Month: November 2017

  • See the search game Commander enterprise stand and independent blog

    function! ! content quality diversityThe

    company is how to do the chain? Most of the Shanghai dragon Er company to the "original" and not too seriously, so rarely contribute phenomenon. The link is not by a large number of labor mass, is the use of mass tool mass. In Links is more suspicion, and even many companies would rather buy single rather than make a friendship exchange. But in a personal blog, but few have so phenomenon. Because the content of the original, so will be concern, the chain transfer is more diverse, with the mutual chain between more high quality. Of course, things are not absolute, some do read more

  • Some practitioners on the network planning of Shanghai dragon contacts

    mind in the person, thinking in his brain, why I always listen to the words of others? What others tell you to the west, you went straight to the west? This is I’ve committed a mistake, always feel like that for others, their ideas are thrown in however, the return back, something you don’t want, what their ideal goal? Because just into the society, is to encounter such a thing, the most careful is, rivers and lakes, A man’s mind is unpredictable. to make friends need to pay attention to, what? Good friend? We Shanghai Longfeng workers to give their network reasonable planning. read more