Medicine at Oxford, Sir John Bell, has commented that the NHS could vaccinate the whole country against COVID-19 in less than a week.  However, the Oxford professor claims NHS bureaucrats are standing in the way, costing the UK many more lives. Bell argues the criteria to volunteer as a vaccine helper is currently too stringent and is one of many things limiting the health services’ effectiveness.   The professor also called for authorities to start treating the pandemic like a war, and that they should drop everything to contain the virus spread.  He highlighted Israel’s vaccine programme, which at times was vaccinating 2% of its population a day, as a role model for the NHS.center_img “The NHS has the theoretical capacity to immunise everybody in five days if they want to, but I don’t get the sense they are really motivated,” Bell told the Times. “I think the frontline medics certainly see it as an emergency – those guys are working harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. They are eye-wateringly good, but you don’t get the [same] sense from the hierarchy in the NHS, the bureaucrats.” “Did you see the list of things you have to do to volunteer to help the inoculation programme? To impose it on people who are just sticking a needle in an arm is bonkers.” Sir John Bell has been approached for comment.last_img read more

  • “IS IT TRUE” MAY 8, 2020

    first_imgNEWSPAPER We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE Coranvius doesn’t discriminate against natural origin, race, color, creed, educational background, gender, blue or white-collar workers, religion, political affiliation, age, sexual preference, rich or poor, type of neighborhood you live in, or mental or physical challenges? Today’s “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel it’s time that the politicians start allowing our community to return back to the normal ways of doing business? IS IT TRUE we shouldn’t let the Coronavius pandemic manage us but its time we start managing it? ….behavioral risk mitigation strategies are the best option for slowing the spread of this disease?  …we give our full support and best wishes to the “Evansville Re-Open Task Force” and hope that they will succeed? IS IT TRUE that Abraham Lincoln once said: “Let the people know the truth and the people will be safe”? IS IT TRUE the reality of coronavirus is that it will reach every location in the nation that has airports and interstate travel?… Evansville, Indiana is no exception to this rule? …at this point, all scientific evidence points to more cases spread more broadly?…it is advised not to follow the example of citizens of Coachella Valley, California who believed their elected officials when they made hollow guarantees that they would protect the masses from getting the Coronavirus?IS IT TRUE that “Government can’t do for people what they should do for themselves”?  …please wear a mask, put on gloves, stay in as much as possible, and practice safe distancing?IS IT TRUE as of 5:00 PM yesterday the INDIANA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (ISDH) reported that between 04/28/2020 and 05/06/2020 Indiana had 650 new positive cases of the COVID-19?  …there are now 22,503 positive cases of the COVID-19 virus in Indiana?IS IT TRUE between 04/21/2020 and 05/06/2020 31 new deaths were reported in Indiana?  …so far 1,295 total deaths have been reported in Indiana?IS IT TRUE between 04/08/2020 and 05/06/2020 4,316 new COVID -19 tests were conducted?  …a disappointing 124,782 COVID -19 tests have been conducted in the State of Indiana so far?  …so far an astounding 18% of the Hoosiers tested positive with the COVID-19 virus?IS IT TRUE according to the ISDH officials only 124,782 Hoosiers out of 6.7 million people living in Indiana have been tested for the COVID-19 virus?  …one could only surmise what the results would be if the majority of the remaining 6.7 million Hoosier were tested for the COVID -19 virus?IS IT TRUE that ISHD reported that only 3,500 people living in Vanderburgh County have been tested for the COVID–19?  …that 169 people have tested positive for the COVID -19 virus and only 2 people have died?  …about 182,000 people live in Vanderburgh County?IS IT TRUE that mere 803 people living in Warrick County took the test for the COVI(D -19 virus and 116 tested positive?  …as of yesterday, 19 people have died so far in Warrick County? …that 68,000 people live in Warrick County?IS IT TRUE in Posey County only 182 people were tested for the COVI(D -19 virus?  …19 people tested positive?…so far that no death has been reported in Posey County?  …that around 26,000 live in Posey County? IS IT TRUE that One (1) in Five (5) people in the United States is unemployed?IS IT TRUE one of the reasons why Coranvius is considered to be deadly is because currently there are no known Vaccines to protect us against It?IS IT TRUE we give five (5) cheers to Ben Trockman, Ben Shoulders, Steve Hammer, Alex Burton, Missy Mosby, and many others too numerous to mention for working long hours to see that the less fortunate have food on their tables?IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Superior Court Judge Richard G. D’Amour is doing an outstanding job for the citizens of Vanderburgh County?IS IT TRUE we would like to thank Kalah Hirsch, Records Specialist/Asst. and IDACS Coordinator with the Evansville Police Department for sending us the daily EPD Police report in a timely manner?IS IT TRUE we would also like to thank Ray Simmons, Director of Athletic Communications at USI for sending current sports happenings at that fine University?IS IT TRUE our “READERS POLLS” are non-scientific but trendy? IS IT TRUE a widely cited scientific model is predicting that Indiana reopening is projected to increase COVID -19 virus deaths by 543%?  …we hope and pray that this prediction will prove to have very little has no scientific or mathematical value? …if the deadly Coronavirus problem isn’t dealt with in an appropriate manner it has the potential of being a career-ender for several incumbent politicians? 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  • BREAKING NEWS: EPD Trying To Identify Suspects From Separate Burglaries Of Family Dollar On…

