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  • Out-Funded And Out-Manned, PCC Students Still Shine At Annual Formula E Competition

    first_imgEducation Out-Funded And Out-Manned, PCC Students Still Shine At Annual Formula E Competition By Gilbert Rivera, Publications Supervisor Published on Thursday, September 10, 2015 | 11:02 am Business News 3 recommended0 commentsShareShareTweetSharePin it Subscribe First Heatwave Expected Next Week Make a comment The story is a familiar one.A bunch of mildly rag-tag students with a few bucks, recycled parts, and a dream beat seemingly insurmountable odds to win a prestigious engineering competition against over-funded and much more experienced teams.Author Joshua Davis told this story in Spare Parts, a nonfiction book that chronicles the experience of four undocumented Mexican-American students who participate in a prestigious robotics competition. Pitted against elite collegiate engineers, the group’s humble entry – a robot made out of scavenged parts – manages to win.The out-of-nowhere victory served as a key inspiration to the DREAMers movement, a youth-powered, national call-to-action that transformed the immigrant rights debate. It would also go down in history as a modern, urbanized version of David and Goliath.Nearly a year after the release of Davis’ novel, Pasadena City College students from its Design Technology Pathway program penned their own version of Spare Parts.At this year’s milestone 10th annual Formula E Competition – hosted Aug. 6 by the Art Center of College of Design in Pasadena – DTP sent a group of 16 students, many of whom had very little or no experience in engineering and design competitions. The event brought together undergraduate and graduate teams from several regional universities, including more than a dozen from as far way as China.Formula E gives entrants the opportunity to race toy cars piloted by remote on several courses. Under a strict set of rules and guidelines, vehicles entered into the event are built from scratch specifically for Formula E. They are also powered solely by rubber bands (hence the “E” for “Elastic”), making it one of the more unique engineering and design competitions this side of Caltech.And once the book was closed on this year’s competition, the Lancer contingent hauled away multiple design and race awards, including a first-place finish in the challenging Figure 8 course.And they managed to do it with just a few bucks and some recycled spare parts.“The students showed what’s possible at the community college level going up against graduate students and top Chinese students,” said Deborah Bird, Engineering and Technology professor and head of PCC’s DTP program. “This was our Spare Parts at PCC.”PCC students have been competing in Formula E for years, although 2015 marked just the third time DTP students have been involved. Previous Lancers were sent through the college’s Product Design program, and they were traditionally paired with Art Center graduate students – a collaboration that was the brainchild of Stan Kong, a retired PCC instructor and current faculty coordinator and professor in Art Center’s graduate industrial design program.Although DTP students would see some success in past Formula E events, this year was the program’s most successful. That’s because this year, PCC finished first on Art Center’s Sculpture Garden Flats – or more aptly put, Formula E’s ultra-difficult Figure 8 course.Enter Track King, conqueror of this year’s Figure 8.A cursory glance of the Track King will probably leave you with more questions than answers. To the casual observer, it looks like an unfinished, remote-controlled toy made out of wood, bits of plastic and metal, and some rubber.So how the heck does this thing move?By a 16-foot rubber band that bears an uncanny resemblance to something you’d eat at an Italian bistro.“It looks a lot like linguine,” said Ricardo Jose Mendoza, Mechanical Engineering/Automotive Engineering sophomore and designer of Track King.Mendoza built the prize-winning car from scratch over the summer with a design that could probably be described as a little bare bones. But a closer look at Track King will tell you there’s a ton of ingenuity and engineering know-how involved in the four-wheeler.He used his favorite adult-sized car, the 400-plus horsepowered Corvette C7.R, as inspiration for Track King’s design. He also modeled the car’s drive train after the Corvette, which has a linear tunnel design.Simply put, Mendoza really knows cars, a trait that belies a fellow barely exiting his teens.“I’ve known cars since I was big enough to hold a wrench,” said the Temple City High School graduate.Mendoza learned the trade from his father, who served as a mechanic on a National Hot Rod Association professional racing team. “My dad was my biggest influence. I learned how to fix cars from him. Anything dealing with motor parts, I know about it.”Mendoza’s passion for anything automotive intensified in high school, where he enrolled in an ROP design technology course. “The teacher, Dave Dickey, really liked my work. So he asked me to take a look at mechanical engineering as a career path,” he said.The course piqued his curiosity for competition as well. “It first started with in-class competitions. My first big competition was the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Annual Invention Challenge in my senior year.”Competitors were tasked with building a component that moved a golf ball from a one-meter parameter box into another smaller box. Mendoza made it to the second round of the international tourney.