Baseball Jargon

first_imgHere are some of the baseball announcer’s favorite terms.  Did you know what they were talking about?A can of corn–goes back to the 19th century to describe a high fly ball that is easy to catch.  It came from grocery stores pulling a can of vegetables off of the top shelf and catching it.A worm burner–describes a hard hit ground ball that is supposed to scare the worms out of the ground because it was hit so hard.A home run in an elevator shaft–As you might suspect, this is a high pop up to the catcher.Warning track power–you cannot hit a ball hard enough to get it out of the park.Here is the one I just heard in a Red’s telecast the other night that I had never heard before.  It is “pop time”.  No, it is not the time you go get a coke or pepsi.  It is the time it takes for the catcher to take the ball from his mitt and throw it to the glove of the 2nd baseman.  The “pop” is the sound the ball is making when it hits either of the players’ gloves.  That is “pop time”.last_img

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