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  • Which MA is better for me?

    first_imgI have completed a BA in HR and a minor in Business Law, and I’m consideringstudying for an MA. One university has a good reputation and attractivecontent, but does not have a placement programme and is not recognised by theCIPD. The other offers a summer placement and graduate membership to CIPD.Which one should I choose? Victoria Wall, managing director, Victoria Wall Associates As you have not mentioned your motives for wanting to study an MA, or whatyour future career aspirations are, it is hard to be specific. Assuming thatyou wish to pursue a career in HR, I recommend choosing the university offeringthe summer placement and graduate membership to the CIPD. Prospective employers do pay attention to placements, but in the presenteconomic climate, it may not be easy to organise them yourself. Therefore, auniversity that has industry links and assists with arranging the placement isa huge help. Having HR placements on your CV will definitely enhance the jobopportunities you will be considered for. In addition, graduate membership tothe CIPD will give your CV even more credibility. Peter Sell, joint managing director, DMS Consultancy If you are looking to pursue a career in HR, the university that is CIPDrecognised is the best choice. However, I have seen quite a few HRprofessionals take a masters at a university not approved by the CIPD, and thengo on to take the full CIPD qualification afterwards. You don’t mention anything about the reputation of the second university,but if it is CIPD approved it will have been through a rigorous qualityassurance process. The summer placement is a very good idea. Employers are looking for bothacademic qualifications and experience. By working in a HR department, you will also get a better idea of whetherthis really is the career for you. Clare Judd, consultant, Macmillan Davies Hodes From your question, it would appear that you are in the early stages of yourHR career. Bearing that in mind, I would highly recommend the CIPD certifiedcourse with the placement programme. The CIPD will have reviewed the course content and certified that it meetstheir Professional Standards. The resulting CIPD qualification will then assistyou in securing your first HR role. In addition, the placement will give youpractical HR experience and valuable insight into how an HR team functionswithin a business. Which MA is better for me?On 3 Sep 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

  • A potential feedback approach to ecosystem-based management: model predictive control of the Antarctic krill fishery

    first_imgCCAMLR aims to develop a feedback approach to aid ecosystem-based management (EBM) of Antarctic krill fisheries. It is important to assess whether a feedback approach is likely to achieve the multiple objectives that EBM implies in the complex and uncertain conditions typical of Antarctic marine ecosystems. This study used Model Predictive Control (MPC) to achieve objectives for a harvested species, its predators and the fishery, in a simulation model that incorporates uncertainty and spatial and trophic complexity. The approach adjusted spatially resolved annual catch limits in response to estimates of the state of the system. It suggests that feedback management is both feasible and a more effective way to achieve multiple objectives than fixed catch limits, which are currently used to manage Antarctic krill fisheries. The study demonstrates that optimisationbased approaches such as MPC are computationally capable of dealing with EBM-type problems. They are also useful for assessing the feasibility of candidate management policies or objectives, and characterising the trade-offs that they imply. This study characterises the trade-off between catch levels and the risk of harvested species biomass falling to unacceptable levels.last_img read more

  • Gymnast Shawn Johnson sports competition outfit at 40 weeks pregnant

    first_imgOctober 28, 2019 /Sports News – National Gymnast Shawn Johnson sports competition outfit at 40 weeks pregnant FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailchoness/iStock(NEW YORK) — Shawn Johnson is 40 weeks pregnant and will welcome her baby any day now.But that doesn’t mean the former Olympic gymnast isn’t still up for a challenge.After her husband Andrew East dared her to try on her competition leotard from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China — when she took home four medals — Johnson showed she was up for the task.“… fits a little different these days @andrewdeast dared me too hahah 40 weeks preggers,” she captioned the shot.“But no joke… this babes is already more rewarding than any medal was,” she added. “BABY! GET HERE ALREADY!”East, also shared a video of the moment. “Honestly @shawnjohnson still looks good in this,” he captioned the post.In the video, he says, “You look good, babe, you look good,” to which Johnson laughs and adds, “found something in storage.”The couple previously announced Johnson’s due date was Oct. 23 and have kept fans in the loop with updates while waiting for baby’s arrival.The highs and lows of Johnson’s pregnancy journey are documented in a recap they recently shared.“Two years ago we got pregnant for the first time and ended up losing that pregnancy. Exactly two years later we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our rainbow baby and we couldn’t be more excited,” she captioned her post featuring the video.“Praying for a safe delivery and arrival of Baby East. We can’t wait to meet you!” she added.Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved. Written bycenter_img Beau Lundlast_img read more