“I started really liking the competition,” he said.PCC’s DTP program seemed like a natural fit for Mendoza. So last year, the newly minted freshman joined the program and enrolled in its three-course sequence, from Engineering Design Technology 8A to 8C.In 8B, students are prepped to take an exam to become a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA). Certification is proof of one’s competency in the industry-standard, 3D modeling software primarily used by Design Tech students.It turns out that Mendoza had already passed the SolidWorks exam, something he achieved back in high school with a score of 198 out of a possible 200 total points.The Little Cars That CouldIn 8C, a six-week course held during the summer, Mendoza joined other DTP students for a real-world application of their skillsets: developing entries for the Formula E competition. Most of their time was spent in PCC’s Fabrication Laboratory, or Fab Lab, where PCC’s fabrication units are housed.Armed with blueprints developed in SolidWorks, the students used laser cutters and 3D printers to fabricate most of the materials and components used to build their racers. As the students described it, hours upon hours over the summer were spent in the Fab Lab testing and retesting prototypes.“The Fab Lab was our second home,” said Ngoc Pham, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major who competed in Formula E with a racer dubbed “The Raptor.”“I still smell rubber bands once in a while,” added Andres Martinez, Pham’s teammate.“Every day, lots of drawings, lots of SolidWorks, so many parts,” Mendoza added.One of the primary guidelines of the competition is that all the materials used to make the vehicles must be accessible and readily available, Martinez said. There are no budget restrictions, and some of the more fully funded teams spent hundreds – even thousands – of dollars on developing multiple prototypes.PCC’s team had no real budget, and a lot of the materials came from whatever the college had housed in the Fab Lab. And with the strain of the rigorous testing, many of the components broke.But instead of buying new ones, the students would repurpose and “recycle” old components.“The idea was to get the highest performance out of the least expensive materials,” Pham said.To prep for this year’s event, the DTP contingent split themselves into seven teams, each with their own single entry. Pham and Martinez paired up with two other students – Charles Ngo and Carl Nartia – to form Team Raptor. Their entry was composed mostly of 1/8” plywood, nylon and metal screws, foam tires, and delrin plastic – a high-performance, reasonably inexpensive material used for mechanical applications. The students used the Fab Lab’s 3D printer to fabricate components for the vehicle’s suspension system.Team RCTK, a duo made up of Mendoza and classmate Christian Robles, used cheaper materials as well. Most of Track King is composed of plywood. Although the drive train is made out more expensive carbon fiber, Mendoza had to create a GoFundMe account to raise money just to pay for it.One Chinese team apparently didn’t have the same funding issues; they had fabricated their racer completely out of aluminum and machined carbon fiber, which costs roughly $16 a pound.“My philosophy is that you don’t have to spent a lot of money, but still have a great car,” said Edgar Vivanco, one of three members of team Black Mantis. Instead of using carbon fiber, Vivanco’s racer employed wooden dowels, which cost about .80 cents a piece.The Black Mantis, which Vivanco astutely describes as a “differential vertical drive model,” was also based on a prototype design from last year’s class. Essentially, the problems that plagued the previous design were reworked and resolved for this year’s Mantis.“I’m proud of how they used their previous knowledge and skills throughout the design process to build and test their vehicles and show up on race day with a working design that held their own,” said Sandy Lee, Engineering and Technology and DTP instructor.“The knowledge these students gain every year in the program informs the next group,” Bird added. “It’s really important to emphasize that the students are solving the problems effectively and elegantly. Just because you can use higher-priced items doesn’t mean it’s always better.”Race DayThe Formula E races take place on Art Center’s campus. Named after popular student-trafficked areas, they include the Sinclair Hill Climb, Ashtray Alley Drag, and the Sculpture Garden Flats. One driver is required to pilot the car through a remote control, and each race has several qualifying heats.On race day, PCC’s team went up against several undergrad and graduate teams. Even professionally backed industry teams came out to compete, including one from Mattel and another from Hot Wheels.The Far-East contingent raised the most eyebrows, observers said. Several design and technology schools from China were represented at Formula E, and they came fully prepared. In fact, the Chinese students had built their own track in Beijing, modeling it after Art Center’s own tracks.The other teams were just as intimidating. There was the Hot Wheels’ entry, which was machined out of carbon fiber and reportedly cost around $2,000 to build. Art Center also had a home team of experienced graduate students who knew the course.If there was a great equalizer, though, it was the mandated, 16-foot “linguine” rubber band required to power each car. To achieve forward motion, the rubber band is bundled onto a rod housed in the racer’s drive train. The rod is then wound clockwise with a power drill.How fast your car goes depends on how many loops are created with the rubber band. More loops create more torque, but power is lost in longer races. Conversely, shorter loops won’t make your car go as fast, but you’ll last longer on the course.The energy stored by the wound-up rubber band is tremendous. Once unleashed, the cars can go up to 30 miles per hour, according to Lee. With that in mind, the courses not only test the skills of the driver, but the durability of the cars.