After barbaric growth the future will leave a few super APP

debate about the development trend of APP market and the future direction of the APP has not stopped, all kinds of applications, the APP market is persistent but now the APP market has become saturated, some new applications are just old wine in new bottles.


industry after several rounds of barbaric growth, their curiosity as tide rapids faded, niche category APP can linger, the public class APP started declining, and the super APP is consuming market. Since last year, on the Native App and Web App who is the future of the increasingly fierce debate, mainly because of the number of giants continue to put pressure on the market, trying to build a super APP to control the mobile Internet market.

of course, the market environment is still definitely many APP All flowers bloom together. situation, but from the user usage, have begun to appear the trend of super APP. So, what applications will become super APP? From iResearch released the latest data, instant messaging, web browser, application store three kinds of tools are the most widely covered by the user (in fact, the third is the system tools, but not yet have become a super APP, so skip, feel shy) 257 million, and 214 million respectively, covering 161 million people, in the back row are online shopping, online music, online video, security, payment application and preferential price.


product features from the point of view, ranked in the top three instant messaging, browsers and application stores have become the most likely to become super APP, the corresponding applications are WeChat, UC browser and pea pods.

instant messaging

everyone can see, in the instant messaging, WeChat is gradually becoming a super APP, social networking, information, e-mail, games, music, maps, shopping, payment, financial and other service functions and WeChat 600 million Goods are available in all varieties., user, user scale is only less than that of the same application of mobile phone QQ, but WeChat users Q is more active than the hand, the industry is also more optimistic about WeChat.

WeChat has been on the road to the super APP, Tencent give WeChat high hopes, and constantly add a variety of features for WeChat. At first, the industry is generally not optimistic about other social service Tencent outside through WeChat, but WeChat a little show that all the new features added can cause a sensation in the industry, the public platform is also so so, so, the mobile payment mobile game.

is now WeChat’s confidence, the new year red envelopes, taxi drops is that WeChat gained a fast start, then say what WeChat will add new features, mail list function early in the plan, hopes to do WeChat search, in addition, WeChat has recently started testing access point through a wide advertising project. WeChat to add a weather, calendar, notepad and other such tools is not difficult at all

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