  • Oxford releases Safety Net Policy for remote assessments

    first_imgHowever, clause 9 of the policy states that “in exceptional cases … subjects have the right to deem that no further safety net is necessary.” The policy “aims to reduce the risk that students may bedisadvantaged by the conditions in which they revise for and sit their exams inthe exceptional circumstances of the CV-19 pandemic.” Dissertations could be counted as a ‘banked subject’ as thebulk of work is undertaken prior to the end of Hillary, though the officialdeadline was after. This will be decided at each subject’s discretion. However, the University informs that formative assessments (i.e tutorial work) will not be taken into consideration when calculating final results. Only summative assessments completed prior to the end of Hillary Term (‘banked assessments’) or taken remotely in Trinity Term will be used to calculate final grades and degree classifications. It explains that “evidence from formative parts of the course is not sufficiently rigorous or consistent to be used for summative purposes.” The safety net policy works under the condition thatindividual students pass their remote assessment. In addition, all students will submit a “pro forma statement”detailing their home conditions to the examiners. Moreover, students can submitMitigating Circumstances notices, as in any year, if they have been particularlyseverely impacted this year. For those who have completed at least 50% of assessments, faculties will have the option to either include or exclude remote assessments results in the calculation of their overall grade, depending on individual choice and circumstance. The University ensures that “all marks will appear on the transcript, with appropriate explanatory text”, regardless of the safety net choices. For those with less on-course summative assessments, the faculty will have the choice between calculating results using all assessments (including remote Trinity assessments), or using an “adjusted algorithm”. If choosing the “adjusted algorithm” there will be five further options depending on individual circumstances of exams. These 5 “adjusted algorithm” options are: The policy divides subjects into two subject groups: courses which have already completed at least 50% of summative assessments before the end of Hilary Term, and those that have not. The two groups will have differing safety net arrangements. Overall, this policy gives faculties the choice of how results are calculated, with the option to exclude or adjust the weighing of results obtained in remote assessments. The policy varies depending on degree course and extent of previous summative assessment completed. Photo Credit: Ellie Wilkins For more information visit their website.  “double-weighing”of the results of assessments completed before the end of Hillary;“adjusted weighing” of Trinity Term remote assessments;discounting lowest marks achieved in Trinityremote assessments;scaling of marks in particular papers takenremotely;adjusting class boundaries The University of Oxford has released its examination ‘Safety Net Policy’ this morning. This policy has been made for subjects where remote assessments are taking place in Trinity 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.last_img read more

  • BSA Award Winners Announced

    first_imgThe winners of the British Sandwich Industry Awards, the Sammies, were announced at a ceremony at London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel on 15 May. Among the winners was Fred de Luca, the American founder of the Subway chain, who was honoured with The British Sandwich Industry Award for the success of his international chain, opening 1198 shops over the last few years. Morrisons won Sandwich Retail Multiple of the Year, Melton Foods took the prize for BSA Sandwich Manufacturer of the Year, whilst Marks & Spencer Simply Food won the award for En Route Sandwich Retailer of the Year. Other winners include Paul, Bedford Street, London as Bakery Sandwich Shop of the Year and Coffee Bar Sandwich Retailer was scooped by Costa. The Sammies, launched 13 years ago, were attended by around 580 guests from retailing and manufacturing, and judged by an independent panel of judges from the industry.last_img read more

  • Trey Anastasio Debuts Orchestral “Lizards,” “What’s The Use?” With Nashville Symphony [Videos]