“Even if you hit a slight bump just a tiny bit, your steering will go off,” Lee said. “Cars sometimes spin out. Others just flip over, crash and break apart.”Mendoza had his own challenges as well. Track King was built just a week before the race and had some serious suspension issues. “The rims on the car kept falling apart the night before the race. So I couldn’t sleep.“It was kind of scary going on a track with a car that has a new feel and sensitivity,” he added. “The rims were never tested, but they ended up working out well on race day.”So well that he and teammate Robles finished second by only a couple of milliseconds to Team Dream, a group of students from Beijing Technology and Business University whose full carbon fiber and aluminum car topped the Sinclair Hill Climb.The Corvette-inspired, 14-inch linear drive train on Track King had helped immensely, Mendoza said. He had initially used a wooden drive train, but later replaced it with carbon fiber to withstand the compression force of the spinning rubber band.He had also developed “crush points” on Track King. If the car had a sudden, front-end impact, the front clip assembly (the steering, wheels, and suspension components) would simply slide back on the chassis to absorb the force.Moreover, the car’s inventive, in-wheel floating suspension system, which Mendoza said he dreamed up one summer day, also helped. “When some cars hit a bump, they’d get air and crash. When we ran over a bump, the suspension would just absorb impact and never lose traction.”RCTK’s second-place finish on the uphill climb was somewhat of a surprise. But Track King’s championship run on Figure 8 exceeded everyone’s expectations. One observer noted: “They just came out of nowhere.”Art Center’s Sculpture Garden Flats is a narrow track with multiple turns, all of them 90 degrees. At 322 feet, it’s the longest of all three courses. It’s also riddled with obstacles and bumps.All that didn’t matter, though. Team RCTK clocked in an official time of 19.48 seconds, nearly breaking the Figure 8 course record of 19.19 seconds.Nobody else in the competition, including industry teams that competed in the professional division, broke the 20-second barrier on Figure 8.“My family and relatives were all there,” Mendoza said. “I had butterflies in my stomach because this was really important to me.”At the end of the day, Team RCTK hauled in one track and two design awards: the Figure 8 trophy (which came with a $1,000 check the two teammates split), the Gensler Association Design Innovation Award, and Disney Imagineering “Moonshot” Award.“My mom screamed when I won the Disney award,” Mendoza said. “She’s a big Disney fan.”Team RCTK also finished second, by just one point, in the Best-in-Show category. The award is given to the team that finished with the most points (points are also given for each race) at the end of the day.Team Black Mantis fared well, too. The squad composed of students Arthur Espinosa, Jason Wang, and Vivanco took home the Mattel Hot Wheels “Powerhouse” award for their entry.“Bragging rights,” Vivanco proclaimed.Beyond the TrackFor Pham, Formula E turned out to be a transformative experience. “At first, I knew nothing about cars. I didn’t know all the terms – it was really overwhelming in the beginning.“At the end, I pretty much got it,” she added.Pham’s teammate, Nartia, had a similar experience. He had engineered the entire suspension system for the Raptor, something he had never done before.“I am so proud of the students,” Lee said. “Regardless of any awards, I am proud that they were able to work together in effectively diving into the unknown – ultimately learning new concepts, skills, and facing real project challenges.”As for Mendoza, the creative genius behind the Track King, his future got a whole lot brighter after Formula E. At the end of the day’s competition, toy giants Hasbro and Spin Master approached him with the discussion of possible internships.“I’m just waiting for the phone call,” he said.And Mendoza has already mapped out his entire academic future and beyond. After PCC, he has his eyes set on three top automotive engineering schools: Purdue, Michigan State, and the University of Michigan.It’s not a coincidence the latter two schools happen to be in the same state that General Motors headquarters calls home. “I want to work for GM one day. That’s my dream,” he said. “I’d love to work for their Corvette division.”Not a coincidence as well: the designer of the game-changing 1963 Corvette Sting Ray, Larry Shinoda, went to PCC.“Wow,” Mendoza said, beaming. “I didn’t know that.”Which, in some regards, would be a first.For more information about PCC’s Design Tech Pathway program, visit www.pasadena.edu/designtech. 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  • Move in, renovate or lease out

