Month: August 2017

  • The important influence of the old domain in Shanghai ranked in love

    a month before a company is currently Deputy Station, keywords and keywords ranking in the top three love Shanghai, many peers are asked how I was doing up here, we give a detailed description.


    second, website title, the main keyword must be included in the title, in the search engine algorithm, site title can immediately affect the site in the search engine results, its importance is always is the most important.

    (Nanchang SMS company) copy editing "sleeping water" written, starting A5, please keep the link read more

  • Website optimization of several of our most common errors in the process

    first, website optimization not urgent, have a lot of Shanghai dragon on the site early completion is eager to let the line on the website. They think only if early let website can be a little early to be included. But that is not the case, then there will be a lot of bad things come. Because each site after the completion of the construction is not perfect in every respect, but there are many problems to be faced with change, so you can meet our requirements, otherwise a new website has just completed construction on the line, so there is always this or that the flaw is not perfect. But because our website online, and loved Shanghai included words, then later found to modify the site problem, it will cause the website unstable bad impression, so the search engine will not have confidence in the site. In order to reduce the site included, has left the site. read more

  • Details determine success or failure count easily overlooked details in Shanghai Dragon

    learn from each other!

    , a graphic combination

    two, the length of

    said that many of my friends and I each article is out of the long section of a 500 word, that’s it? This is bad! We must do the natural Shanghai dragon, "

    in my opinion, the appropriate add pictures to the user experience is. As for the specific algorithm, I dare not talk nonsense, but from one of my sites, all with a picture of the weight of the inside pages generally better than the inside pages of text, and the ranking of the best, the highest weight sub page turned out to be a dozen words, plus a lot of pictures of the article. So I personally think that the appropriate picture is a positive influence on the Shanghai dragon, and takes a picture is associated with the article, I believe the current technology for image has little ability to interpret. Also note that, in addition to the ALT label, the picture also downloaded to the local, or will be the chain of others. read more

  • Grassroots Webmaster must use a calm attitude to Shanghai Dragon

    said the word Shanghai Longfeng, believe that many do stand friends are not unfamiliar, change the ups and downs of Shanghai dragon, and always give us these do little more favored or lost, the mood is a beginner, do Shanghai dragon should be how to do attitude, attitude decides success or failure, do Shanghai dragon must use a calm state of mind to do, to perform. I believe you will be successful.

    many, do Shanghai Longfeng practice is the mentality, competition is mentality. Who can keep calm and go to the end, who is the winner, of course, love the face of Shanghai’s problems, we still need time to solve, not panic. read more

  • see how to change the link to Shanghai before the three new rankings do love


    1 and Links is

    2, Alexa ranking is the key to

    before a lot of Shanghai dragon friends told me that this exchange Links very difficult, or not timely platform, with the platform, also do not know the site exchange links when the need to pay attention to what the problem. Or some Adsense said for the link is not easy to do, the login background, Tianjin love conjunctions, Add URL, determine, refresh, then a handle cooperation look past, OK, please see. In fact, the problem for many webmaster or new webmaster is unknown. This time I do in Shanghai Longfeng culture is a new, Links from the start, I think this is to see a person before, never to write articles related to exchange links, just by the opportunity to have the training experience was summed up, hope this matters by this method a few days of practice of Links exchange and attention, for everyone to do a summary, of course there are omissions or good place, also please children’s opinions. read more

  • Three years the webmaster road wrong in not insist265 Skype registration is divided into promotiona

    , thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

    League address: lianmeng

    05 years before October 1st in the evening, the company collective party, going to the hotel reservation, always call 114 inquires know hotel phone is very troublesome. I was on the whim, want to establish a 114 kind of information website, Xinxiang Hotel contacts are posted up, so that you query it more convenient. Want to do, make use of eleven long vacation,

    because it is amateur time to do, continued fatigue, 07 years later, the site can not keep up with updates, mainly busy work, not much time to consider. With the advent of video sites, the number of people watching movies is getting smaller and smaller, and there is a great decline in the amount of traffic on the site, and I find that classified information and forums are the main columns for local users read more

  • Grey Thursday many stations are Baidu uprooted

    we do stand, the most afraid of things is by the K station, Qingdao Shanghai dragon has experienced several times of 2 station experience, but have been restored, one of the longest standing recovery period remember in three months, three months, is to test the webmaster of patience and perseverance, but this time, the hands of the station without problem. The K station, we also have discussion and speculation, is not Baidu server and the problem, since entering in June and July, Baidu will continue to onset, really make people puzzled. There is also speculation that this is not all of the station was K, is not a single station by K, perhaps Baidu algorithm also adjusted or deliberately K. What specific reason K station, nobody knows, only Baidu understand. read more

  • Analysis of the different needs of the soft station outside the station of Shanghai Dragon

    1, can flow into

    we all know, website optimization, whether you are layout keywords, or to consider the user experience, you will have to consider the article. Of course, some of the station outside Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the same, this need not be greater than the station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization required less. Today we talk about the main difference and contrast knowledge in Shanghai Longfeng station outside the station and the.

    rejection causes a commonplace talk of an old scholar Effect of read more

  • Comprehensive diagnosis for the healthy development of Web site quality escort

    of the website code and I check on the website of the column and the content of the examination, the key inspection is mainly to check the relevance, now there are many free templates on the Internet, and these templates have many bugs, such as web site map is not complete, shielding search engine spiders wait, so we need to make programs and the content of the site inspection, check the time to ensure that each column can appear more than 2 articles on the home page, website and content distribution is reasonable, clear structure at analysys. read more

  • Analysis of three improved HTML5 technology from the perspective of search engine optimization

    two: the more "rel" attribute

    HTML5 technology allows web developers to tell how search engines on our page segmentation. Now the use of HTML5 technology will be able to improve the search engine for the header, footer, column links, menus and other web partition recognition ability. To help our site to enhance the value of content. Some new labels include:

    Author: the definition of "

    Footer: the label is mainly used for tail page or section of the site definition.

    Alternate: define the same page but different versions of a page. Such as the different language versions of the page area. read more