    first_imgTrey will perform one more orchestral show this fall, with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the Georgia capitol tomorrow, September 29th.SETLIST: Trey Anastasio & The Nashville Symphony Orchestra | Schermerhorn Symphony Center | Nashville, TN | 9/27/17SET 1: First Tube, Brian and Robert, Divided Sky, Summer of ’89, What’s the Use?, StashSET 2: Time Turns Elastic, Petrichor, You Enjoy MyselfENCORE: The Lizards, Water in the Sky[Cover Photo via Instagram user @queerdeadheads] Last night, Trey Anastasio revived his orchestral live show with a performance alongside the Nashville Symphony Orchestra at Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Structured much like his performances with Phish and Trey Anastasio Band, the show was comprised of two sets and an encore, and included symphonic renderings of some of his greatest compositions.But while his musical tastes are notably diverse and stylistically broad, Anastasio’s educational background lies in classical composition. Since 2001, the Phish guitarist has worked with a several highly-regarded symphonies nationwide, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, and the National Symphony Orchestra, composing orchestral arrangements of his Phish material and leading the ensembles on guitar. Most recently, in the Fall of 2014, Trey performed a series of orchestral concerts to showcase his newest composition, “Petrichor,” which has since been adapted for the Phish canon (on 2016’s Big Boat) and served as the centerpiece for the 2016-2017 New Year’s Gag.The Nashville symphonic show marked his first performance with an orchestra since 9/26/14 at the Hollywood Bowl, exactly three years and one day prior. The performance featured numerous orchestral Trey mainstay arrangements. Set one included “First Tube,” “Brian and Robert,” “Divided Sky,” and “Stash,” while the second set featured a trio of Trey’s longest and most involved orchestral interpretations: “Time Turns Elastic,” “Petrichor,” and “You Enjoy Myself.” The show also featured a couple more surprising selections, as Trey and the orchestra’s conductor led the ensemble through the orchestral debuts of TAB’s “Summer of ’89” and sweeping Phish instrumental “What’s The Use?” Finally, for the encore, Trey and the orchestra pulled out one more orchestral debut–Phish classic “The Lizards”–before closing out the evening with “Water In The Sky.” You can watch a selection of videos from the performance below:“What’s The Use” (via YouTube user gayanastasio):“Petrichor” (via YouTuve user Todd Binkley)“You Enjoy Myself” (via YouTube user Clay Maddox):“The Lizards” (via YouTube user Ben Katz):last_img read more