    first_imgThe two-bedroom cottage at 24 Terrace St, New Farm. Picture: Supplied.THIS character cottage is in such a prime location that it has been an Airbnb gold mine for its current owners. Stuart Harris and Kellie Tinson opted to put the two-bedroom property at 24 Terrace St, New Farm on Airbnb when they realised they could earn far above the normal rental return. “The rental appraisal for a normal six or 12 month lease was $550 per week,” Mr Harris said.“On average we were getting about $800 through Airbnb and we had somewhere in the mid 80 per cent in terms of occupancy.”That’s conservatively more than $35,000 a year. “Obviously it was more challenging being a short term rental but it was more economically viable,” Mr Harris said. The main bedroom opens to the front porch. Picture: Supplied.The post-war cottage has timber floors, VJ walls and ornate breezeways as well as a modern bathroom, an updated kitchen, a front veranda and a back deck. There is airconditioning throughout, security screens on the windows, and a car port at the front of the home. Mr Harris said the home would suit investors, downsizers, professional couples or buyers looking to take on a project. “We always thought if we were to lift the house and bring forward it would double the space and give more backyard,” he said. The property is 500m to Howard Smith Wharves and close to shops, cafes and public transport. The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated. Picture: Supplied.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoMr Harris said it was the location that appealed to short term renters. “It is in a good spot, and even though it is a small place it still has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a little backyard,” he said. “Our biggest clients were people living in the area who were having renovations done and needed somewhere to stay for two, four or six weeks.”Mr Harris said the backyard also gave them capacity to allow people with small pets to rent the property. last_img read more