    first_imgThe Family Dollar business on Vann Ave. has been the target of two burglaries in recent weeks. EPD is attempting to gather any and all information that will help us identify these suspects. The burglaries occured on July 9, and July 16. The July 9, break in occurred just before midnight and cameras captured the image of an unidentified male suspect wearing a long sleeved shirt and a unique style sock hat.The July 16, break in occurred just after 4 am and at least 3 male suspects are captured on camera images, one of which is shirtless and the other two are wearing hooded sweatshirts in an attempt to conceal their identities. We are asking for the community’s help in bringing these individuals to justice. If you can identify any of the suspects or have any information in reference to these break ins please contact EPD Detectives at 436-7979. Images of all suspects can be found on the Evansville Police Department’s Facebook page.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

  • Local Ivy Tech campuses receive $2.5M donation

    first_img Local Ivy Tech campuses receive $2.5M donation Twitter By Brooklyne Beatty – March 18, 2021 0 288 Google+ TAGS2.5-million-dollarsdonationElkhartfundingIndianaivy tech community collegeJudy GaratoniLarry GaratoniSouth Bend Facebook Google+ Pinterest WhatsAppcenter_img Facebook WhatsApp (Photo supplied/Ivy Tech Community College) The Ivy Tech Community College South Bend-Elkhart Campus has received a $2.5-million donation.The funding was donated by Larry and Judy Garatoni to enable facility renovations, training equipment purchases and student scholarships.It donation will enhance the facilities that support student services at the College’s South Bend location. It will also support state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing and information technology training at the College’s Elkhart location. Twitter IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Pinterest Previous articleIndiana BMV adding five new language options to drivers examNext articleGoshen Police find dead body inside stolen vehicle Tuesday Brooklyne Beattylast_img read more

  • Re-evaluated sugar guidelines loom

    first_imgToday could be the day that the World Health Organisation (WHO) will announce its plans for a crackdown on sugar.The maximum daily recommended sugar limit, currently standing as 10% of daily energy, could be reduced to just 5%. This means a mere six teaspoons of sugar a day would exceed the recommended allowance.The WHO Guidelines Review Committee have been reviewing the guideline draft, after a public consultation on the issue went live in March this year.If the guidelines were to change and the recommended sugar intake was reduced so dramatically, it would mean an overhaul in current diet habits.The WHO said: “The objective of this guideline is to provide recommendations on the consumption of free sugars to reduce the risk of NCDs in adults and children, with a particular focus on the prevention and control of weight gain and dental caries.“When finalized, the recommendations in this guideline can be used by programme managers and policy planners to assess current intake of free sugars relative to a benchmark and develop measures to decrease intake of free sugars, where necessary, through public health interventions.”WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations.last_img read more

  • Ask the Expert: GBBO does Victorian bakery

    first_imgThe Great British Bake Off is taking a retro twist tonight as the bakers look to the past and conjure up three classic Victorian dishes. Pieminister co-founder Tristan Hogg told us what the hopefuls need to look out for when embracing Victorian bakery in this week’s #AskTheExpert.The first challenge will see the bakers rustle up an autumnal game pie – a stalwart of the Victorian dinner table. Hogg gave his advice: “For starters, what is really good about Victorian cookery is that it was all really balanced. They came up with food that was healthy so that is what the contestants need to do.“With that in mind, if I was to make a game pie I would probably get myself a nice bit of venison and add bacon for moisture. I’d use alcohol to cut through the fat, probably a red wine, and then I’d add spices such as a bit of chilli, star anise and black pepper. I’d add a few vegetable for balance, like celery, shallots and carrots for sweetness – not too many different things because Victorian food was relatively simple.“This is the first thing that could go wrong – you need to cook it for a really long time as you want it to be super-tender. I’d add some freshness in at the end, like fresh parsley or chilli.”Hogg said that, in the meantime, he’d make a suet pastry, flavoured with paprika, cracked black pepper and rosemary for flavour. He stressed that the pastry and filling must be cold when put together to avoid those dreaded soggy bottoms, and the best way to cook a pie is in a thick metal tin for a good crust.He warned: “Ceramic or glass dishes would mean a soggy bottom, as can adding a hot filling to cold pastry. They must crimp their bases to the lid and thicken the sauce up enough so it doesn’t spill.”Lastly, he said pure egg yolk must be used for a winning glaze.The next challenge is for a Victorian fruit cake and Hogg drew inspiration from his own wedding cake, which featured a pistachio marzipan. He said sweet Indian spices like cinnamon and ginger should go in the mix along with brandy-soaked figs and other fruit, before encasing the mixture in bright green pistachio marzipan and icing as normal.Finally, the Charlotte Russe “is all about the best ingredients together”. Hogg, who was originally a chef before specialising with Pieminister, said he would use madeleine fingers instead of dried sponge fingers and his custard would be infused with ginger and lemon zest.Let’s see what happens!last_img read more