  • The Wood Brothers Kick Off NYC Run With John Medeski

    first_imgWhen The Wood Brothers announced they would be playing two nights at Irving Plaza with legendary jazz keyboardist John Medeski, longtime fans knew they were in for a treat. Over the years, the brothers have been known to welcome special guests on stage, but rarely do they call on support for an entire performance. Seeing that Chris Wood and John Medeski have bonded as sonic brothers after over 25 years of Medeski, Martin & Wood, they didn’t need to bring smoke and mirror to make the natural magic happen.The Straybirds warmed up the crowd with a short and traditional folk set. Lancaster, PA must have something in the water because this trio knows how to rock a house while adding that Americana safety net that longtime Wood Brothers fans come to appreciate.The Wood Brothers entered the dark and eerie stage around 9:00 pm and somberly opened with the song that opens their new album, One Drop of Truth. “River Takes the Town” was written prior to the devastation that swept the nation this past summer, and coincidentally, the tune accurately describes the pain and terror that comes with overwhelming disasters both widespread or personal. Most of the crowd seemed new to the song, but after hitting them right in the feels, it was clear that another hit was added to the already strong repertoire.Chris Wood added some extra bluesy effects to “Keep Me Around” and the Big Apple welcomed the instrumental nuances with excitement. Since their first-ever NYC show at the Tonic in 2005, the trio has consistently found new ways to differentiate their originals, adding life and spirit to the music like no other. During “Laughin’ or Crying”, another gem from the incredibly strong new release, Chris banged the top of his stand-up bass like a drum, making it sound like there was a trotting horse on stage. The “rainbow in Brooklyn” lyric produced ravenous roars from the local audience which led into “Snake Eyes” off the critically-acclaimed Paradise album. Before song number six, Oliver Wood invited John Medeski to join in on the fun. Medeski came out to proclaim, “It smells like Boulder in here” referring to the mysterious smoke cloud hovering overhead which led to an extra soulful “Postcards from Hell.” Oliver dedicated the Loaded single to their friend and mentor John Medeski, a man that gave them a ton of advice not only as the producer of their first album, but as a longtime friend from before the concept of The Wood Brothers was even born.“Neon Tombstone” was extra bright with Medeski adding his gospel and soul influence on the already spiritual tune. Jano Rix sped up the rhythm, creating a sizzling rendition of the usually slower track. “Who The Devil” was peppered in as the second part of back-to-back tracks off 2013’s The Muse and got the crowd moving in the tightly packed concert hall. After a smoking hot “Who The Devil”, it was time to bring out their old-timey, stand-alone microphone, known to fans as “Big Mic.” The threesome “took a vacation from now” with a gorgeous “Firewater”, once again keeping The Muse album on rotation for the evening.It would have been a shame to send Medeski home after a few short songs in the early set, so they welcomed him back on stage for arguably the biggest highlight of the evening. A room full of silence is a rarity in New York City, but during the Lonnie Young blues staple, “Chevrolet,” the hallowed room got what they came for. Chris slapped a heavy bass while Oliver hypnotized the audience with his crisp, one-of-a-kind voice. Meanwhile, Rix and Medeski went back and forth on keyboard melodica and mouth organ melodica, creating trippy twist and turns to the delight of the Boulder-esque room. After the mini-jam, Medeski went back to the trenches and The Straybirds entered the stage for an incredible rendition of “Midnight Special”, which Oliver described as a prison tune appropriate for the road. Each member of the opening act had their time to shine on stage and the six-piece harmonized beautifully during the barnburner. Big Mic time for a Wood Brothers shows is always special, but this one is going to be hard to top.The Muse-heavy set wouldn’t be complete without the reflective party tune “I Got Loaded”, which always grabs the attention of the audience with a playful call-and-response. It was safe to say that the crowd was feeling alright when the band introduced another new and energetic tune “Happiness Jones”, also from the upcoming album. Oliver mentioned the band had already pre-sold well under a million copies to add some comic relief to the emotionally driven setlist. When hearing this on the album for the first time, it is puzzling to comprehend both keys and drums at the same time. Since Jano Rix only has two arms, they once again called upon the gospel octopus, John Medeski, to help them out. Medeski’s sound flows so well with the trio that it was like they had rehearsed the show for years. The next mashup was no different as the foursome combined elements of “Where My Baby Might Be” with Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me” adding an extra rocking element to the phenomenal show. Oliver wasted no time showing off his bluesy chops as Medeski added a plethora of kick-ass to the mix.Ear-to-ear grins covered the room as the band’s most recognizable song, “Luckiest Man,” got added support with Medeski on stage. The soulful, inviting tune left couples embracing and long-time fans singing along with each verse. As the band left the stage, there was no telling what tricks they had up their sleeves for the encore. Rather than coming out with a slow number, they loaded up the cannon with help from their special guest and blew the roof off Irving Plaza with “Up Above My Head.” This traditional cover has seen numerous shifts since the early days of them playing together and that is a sign of growth in the brothers. Medeski added a New Orleans flair to the song steeped in Americana roots, yet so naturally adaptable thanks to the talent onstage. One more off The Muse for good measure, “Honey Jar” sent fans home with a little extra sweetness in their step.When the band added Rix full time back in the early days of The Wood Brothers, their catalog of music shifted shapes overnight and with the addition of Medeski, the quartet really took flight on Wednesday night. With a new album dropping tomorrow, February 2nd, The Wood Brothers hit the stage with powerful momentum. After night one in Manhattan, there was one extremely valuable lesson learned, when John Medeski is on the bill, it’s important. The Wood Brothers, John Medeski, and The Straybirds will hit the stage again tonight at Irving Plaza.Setlist: The Wood Brothers | Irving Plaza | New York City, NY | 1/31/18River Takes The Town, Keep Me Around, Maryanna, Laughin’ or Crying, Snake Eyes, Postcards from Hell*, Neon Tombstone*, Who The Devil, Firewater, Chevrolet*, Midnight Special&, I Got Loaded, Happiness Jones*, Where My Baby Might Be*> You Wreck Me*#, Luckiest Man*E: Up Above My Head* > Honey Jar**- with John Medeski&- with The Straybirds#- Tom Petty[photo via The Wood Brothers Facebook]last_img read more