  • Djondang, Ogoh now ‘confirmed’ Tourists

    first_img read also:Former Enyimba coach takes over at Wikki Tourists Kelechi Ogoh is a defender who has played for several clubs like Abia Warriors, Sunshine stars, and Lobi Stars. Joel Djondang on his part is a Cameroonian who also played for former Nigerian champions Kano Pillars. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Wikki tourists of Bauchi have signed Kelechi Ogoh and forward Joel Djondang ahead of the 2020/2021 Nigeria Professional League Season. The signing of both players was confirmed by their representatives Daniel Eke, on Monday and both players reportedly put pen to paper on a one year deal with Usman Ab’dallah’s team. “Kelechi and Joel has signed with Wikki tourists, these are two household names in the League and I know they would add quality to wikki tourist next season” “I wish them all the best in their new home and I know they shall move steps high in their career,” he saidAdvertisement Loading… center_img Promoted Content8 Addictive And Fun Coffee Facts7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread ArtWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Gadgets & Inventions That Could Save Our PlanetWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooThis 1982 Movie Is Better Than Any Other Blockbuster Up Today6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show You7 Breathtaking Train Stations Around The Globelast_img read more

  • TENNIS : Syracuse working to shake rust off with crucial matches looming this weekend

    first_img Published on April 10, 2012 at 12:00 pm Contact Jacob: [email protected] | @Jacob_Klinger_ Comments The math is simple. Sixty-four teams make the NCAA tournament. Syracuse is currently ranked No. 57.With potentially backbreaking away matches at Georgetown and Seton Hall this weekend, Syracuse’s postseason is in the balance. Yet the team remains unfazed.‘Right now, we’re just treating it as another match, which we always treat as a tournament match anyway,’ senior Emily Harman said. ‘I think the team’s ready to roll.’The Orange (12-4, 5-1 Big East) is set to travel with a lean squad of six players, as Alessondra Parra (toe) and Aleah Marrow (concussion) were not cleared to compete. SU will also be playing its first match outside since losing to South Florida on Jan. 14. But with two conference matches remaining against the Hoyas on Friday at 1 p.m. and Pirates on Sunday at 3 p.m. heading into the Big East tournament, the team feels ready.Especially since the injuries are nothing new.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text‘This whole season has been about adversity,’ head coach Luke Jensen said. ‘I definitely know from day one we haven’t had everybody on the team at the same time 100 percent healthy. Something has always been injured.’The six cleared players who will travel to Washington, D.C., Friday are suffering from nagging injuries themselves. And while the grinding nature of the sport makes such lingering knocks far from unusual, the severity of the injuries currently striking the program is an anomaly.In the past two seasons, none of the Orange’s players have gone down due to injury, Jensen said. Unlike those years, though, this team has depth to make up for the losses.Every healthy player has started and won singles matches this season, including walk-on Jimena Wu, a player Jensen said could compete at No. 1 singles. At Tuesday’s practice she played a set with SU’s No. 1, Emily Harman.Wu, a natural baseliner whose three singles starts this season have come at No. 6 singles, provides a stark contrast to Harman’s all-action serve and volley game. At one point, a deep forehand from Wu produced a rare net error from the closing Harman.Though the wind at Skytop Tennis Complex played with the team’s shots, the whole team struck the ball cleanly, moving their teammates around the court as they prepared for the crucial upcoming weekend.‘I just like the way they’re striking the ball, I like the way they’re moving and I just like their confidence right now,’ Jensen said. ‘They should be confident. They’ve earned a really nice season so far, so they’re ready to get after it again.’The absences of Parra and Marrow will test the team. All six traveling players will be forced to play both singles and doubles while shaking off three weeks’ worth of rust.Jensen expects his players to improve throughout the weekend as they get re-acclimated to competing against someone other than their teammates.The players aren’t concerned.‘I think we’re all good enough tennis players now that taking two weeks off and not playing a match isn’t going to be too effective,’ freshman Komal Safdar said. ‘… I really don’t think it makes a big difference in the end. That first match we’ll be ready, we’re prepared.’Jensen said he hopes his injured players will be cleared before next week’s Big East tournament. Yet in his mind, the tournament starts Friday at 1 p.m. against Georgetown.With national and Big East championships as the team’s stated goals, the team must work through its mini-injury crisis and rest before next Friday’s Big East quarterfinals.Anything short of two wins and a semifinal appearance in the Big East will likely bring SU’s season to a close.Sophomore Maddie Kobelt, like the rest of her teammates, isn’t letting the magnitude of the occasion bother her.‘The whole season and everything has been ‘on the line’ for every sport, for every team, so, you know, I think if we just go in, you know keep our heads strong and keep the focus on really what we’re trying to do out there, then we’ll be fine.’[email protected]center_img Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

  • Young National team of B&H defeated by Switzerland

    first_imgThe young football national team of B&H was defeated in Biel by the corresponding selection of Switzerland with a result of 3:1.The hosts achieved new points well deservedly, given that they were the better opponent since the beginning of the match, although neither the young BH national team players were without opportunities during 90 minutes of the match.Ajdin Redzic missed the first opportunity already in the second minute, while on the other side Angha missed the first great opportunity at the match five minutes later, after the corner.Bertone made an attempt in 11th minute, and Goran Karacic stood out with a fantastic intervention on the BH goal. One minute later, Tanashaj scores from the penalty area for the lead of the host national team. The received goal did not reflect negatively on the BH team, who soon threatened through Deni Milosevic, after which Cerimagic arrived late when Prevljak shot the ball in.B&H could have tied in the 25th minute, but the attempt of the playful Prevljak went above the crossbar of the home goal.Haris Hajradinovic also missed a good opportunity for the BH team at the opening of the second half-time. The punishment came in the 63rd minute, when the Swiss player of Bosnian roots Haris Tabakovic scored a goal for 2:0. Tanashaj scored for 3:0 in the 78th minute, after an excellent solo action.Two minutes later, Cerimagic scored for the final 3:1. By the end of the match, Smail Prevljak made one more attempt, this time without success.Qualifications for the European Championship U-21:Switzerland – B&H 3:1(Source: klix.ba/ photo faktor)last_img read more

