Blue Lagoon increases workers’ incomes by an average of 8,85%

first_imgBLUE LAGOON INVESTS HRK 298 MILLION NEXT YEAR In addition to the salary, the impact of the amended Tariff Annex and the increase in rewards leads to an average increase in net income of 8,85 percent annually.  Plava Laguna is one of the few companies that has recognized the importance of seasonal workers, so allowances from 900 to 1170 kuna are paid in the months when the largest number of employees, or at the time when the intensity of work is greatest: June, July, August and September. while in October workers are paid holiday pay, and in December Christmas bonuses in the maximum non-taxable amount of HRK 2.500,00, or seasonal workers in proportion.  Namely, with salaries for May, June, July and August, employees will be paid an additional non-taxable reward for work results in the total amount of HRK 3848 divided into four calendar months. Also, the Christmas bonus, as before, continues to be paid in the maximum non-taxable amount of HRK 2500, and the holiday pay will remain as taxable as before, ie it will amount to HRK 70,00 gross per day of vacation.  In addition, this year, Plava Laguna paid its employees a Christmas bonus and a non-taxable award for work results achieved in 2018 in the total amount of HRK 3000 (HRK 2500 + 500), as well as a gift for a child up to 15 years of age and a gift voucher. from 600 kn. This year, Plava Laguna was the first in the environment to agree with the social partners on better conditions for its workers for 2019. center_img RELATED NEWS: Thus, for all workers of the Blue Lagoon from 1.5. In 2019, the basic salary will be increased by 2 percent, and for workers in operations through amendments to the Tariff Annex, an additional 2,14 percent in the first months of the new year. Furthermore, the reward for all workers for work in the seasonal months is increased by as much as 3109 kuna.  “The collective agreement of Plava Laguna has so far been the best in this activity not only in the region but also beyond, with a high level of contracted material rights of workers. Amendments to tax regulations that allow the payment of additional non-taxable rewards were the motive of the social partners to further improve the material rights of workers. “ Marina Cvitić, President of the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia, points out and adds that they are convinced that the workers will be satisfied and that they will recognize the positive effects of the agreement between the trade union and the Management in Plava Laguna. In December, employed workers are also entitled to a gift in kind of HRK 600,00, and a gift to a child in the maximum non-taxable amount of HRK 600,00. So from June until the end of the year, almost every month, all workers receive additional rewards in addition to their salary. last_img

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