  • Notre Dame launches Global Gateway in Jerusalem

    first_imgNotre Dame International (NDI) launched a Global Gateway program in Jerusalem this spring in order to offer more opportunities in Israel for Notre Dame students, academic director for the program Robert Smith said. “When Notre Dame International introduced the Gateway concept a few years ago, the plan was to begin establishing Gateways where the University already had a strong presence,” Smith said in an email. “Tantur Ecumenical Institute has been operating in Jerusalem, with strong Notre Dame support, since 1972. It made sense to establish a Gateway here. Not only is Jerusalem a World Heritage City with a role to play in relation to most global conversations about faith and politics, but we already had a strong presence here through Tantur.”The new location provides a plethora of new experiences for interested students, Smith said. “The Jerusalem Global Gateway provides an important location for research and collaboration for many aspects of the University of Notre Dame. I have received concurrent faculty appointments in the department of theology and the new Keough School of Global Affairs. Jerusalem is an ideal place to study the intersection of theology and global affairs, so I anticipate many programs with that sort of emphasis,” he said. According to Smith, the program will encourage other members of the Notre Dame community in Jerusalem to host or attend additional conferences.“I am eager to engage in conferences and symposia in Jerusalem that further enhance the already stellar reputation of the University of Notre Dame,” Smith said. “The Gateway is a place for collaboration; we intend to collaborate locally, regionally and globally on ways to address a wide variety of topics. “Beyond study abroad opportunities, I look forward to working with professors, program directors and academic departments on campus to increase the number of students and researchers having meaningful experiences in Jerusalem. We have a long-standing partnership with the Kroc Institute and the Keough School [of Global Affairs] to utilize the services of the Gateway.”According to the NDI brochure, the aims of the Global Gateway include “supporting undergraduate study and multidisciplinary scholarly engagement.”“Jerusalem is a complex, multi-layered environment,” Smith said. “If you have a research interest or a more general interest in the intersections of religion, culture and politics, this might be a place you’ll want to visit. I look forward to hearing ideas from students, staff and faculty about how some time in Jerusalem would benefit research and learning goals.”While the program formally launched in the spring, according to Smith, it is looking to expand over the next several semesters. “Each Gateway has significant study abroad programs for undergraduate students. We currently have eight students in Jerusalem, taking classes at Tantur, Bethlehem University, Hebrew University and the Polis Institute for Language Studies. We anticipate significant growth in the Jerusalem program,” he said.This summer, the Gateway will host two sessions for more than 30 students, Smith said. The Gateway will also serve as a site for International Summer Service Learning Programs (ISSLPs) for students pursuing service learning in a variety of contexts.Smith said he is excited to be part of the NDI Global Gateway community. “Each Gateway is a place for the people and programs of the University to encounter a significant global context, but we also function in ways that bring elements of our context into our universities. The process of internationalizing the University means that we build relationships around the world to significantly expand our academic horizons,” he said. Tags: Global Gateway, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Gateway, NDI, Notre Dame International, study abroadlast_img read more

  • Bills Advancing To The AFC Championships For The First Time Since 1994

    first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Andre Roberts (18) Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens, Divisional Playoff Game, January 16, 2021 at Bills Stadium. Image by Craig Melvin / BuffaloBills.comORCHARD PARK – The Buffalo Bills have advanced to the AFC Championships for the first time since 1994.The team punched their ticket with a 17-3 victory over the Baltimore Ravens at Bills Stadium on Saturday night.Taron Johnson returned an interception 101 yards for a touchdown to give the Bills a 14-point lead in the third quarter while Stefon Diggs became the first Bills player with a receiving touchdown in consecutive playoff games since Thurman Thomas in 1995 and ’96.Josh Allen (17) passes. Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens, Divisional Playoff Game, January 16, 2021 at Bills Stadium. Image by Bill Wippert / Bills will play for a trip to the Super Bowl on Sunday, Jan. 24 at 6:40 p.m. at home against the Cleveland Browns or on the road against the top-seeded Kansas City Chiefs. The Browns and Chiefs play their Divisional-Round contest this Sunday at 3:05 p.m. on CBS.The Bills faced the Chiefs during Week 6 of the regular season, a 26-17 Kansas City win.Buffalo defeated Kansas City in its last appearance in the AFC Championship, a 30-13 victory on Jan. 23, 1994 that clinched a fourth straight Super Bowl berth.The two teams had two prior playoff meetings dating back to 1967, when the Chiefs defeated the Bills for the AFL title and a berth in Super Bowl I. The Bills beat the Chiefs in the Divisional Round in 1992.The Bills and Browns have met once in the playoffs, a 34-30 Cleveland victory in the Divisional Round on Jan. 6, 1990.last_img read more

  • Wells Fargo increases fake-account estimate 67% to 3.5 million

    first_img 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » Wells Fargo & Co. said employees created two-thirds more bogus accounts than initially thought, a sign the bank is still struggling to move past a scandal that sparked record fines and congressional investigations.An outside review found an additional 1.4 million potentially unauthorized deposit and credit-card accounts opened when the bank was encouraging employees to sell multiple products to retail customers, bringing the total to about 3.5 million, according to a statement Thursday from the San Francisco-based firm. The revised estimate covers January 2009 to September 2016, almost twice as long as the period examined in the initial review.The disclosure of even more fraudulent accounts threatens to catapult Wells Fargo back into the political crosshairs just as Congress returns Sept. 5 from its summer recess. The scandal came to light almost a year ago after regulators slapped Wells Fargo with fines of $185 million over its sales practices, prompting congressional hearings and resulting in the bank naming new leaders, clawing back executives’ pay and beginning an overhaul of its retail division.last_img read more