Boy half a month to create a website home page title keywords all


is the most important word "interface", is the main site keywords I do! You see, in addition to the promotion, my site is in the first row.

then I every day in the update the content, can be said that my site is almost original, I find the information content in the love Shanghai news page and the same industry website, read the article, and then use their own words to re write it again. At the beginning of the day to update two articles. Then in the webmaster.

two, update the content + Chain

also helps to love Shanghai crawl, or in their home label can be written inside. After that, I will submit to the site, the search engine submission web address.

station is the first step, I chose the Dede program, I also do not understand other programs too, the Internet to find a simple template, change it into our company’s corporate website, while looking for a template station, but I spent a week’s time, no way, familiar with construction station is not completed after the website! What? Robots.txt files, this is not to say, do not make the file. It created a site map, I used the automatic generation of web map. With a foreign website, I also compared the many online map and software to generate the map, finally found this site is good, attach a URL: 贵族宝贝xml-sitemaps贵族宝贝/. Can generate HTML format and XML format, you must submit the course after generation. After I was submitted to robots.txt file inside the label, the following format:


up to do just wanted to write this article, but think about it, it is stable, after 2 weeks, keywords are still very stable, so he decided to do their own optimization experience to share. First of all, above it, without the truth! (Note: I have to do is to interface to the


! The Keywords

SMS interface in addition to love is to promote Shanghai in the first

mobile phone short message interface in addition to love Shanghai is in the first place! And SMS platform interface, free SMS interface, Unicom SMS interface etc. Although not the first but also the home or in the top three! Write this article is not to prove what I do, these words are not very fierce competition, but there are certain commercial the value of love, Shanghai ranked the top ten almost all do the bidding. Then I will explain in detail the process of my website optimization:

, a website

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