  • Portrait of Eternity—Part two: ‘Shell-shocked’

    first_imgAUBREY BRUCE(This is the second of a five-part series on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Bill Nunn Jr. from the upcoming book “Portrait of Eternity; The Life and Journey of Bill Nunn Jr.,” by Aubrey Bruce.)It has become the general consensus that the 1974 draft of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the most lucrative athlete selection process in NFL history. The team selected four players that were eventually inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth, and Mike Webster).DONNIE SHELLIn all fairness there should be 5 hall of famers with bust’s resting comfortably in Canton, Ohio at the HOF as a result of that historic Steelers  draft class. The fifth member of the Steelers “class of 74” has still not received the honor that is due him. He is the former strong safety for the Steelers from 1974-1987 Donnie Shell.  He retired as the NFL strong safety career leader in interceptions with 51. Shell was a five time Pro Bowler between 1978 and 1982. He was the Steelers team MVP in 1980.  He started 11 straight years for the Steelers and was selected to the Steelers All-Time Team, the College Football Hall of Fame, and to the NFL Silver Anniversary Super Bowl Team.last_img read more

  • Cinemark Rewards Connections Loyalty Program Members with Free Popcorn

    first_imgFacebook7Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Cinemark Holdings, Inc.Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, announced plans to reward current and new members of their loyalty program, Cinemark Connections, with a free medium popcorn in all theaters across the United States on Friday, September 30. The offer is a free benefit and requires no redemption of customer’s points. Moviegoers who are not already members can easily download the Cinemark app and join the Cinemark Connections loyalty program within a few minutes.“Our ‘Free Popcorn Friday’ initiative is just another example of how Cinemark rewards our outstanding guests for their loyalty throughout the year,” commented James Meredith, SVP,  Marketing and Communications. “Cinemark Connections has earned  distinction from our customers as the first app-based loyalty program in our industry, which also tailors rewards to guests’ specific preferences, from free sodas to song and game downloads to video chats with movie talent.”Connections is a completely app-based loyalty program where guests earn points for ticket and concession purchases, as well as successful use of CineMode and social media sharing.  Guests can then redeem points earned for traditional rewards, such as concessions, as well as unique experiential rewards, including one-of-a-kind gifts, trips, content, contests, screenings, digital downloads, games, etc.last_img read more

  • Hard work pays dividends for Red Mountain Racer Sasha Zaitsoff

    first_imgBy Bruce FuhrThe Nelson Daily SportsFor Sasha Zaitsoff, it’s the walk in the park he enjoys the most during his stay in Calgary.Of course that walk is not of friendly variety say down the sidewalk at Lakeside.This walk . . . well, let’s just say it’s more than a walk.This walk has this soon to be 21-year-old skier building core strength flipping tractor tires to power around those gates on the Men’s World Cup Ski Circuit.
After toiling the past few years on the Nor-Am circuit as a member of the National Prospect Team, the Red Mountain Racer star has his best shot ever at cracking one of the spots on the Canadian Men’s Team after being selected to the main squad.“No one really knew what was going on with the team,” Zaitsoff told The Nelson Daily last month after hearing the good news from coach Paul Krisofic, head coach of the Men’s National squad, during a telephone call.“I was just happy to that I was going to be on the team.”As Zaitsoff knows first hand, nothing is guaranteed in the sport of skiing. Results do the talking.But this is a major step being named to the National Team roster.And who knows what can happen if the six-foot, 200-pound Zaitsoff puts together a few solid results.“This is something I’ve been working toward for a long time,” Zaitsoff explained. “This is a big step for me.”“I know have access to a lot more resources on the National team, that will only help me get better,” he adds. “Like there’s a physiotherapist that travels with the team everywhere and funding for training.”Competing last season on the Prospect Team Zaitsoff turned heads of the Canadian coaching staff after scoring two, fourths in Super G at Whistler in March and Panorama near Invermere in December 2010.Add in a fifth and sixth-place finish in slalom in Val St. Come, Que., in January along with a handful of sixth-place finishes during the season and it was only a matter of time before Krisofic came calling.“(Skiing) is totally results based but anything is possible . . . and if you can imagine it, you can do it,” said the son of Peter and Elaine Zaitsoff of Balfour who has set Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics as a goal.“The harder you work for something the nicer it is when you achieve it and the more you appreciate it,” he adds.After taking a break after the 2010-11 season Zaitsoff joined his new teammates in Calgary for some extensive dry land training.Zaitsoff experienced a taste of what’s to come in January during a slalom race in Adelboden, Switzerland.However, the L.V. Rogers grad could not overcome the soft conditions and failed to qualify for the second run.”I felt pretty confident (but) I wasn’t too nervous,” Zaitsoff said on the Alpine B.C. website. “It was really neat to race against all the people you watch on TV all the time.”Zaitsoff expects to be winging his way to a summer camp, possible in Australia.If things go according to plan, it will be Zaitsoff people will be watching on the wide-screen television.And that will be no walk in the park. But it will be a lot of [email protected]last_img read more


