Cao Village color steel board room fire

August 3rd at 16 am, the city of East District, West Road, Cao village, the new color steel board room fire, but fortunately did not cause casualties. After the fire, the fire burning fiercely, the scene of smoke billowing. Xining 119 command center after receiving the alarm, the rapid deployment of the squadron went to the scene to fight the blaze.

at the scene, a residual smell nostrils, fire color plate housing has been burnt down a large deformation, burnt tin also braved the smoke, the house is a mess, the reporter learned that the fire department building a 3 storey residential building temporary steel housing, an area of about 200 square meters, usually used for staff quarters. As the location of the fire point higher than the ground, it is difficult to put out the fire officers and soldiers from the surrounding high-rise buildings to suppress the fire, while entering the board room to fight the fire, 19:35, the fire was completely extinguished. Currently, the cause of the fire, property damage is under investigation.

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