Foreign river cruise ships want to go to the Republic of Croatia, but they can’t

first_imgAccording to the CBS, in the first five months of 2020, foreign cruise ships recorded a decrease in the number of voyages of 91,2% and the number of days spent on the Croatian Adriatic by 87,8% compared to the same period in 2019. The number of passengers on these ships recorded a decrease of 98,5% compared to the same period in 2019.  The HGK river tourism community demands that “river cruising”, ie passenger ships carrying more than 40 passengers, be allowed to dock in inland ports, which is now prohibited. Last year, 61 passengers visited Eastern Slavonia and Baranja by river, and passenger ports on the Danube and Drava recorded 560 docks with continuous annual positive growth trends. Already in June, some river cruise programs began, in compliance with all epidemiological recommendations, organized by the German company Nicko Cruises, and announcements of the return of river cruises continue, organized by A-Rosa, European Waterways and Croisi Europe.  “It is not profitable for companies to operate with less than 20 percent of normal capacity. I point out that, in accordance with the measures adopted, the companies have already provided five percent of passenger capacity for accommodation in the event that one of the passengers becomes infected with coronavirus, and I therefore urge that the Decision be changed as soon as possible. “, says Božana Matoš, President of the River Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, who sent a letter on behalf of the Community, ie a request to amend the Decision to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Public Health Institute. Croatia is recognized as a river cruise destination “Some of these cruise companies also have cruise programs in Croatia, and the current Decision does not allow them to dock in one of the passenger ports on the Danube and Drava, so an urgent change in the Decision is needed, which would not limit the number of passengers on river cruises.”, Explains Matoš, especially in the context of the latest data on the decline in the number of foreign cruise ships in Croatian seaports. “Unfortunately, these are very bad numbers and Croatia will recover from this situation for a long time, but at the same time it is an opportunity to strengthen river cruises, provided that the said Decision is amended in time.”, Said Matos, emphasizing that recommendations and instructions were adopted in June under the auspices of the EU Healthy GateWays, to start the organization of river cruises based on the recommendations and instructions of the World Health Organization in which the number of passengers on river cruisers is not limited.  Namely, due to the coronavirus, at the end of May this year, a Decision was passed on the necessary measure of banning the entry of passenger ships on international cruises to seaports and inland ports. This decision introduced a ban on the entry of passenger ships carrying more than 40 passengers to inland ports and thus directly prevented the return of river cruises, given that river cruisers have a capacity of up to 220 passengers.   The recommendations introduced measures to protect passengers in order to prevent the spread of infection, such as daily temperature measurement, mandatory distance of passengers, wearing masks, special epidemiological measures during boarding and disembarking and the use of common areas, etc.last_img

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