    first_imgFernando Perez12022191218%$856,040 Philip D’Amato561610629%$927,670 Alex Solis4075518%$310,654 Martin Pedroza103719147%$409,350 (Current Through Friday, June 19) (Current Through Friday, June 19) Rafael Bejarano16141292625%$1,899,342 William Spawr2944214%$141,870 MOTOWN MEN EYES RICH GOLD CUP AT SANTA ANITABargain claim Motown Men, winner of the $150,000 Tiznow Stakes on May 23, is on course to face Catch a Flight and Moreno, the one-two finishers in the Grade II Californian Stakes on May 30, in the Grade I, $500,000 Gold Cup at Santa Anita at 1 ¼ miles next Saturday, June 27.“We thought he might be a little bit knocked out coming out of the Tiznow,” trainer Ted H. West said, “because he had run three bang-up races in six weeks, so everything would have had to go perfect to make the Gold Cup five weeks after his last race.“But so far, so good. He recently worked 59 and one and just did it awesome, and came back six furlongs last Sunday in 1:11.40, so if everything goes absolutely perfect from here, we’ll take a shot against the big boys.”Motown Men is expected to have his final pre-Gold Cup breeze on Sunday. He was claimed for $40,000 three starts before the Tiznow and has earned $148,000 since. Doug F. O’Neill9418161119%$782,738 Carla Gaines2444217%$210,530 Joseph Talamo13724142518%$990,428 AMERICAN PHAROAH BACK ON TRACK             Triple Crown winnerAmerican Pharoah returned home to Santa Anita on Thursday but returned to the track just this morning. With regular exercise rider Georgie Alvarez aboard, ‘Pharoah’ proceeded to the track at about 7:15 a.m. Saturday morning with assistant trainer Jimmy Barnes and pony “Sunny” in tow. The most popular horse in the world got to stretch his legs as he jogged once around the one mile main track going the wrong way. Kept close to the outside fence, “Pharoah” returned to trainer Bob Baffert’s Barn 5 with Barnes and Sunny leading the way.Though his next race has yet to be determined, American Pharoah will parade between races next Saturday, June 27. Gary Stevens2563524%$583,300 Edwin Maldonado8410141412%$410,576 Santiago Gonzalez94916810%$414,594 Martin Garcia4094723%$339,010 Vann Belvoir4957710%$187,030 Jerry Hollendorfer63717811%$565,764 Felipe Valdez9881598%$365,640 Kristin Mulhall2345017%$118,050 Bruce Headley1451236%$128,890 Bob Baffert2672527%$327,570 Tyler Baze19631313016%$1,749,620 Richard Baltas56177430%$865,260 Brayan Pena6062310%$128,750 Michael Machowsky2655319%$148,310 Tim Yakteen1854028%$165,630 Flavien Prat14021271615%$1,355,830 Tiago Pereira721113715%$484,110 Peter Miller7918171023%$707,280 Richard E. Mandella411111427%$835,240 John W. Sadler651291118%$696,504 John Brocklebank1544127%$181,540 AMERICAN PHAROAH JOGS ON MAIN TRACK MOTOWN MEN WORKING FOR GOLD CUP AT SANTA ANITAFANS CAN SEE ‘PHAROAH’ LIVE AT SANTA ANITA JUNE 27VICTOR ESPINOZA CAMPAIGNS ON ‘HOPE’ AND REALITY Mike Puype58812714%$490,040 TrainerSts1st2nd3rdWin%Money Won Gonzalo Nicolas9567156%$247,208 Mark Glatt5267912%$281,564 JockeyMts1st2nd3rdWin%Money Won AMERICAN PHAROAH ON PARADE JUNE 27Trainer Bob Baffert will treat Southern California fans to their first openly public viewing of America’s newest Triple Crown winner on Gold Cup at Santa Anita Day, next Saturday, June 27 as American Pharoah will parade between races.“We want to thank American Pharoah’s owner, Ahmed Zayat, and his trainer, Bob Baffert, for being so incredibly generous in sharing this horse with fans from coast to coast,’ said Santa Anita Chairman Keith Brackpool. “We’re excited to present him to the public on June 27. It should make for a tremendous day for those joining us on track and on television throughout the world.”In addition to a blockbuster card that includes the Grade I, $500,000 Gold Cup at Santa Anita, the Grade I, $300,000 Triple Bend Stakes, the Grade II, $200,000 Royal Heroine Stakes and the Grade III, $100,000 Senorita Stakes, all fans will receive an officially licensed “American Pharoah Triple Crown Champion” T-shirt free with paid admission and Santa Anita Thoroughbreds Club membership. (Thoroughbreds Club signups will be available free at all T-shirt distribution locations).NBCSN will televise the Gold Cup live from 5 to 6 p.m. Pacific Time.ESPINOZA CONTINUES SUPPORT OF CITY OF HOPEFor Victor Espinoza, everything is different and everything’s the same since becoming a household name after riding American Pharoah to Triple Crown victories in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes.The self-proclaimed “Happy Mexican” still has that same ready smile and low-profile persona, but he’s nobody’s fool. He recognizes his every move will now be subject to scrutiny.“Everything is good, everything is under control,” Espinoza said. “There’s a lot ofexcitement and I’ve been keeping busy doing different things, but I know there is more pressure on me than before because now everyone is focused on me and what I’m doing.“Now every time I make a mistake, people will know about it (laughing).”That won’t prevent Espinoza from keeping things in perspective. Despite the whirlwind PR commitments, he maintains support of his No. 1 charity, the City of Hope in Duarte. He grossed $80,000 from his Belmont victory, and donated a good portion of that to City of Hope.“I had to pay taxes and my agent (Brian Beach), but whatever I earned for myself from the Belmont, I gave to City of Hope.“Those kids are so young to be dealing with cancer. But it’s not just kids. Older people, too. I’ve been to City of Hope several times, and I do what I can because they all need help and I can provide some.“That disease is terrible. Your health is your most important thing.”FINISH LINES: Victor Espinoza will make a special appearance and ride on the $1.175 million Summit of Speed program at Gulfstream Park on Sunday, July 5. “I’m very much looking forward to a return to South Florida and Gulfstream Park,” Espinoza said in a statement. “If I remember right, my last time there was the Breeders’ Cup of 1999.” The 43-year-old native of Mexico rode Kirkwall to an eighth-place finish behind Silic in the 1999 Breeders’ Cup Mile…The City of Sierra Madre will be giving Espinoza, a resident of Sierra Madre, a special commendation for his part in winning the Triple Crown at its next City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 23. The Triple Crown winning jockey will also be honored with a convertible ride in the annual Sierra Madre Fourth of July Parade this year. The parade will begin at 10:00 a.m. Mario Gutierrez5093818%$406,388 Hector O. Palma1642225%$133,910 Eddie Truman2072335%$284,928 SANTA ANITA STATISTICS Victor Espinoza3486624%$548,000 Mike Smith4188520%$664,596 Drayden Van Dyke11215131213%$637,498 Robertino Diodoro2864321%$232,380last_img read more

  • 5 things you’ll want to know about Warriors phenom Eric Paschall

    first_imgConsider that in his first four NBA games he averaged 11.6 points, 2.8 rebounds, 1.6 assists … A Warriors fan favorite was born this past week.Eric Paschall was the team’s second-round selection in June’s NBA draft. If the Warriors didn’t entirely know what to expect, the same could be said about the 6-foot-9, 255-pound Paschall, who reported to a franchise that had basically burned to the ground. CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos or video on a mobile devicelast_img read more